America Needs to Hear This! Rand Paul Destroys Congress Over COVID Stimulus Hypocrisy

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul gave the most incredible speech about the COVID stimulus arguments recently and we are still in awe. Finally, there is someone out there who is willing to tell it like it is. The manner in which the government has been handling the stimulus talks and the virus as a whole has been upsetting him.

He’s not the only one, we are sure.

It’s a 9-minute video and it is well worth the watch. It’s a much-needed moment of catharsis for this nation, which has been through a lot over the course of this year. Paul starts off by taking direct aim at the Republicans, too. That probably comes as a bit of a surprise for those who are used to his rhetoric.

In his mind, the GOP members who rail against the idea of being able to simply print money at times like these are talking out of both sides of their mouths. He believes that the GOP should just join forces with the Democrats and embrace the “everybody gets free money” mentality. Paul moved forward from there and took direct aim at the politicians who are not considering the future.

We are living in a world where free money is being handed out with no regard for what happens next. The money that is given out to the American people does not have any actual worth. To make matters even worse, our children and our grandchildren are the ones who are going to be footing the bill down the line.

The debt that we are handing to the children continues to pile up without any sort of consideration being made. The Democrats are the first party to claim that they are the ones who truly care about the children but they do not. Paul also came after the government for how they have handled the COVID-19 crisis. He claims that the measures that are being used to address the issue “arbitrary and unscientific.”

Paul pointed to the fact that various cities are being asked to coexist right next to each other, even though there are completely different sets of rules for each of them. How can a small business owner feel good about the future when they are watching these rules be enforced in such a haphazard manner? There’s no way for them to think that the government has anything close to their best interests at heart.

The larger corporations are allowed to stay open, even though they are causing far more people to come into contact with one another. Meanwhile, the little mom and pop shops are not even able to open their doors without having to deal with law enforcement. It does not make any sense and Rand Paul is tired of it. It’s good to see someone calling out all of the arbitrary rules that are being made at the moment.

It helps us to feel as if we are not going crazy. This is a speech that the average American needs to hear immediately if only so they can feel as if they are a bit less alone. Anyone who brings up anything like this right now is always made to feel as if they are some sort of conspiracy theorist but thanks to Rand Paul, this is no longer something we need to worry about. As it turns out, we have friends in high places and they have our backs.

None of these friends are Democrats, though. If the GOP had their way, people would have already received help. Instead, it turned into an excuse to make the Republicans look bad. Biden believes that this negotiation was just a “down payment” on what is truly owed to the American people but apparently, he has no problem delaying that payment until he is able to look like the hero. This was always the most predictable ending to this saga.