Dutch Farmers Threatened With Oppressive Climate Policies Fight Back In Epic Way

(Tea Party 247) – Climate change policy has nothing to do with saving the earth, and everything to do with controlling the masses for the sake of the elite. But fortunately, many of the masses are picking up on this, and fighting back. Farmers in the Netherlands have launched a new revolt against severe restrictions […]

Researchers Want To Make Sure That Sex Robots Can’t Have #MeToo Moments

(Tea Party 247) – While the technology for sex robots is moving along quickly, researchers around the world are warning that the, um, “use” of said robots is “ethical.” They believe that the use of “consent modules” built into the robots could ensure that humans do not violate the lifeless machine. Anco Peeters of Australia’s […]

Here’s Who This Gender Studies Professor Blames For Obesity…TDS On Overdrive!

(Tea Party 247) – It’s pretty incredible the lengths some people will go to to add to the faults that they perceive Trump to has. I suppose because he’s managed to dodge the endless, fantastical accusations thrown at him by the left every single day of his political career and still just smirks back at […]

As Crime Soars In Great Britain, Police Warn That Not Being PC Enough Is Considered “Abuse”

(Tea Party 247) – On “international pronouns day,” which is apparently a thing, a chief of police in Britain decided to mark the occasion by scolding people not to “misgender” transgender people because–gasp!–doing so is a form of “abuse.” This, in a country that literally had to implement “knife control,” where roving rape gangs and […]

Trump Campaign Manager Tells The Brutal Truth About The “Seditious Conspiracy To Overthrow” President

(Tea Party 247) – Brad Parscale, the campaign manager for Trump 2020, accused the Democrats on Monday of “undertaking a seditious conspiracy to overthrow the people’s president.” Parscale made the charge along with a supercut of various media pundits criticizing the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry, accusing the party of “crossed over the line of partisan politics.” […]

Forbes Makes Bizarre Travel Recommendation For Single Female Tourists…Seriously?!

(Tea Party 247) – Forbes magazine is being slammed for recommending that single female travelers set out for Pakistan, including areas where the Taliban is active. As well they should be. Seriously? WTH is wrong with these people?! “Pakistan. It’s not exactly on every solo female traveler’s bucket list. But that doesn’t mean that it […]

Flashback: Hillary Clinton’s Creepy Satanic Ties

(Tea Party 247) – As rumors swirl yet again that Hillary Clinton may very well throw her hat in the ring yet again in 2020, it’s important to take a look at how corrupt, crooked, and just plain evil this woman really is. Well, that would take literal volumes, but right now, let’s focus in […]

“Islam Is Right About Women” Signs Pop Up In Texas…The Reaction From Leftists Is Priceless

(Tea Party 247) – Of all the time that humans have walked the earth, you were born in the era of the internet troll. I hope you’re grateful. After appearing in several cities around the world last month, signs reading “Islam is right about women” have now been spotted in Austin, Texas. A picture of […]

Violent Pro-Trump Video Freakout: The Media’s Glaring Double-Standard

(Tea Party 247) – The media has whipped themselves in a frenzy over a meme video that was played at an event hosted by Trump supporters which portrays the president as an assassin carrying out violence against the media and his political adversaries. “A video depicting a macabre scene of a fake President Trump shooting, […]

Soldier Charged With Domestic Terror Plot Was Tied To This Satanic Cult

(Tea Party 247) – One emerging group of domestic terrorists you won’t hear much about on the evening news: Satanists. Last month, an Army soldier was charged with distributing bomb-making material online and threatening Democratic hopeful Beto O’Rourke with assassination. Naturally, the media reported that he was a member of the alt-right, the disorganized, fringe […]


Pelosi Urges Trump To Use The Constitution To Deal With Guns

There’s been a lot of whispers behind closed doors that Trump is looking to take executive action regarding gun control. It’s all for good...

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