Biden’s Empty Promises Reveal No Real Plan for Ending the Pandemic


Like most candidates, Joe Biden made a bushel of promises while campaigning for the presidency of the United States. He vowed that he had a plan to shut down the virus, not the country.Even then, it sounded too good to be true. Biden did not offer details on how he planned to accomplish this task. 

And now, it is becoming clear that this promise didnt have a foundational plan behind it. Bidens answer seems to be blowing in the winter wind of 2021. 

There have been more Americans dying from COVID-19 on President Bidens watch than in all of 2020. As the death toll increases around the country, workers and American families are in a day-to-day struggle because of the presidents policies. Many are asking what happened to the promise to win over the virus without damaging the economy in the process. 

The president along with leaders in his party have just about ended the economic recovery that began under the previous administration. In Novembers job report, the economy only added back 210,000 jobs which are less than major economists had predicted. This last report was the weakest of the Biden administration. 

These indicators have been driven by policies that kept the economy tied down. The government paid people to stay home instead of returning to their employment. This led to prices on everyday items significantly increasing. 

President Biden has a string of broken promises to the American people. He said that he would not impose a vaccine Mandate. One year ago, Biden declared that he would not demand that the vaccine be mandatory. Just in July, the presidents administration stated that it was not the role of the federal government to force Americans to get vaccinated. 

And now, the president is blaming his fellow citizens for the economic failures and he is imposing a vaccine mandate that many believe is unconstitutional. If this mandate makes it through the court system, it will likely increase the work shortages and supply chain issues. Small businesses will be impacted by more lockdowns and rising prices. 

One poll indicated that seven in ten unvaccinated workers will likely quit their jobs rather than obey a mandated order. If a business does not comply with the order, it could face up to $14,000 in penalties for each violation. 

When President Biden heard about the spread of the Omicron Variant spreading quickly in South Africa, his immediate response was to impose a travel ban to the country along with seven nearby countries. This flies in the face of his criticism of former President Trumps same decision. He labeled Trump as hystericaland xenophobic for reaction in the same way. 

So Biden had a lot to say in criticism of the way former President Trump handled the pandemic, but he doesnt have much to say about the solution that he promised America. 

Ronna McDaniel wrote an article in Townhallsaying, Were sending one message to Biden: We wont go back. We wont lock ourselves in our houses for another year. We wont shut down our economy again, running the recovery into the ground. We wont return to online schooling, depriving our kids of the in-person education they need. Weve already seen how Democrats turned the pandemic into an opportunity to fundamentally alter American life. We wont let it happen again.

The failed promises of the present administration should prepare the way for alternatives from the GOP in the coming midterm elections. Lets hope that soon, we will have a real plan and not just empty promises.