Back to School, But at What Price?

We’ve been fighting for over a year to get students back to school. The pandemic caused many kids to miss out on an in-classroom learning environment for multiple semesters. Now, as teachers’ unions have decided that it’s time to get back to class, there’s another problem.

The costs are rising.

We’re finally going to get our kids back to school. This has been an important step to heal the economy. After all, if kids aren’t in school, many parents can’t go back into the workplace. They depend on kids being in school Monday through Friday so that they can work without having to pay childcare costs.

With kids back in school, it will allow families to earn the money that is needed to pay for bills and stop depending on the government handouts.

With costs on the rise, though, many families are panicked.

Biden’s America is riddled with inflation. The costs of goods are up considerably. Surveys have shown that there’s a 9% increase over the prior year when it comes to back-to-school spending.

Many families struggle with the back-to-school costs in a normal year. There’s the cost of a new backpack, new clothes, and even school supplies. The average amount being spent in anticipation of sending kids back to school is around $247. This year, families should anticipate spending $268.

While $21 might not seem like a lot, it’s going to leave quite a few families strapped. And, when there are multiple kids in a family headed back to school, it adds up quickly.

There are a lot of reasons why the costs are on the rise.

Inflation is real, and the consumer price index has shown that a lot of household items are getting more expensive. People have already seen the increase at the grocery stores. So, it’s only expected that they’ll see the increase when shopping for the new school year.

Supply chains have been severely damaged due to the pandemic. This is leading to various issues with being able to stock the shelves. Come August, there’s going to be a strong demand for school supplies. When the supplies dwindle, demand kicks into overdrive, sending the costs skyrocketing.

What happens if parents can’t afford to get everything that’s needed for the school year? Some kids may not be compliant with school dress codes. Others may not be able to get all of the supplies that teachers demand at the beginning of each year.

Teachers cannot be expected to buy the necessary supplies out of their own pockets. And while the Biden administration has sent out billions of dollars to schools around the country, it’s not being used for supplies – it’s being used for salaries and for random line items in the Department of Education budget.

If there aren’t enough supplies to go around, learning will be hindered. This means that we’ve fought to get kids back into class only for their learning to still be obstructed. Only, instead of a mask doing the hindering, it will be the lack of supplies.

Why is it so hard to teach kids in today’s day and age? It seems as though all fingers point to the inept Biden administration yet again.

First, the Biden administration fought to keep kids out of the classroom. Now, with inflation, they’re making it harder for parents to get the necessary supplies.

Are things going to get better before kids actually make it into the classrooms? Most likely not. The Federal Reserve hasn’t been tapering the monetary stimulus. And, the Federal Open Market Committee is regularly increasing its inflation projection. They’re currently projecting 3.4% — and that’s already one percentage point higher than what they previously projected.

Meanwhile, a look at the consumer price index shows that it’s much higher for many goods.

So, we get to put our kids back into school in August, but it’s going to cost us quite a bit more to do so.