Texas Supreme Court Finds COVID-19 Not a Disability Amid Dems Push for Mail-In Voter Fraud

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is finally enjoying a well-deserved victory. In a surprising decision,

CDC: Coronavirus Death Rate Far Lower Than Previously Predicted

While this headline is certainly going to make some people feel better about the current

Watch: CNBC Anchor Loses It Over CNBC Host Reporting the Truth About Trump

This clip is one for the ages and there are a number of reasons for

Mail-In Voting Fraud Charges Piling Up, While Dems Push for More Mail-In Voting

While there are many people who live to point out Trump’s erroneous statements, he does

Biden’s Attack on Trump Over Weekend Golfing Backfires

When the fake news media decided to take aim at President Trump for golfing while

The Left’s Censorship Push: Oregon Dems Order Facebook to Take Down Confirmed Article on Ballot Scandal

Some astute readers may remember hearing about a horror story that took place in Oregon.

Dems True Agenda: Abolish Freedom of Religion

Governor Tim Walz is in the midst of his reopening plan and the state of

Newly Released Documents Shows Crossfire Hurricane Investigation Had No Basis From the Start

Judicial Watch is an important conservative watchdog that works tirelessly to speak truth to power.

The Irony: More Liberals Are Calling to End Freedom of Speech

Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski are furious with Trump at the moment and these are

Video: Biden Loses It Over Trump Taking Hydroxychloroquine

Joe Biden’s dispatches have gotten more and more unhinged recently. When President Trump came out

Newsom Threatens to Layoff First Responders While Paying Illegals

California Governor Gavin Newsom is making yet another outrageous claim and we are sure that

Trump Admin Kicks off Operation Warp Speed to Manufacture Vaccine Before End of Year

Mark Esper has made a promise that could potentially live in infamy. He’s the United

The “Wild, Wild West” Comes Back to Wisconsin as State Supreme Court Overrules Governor

Isn’t strange how it is only Democratic Governors who want to keep their states closed?

Wisconsin Supreme Court Frees Wisconsin Citizens From Unconstitutional House Arrest

The Wisconsin Supreme Court has made a very important decision that is going to have

Watch: Pennsylvania Health Secretary Moved His Mother out of Nursing Home While Leaving Everyone Else to Die

Pennsylvania Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine recently made a shocking admission. She had decided to

Yet Another US Professor Arrested for China Spying Ties

A professor from the University of Arkansas has found themselves in hot water recently. The

The Fog’s Clearing! DNI Declassifies Obama Officials Who Illegally Unmasked Flynn Phone Call

Acting DNI Richard Grenell is finally looking to put an end to the speculation about

Video: Cell Phone Data Proves China Shutdown Wuhan Lab in October Over Outbreak Concerns

As various investigators work to get to the bottom of the COVID-19 outbreak, a number

DOJ Drops All Charges Against Flynn Amidst Wide-Ranging FBI and Obama Administration Abuses

This is quite the bombshell and we cannot wait to watch all of the palace

Store Security Guard Killed Over Trying to Enforce Face Mask Order

Michigan has had their share of issues with the stay at home orders and mask

NPR Admits of Ignoring Biden Sexual Abuse Allegations

If you have been paying attention, you have probably noticed that a number of outlets

One in Four Democrats Want Biden Removed Over Sex Abuse Allegations

If 26 percent of the Democratic party wants to remove Biden from the presidential race

Democrat Activist Judge Wants Texans to Snitch on Restaurant Patrons

Lina Hidalgo is a Harris County judge and she is issuing a very bizarre request

Really? New York Times Wants “Impartial and Nonpartisan DNC” to Investigate Biden’s Sexual Abuse

The New York Times has been taking a number of interesting positions lately and this

Obama Defense Sec. Warns Biden Wrong on Nearly Every Major Foreign Policy Issue

Defense Secretary Robert Gates used to work with the Obama administration. When he recently granted

Durham Is Narrowing in on Conspiracy Charge Against FBI Liars

Former United States Attorney Joe diGenova recently made an appearance on Howie Carr’s program and

Democratic Voters Ignore Biden’s Town Halls

A new poll from Emerson College looks bad for President Trump but a closer look

Meat Packers to Stay Open Under New Presidential Order

If you are anything like us, you have read the headline and you are wondering

Illinois Judge Rules Governor’s Stay-At-Home Order Violates Civil Rights

Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker has decided to issue a stay at home order than has

Supreme Court Confirms Public Charge Immigration Limits

The Supreme Court decided to pave the way for a very important rule change that

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