Biden Will Be Known as the Coverup President for All Time

At the start of Biden’s reign of terror, some people cautiously put their trust in

Liberal Racism: Joe Biden Thinks Black People Don’t Know How to Use the Internet

The audience was speechless. At a CNN town hall in Wisconsin, Joe Biden just said

$1.9 Trillion COVID Bailout is a Payoff to the Radical Left

Can you believe it? You probably can. The Democrats are using the new COVID bailout

50 Days in DC and Troops Grow Bored

The National Guard was sent from all over the country to provide protection in Washington

McCarthy Plans To Expose Dems for the Leftist Liberals They Really Are

Democrats have been leaning so far to the left recently that it’s a surprise they

Obama Greenlights Broken Noses for Racial Slurs

Joe Biden has told us all about the glory days of serving under Barack Obama.

New GOP Candidate Goes After ‘Weak Kneed Establishment Republican’ In ‘Scorching’ New Campaign Ad

Illinois Republican candidate Catalina Lauf is taking current Republican Representative Adam Kinzinger, calling him a

It’s Not About Babysitting… It’s About a Quality Education

Schools across the country are closed, forcing students to learn virtually. What this means is

Fired ‘Mandalorian’ Actress Tells Ben Shapiro the Real Reason She Was Fired

Gina Carano made headlines when she was fired from her job on Disney’s “The Mandalorian”

Pivotal Moment Reveals True Reason Why Liberals Will Not Open Schools

The power-hungry liberals use COVID-19 to control people and mandate unconstitutional laws around the country.

Silent Coup: Is Joe Biden an Agent of Communist China?

Is President Joe Biden a Chinese Communist Party agent? More and more evidence is surfacing

Liberals Play Tug of War with Law and Order as They Continue to Mess Things Up

Democrats at every level of politics around America are finding out that what they believed

With Almost 30,000 Dead in NYC, Cuomo Blames You, Healthcare Workers, and Everybody Else

New York Governor Cuomo’s top aide was caught on tape saying some pretty ridiculous things

New York’s Cuomo Lies About Nursing Home Disaster Again

New York has suffered at the hands of Andrew Cuomo for a long time. The

Biden’s Silence and Mumbling Defines What is in His Head

The thoughts that are running through Joe Biden’s head are getting more concerning as the

Cuomo’s Done: New York Gov’s Aid Makes Career-Ending Admission About What Cuomo Covered up About COVID-19 Management

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has done what few believed he could: he has proven

Biden to Forbid You to Travel to Florida…

Florida is the one place that many people want to be during the Democratically controlled

Red China Work with the Democrats to Exploit America’s Divisions – and Destroy Us

As our great American President Abraham Lincoln said, “A house divided must fall.” President Lincoln

Creepy Joe is Back to Flirting with Women That Aren’t His Wife

For a brief moment, Joe Biden remembered who he was before dementia started to take

Mask Yourself Before Taking a Breath of Fresh and Don’t Forget Your Dog

The con-artist doctor Jill Biden has joined the ranks of the extreme cult known as

Time for a Reality Check? Democrats Want a ‘Reality Czar’

If anyone is unmoored from reality, it’s America’s modern-day Democratic Party. To the depraved and

Conservatives Easily Destroy ACLU’s Insane Defense of Trans Students in Sports

The American Civil Liberties Union is once again being roasted for their ludicrously progressive take

Silent Fraud Speaks Out as Biden Seeks to Let Illegals Vote for Him Next Term

There is a significant push coming from Biden to give the Democratic Party a massive

AOC Caught in Massive Lie About Capitol Rally on Twitter

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been caught in one (of what conservatives suspect is of many)

Former Russian Troll Speaks Out

From a nondescript cement building in St. Petersburg, Russia, hundreds of Russian internet trolls are

“Peaceful” Organization Speaks Out by Trashing Honest Abe

When did “peaceful” organizations stop being peaceful? Now, they claim that they’re being peaceful even

Democrats Lashing out Against Biden Just Weeks Into Term, Sharing Electing Regret

President Joe Biden has no shortage of dissenters, especially among those who don’t believe his

One Lone Journalist Tackled the Most Violent Left-Wing Group in America…What He Found Will Astound You

Andy Ngo is a journalist for the “Portland State Vanguard.” As all dedicated reporters do,

Unhinged Nancy Claims Republicans in Congress Are out to Murder Her (Video)

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi spoke on Thursday morning and her speech was something else. She is

This Is the America You “Voted” for! Journalist Arrested for Making Funny Memes About Pelosi, Biden, and AOC

A Twitter troll who loves making anti-Democrat memes has found themselves in actual trouble with

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