Kansas Military Hero Takes Out Mass Shooter Saving Countless Lives

There are a lot of things that the Democrats hate about the United States. They really do not like conservatives and Republicans that are standing in their way to total domination. They do not like any type of law enforcement or military volunteers that give their time and service to protect their fellow citizens. The […]

Omar’s Daughter Supports ‘Comrades’ Rioting in Minneapolis

If you have been paying any attention to recent news stories throughout the country, you will likely have heard about the wrongful death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota this past week. Floyd, a black American, was manhandled by a white police officer while in custody and later died from his injuries. Unsurprisingly this has […]

New Mexico Governor Secretly Deceives People

The witch of a governor Michelle Lujan is living up to her Democratic roots. She purposely made a purchase of jewelry at a retail store after she had ordered stores to close. At the same time of banning people from shopping and being outdoors, she goes and buys things that she wants without any thought […]

Watch: Biden Says He’s Going to Beat Joe Biden in 2020 Election

ormer Vice President Joe Biden has become famous in recent months for his many gaffes or mistakes. No one else in American history, and certainly not in such a high-profile position, has ever been noted to say so many incoherent or just plain ridiculous things. In fact, the ability to do so at nearly every […]

Nervous Judge from Flynn Case Lawyers Up

The unusual case against former national security advisor Michael Flynn has taken an even more bizarre turn this week, as the judge presiding over the case has decided to hire his own lawyer. If you remember, Flynn was charged with perjury after he made a few phone calls to Russian diplomats in early 2017 right […]

Grumpy Gretchen Whitmer Defies Her Own Lockdown Orders!

Grumpy Gretchen Whitmer finally has shown her true colors when she and her husband requested that their boat be placed in the water. Whitmer has restricted people from moving around the state and engaging in recreational activities. Grumpy Whitmer is facing scrutiny because she had made a deliberate choice to elevate herself above the citizens […]

SpaceX is ‘Shot of Inspiration’ Amid Coronavirus

According to Space.com, President Donald Trump made a surprise announcement as he was preparing to fly to Michigan and an appearance as a Ford Motor plant that has been converted to making ventilators. “Trump told reporters at the White House today that he may fly to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida to watch the […]

Tara Reade Opens Up About Joe Biden to Megyn Kelly

The Tara Reade story took a decided turn when it was revealed that the accuser of Joe Biden sat down for her first video interview with Megyn Kelly. Kelly, who used to work for Fox News and then NBC, has been working as an independent journalist. The Daily Beast notes that the interview with Reade […]

Iran Threatens to Attack the United States over Embargo

Iran has been a thorn in the backside of many nations around the world. They target innocent people for terrorist attacks, hoping to enact a conflict with a more powerful adversary such as the United States. Iranian leaders just cannot stand the point that America has limited their nuclear program and oil income to the […]

Boom: Schiff Told to Release Records or it Will Happen Anyway

The nations would love to forget the person and name of Adam Schiff. He will be the one that goes down in the history books as the Democratic circus clown that embarrassed the Democratic Party and the nation in the eyes of the world. His fight to impeach an innocent president was the candle on […]

BREAKING: China Report Warns to Prepare for Armed Conflict With US Over COVID-19 Backlash

China is a big country that is acting like a spoiled teenager not getting what they want. For months now, they have tried to push the blame from the virus onto other nations. They have meticulously tried to control the media reports coming from their borders as they kicked out all the western journalists. Their […]

Terrifying! Another Type of Coronavirus Found and Is More Violent Than the COVID-19

As if we haven’t had enough problems with COVID-19, now scientists have found a new type of coronavirus which is also worldwide. This new strain has become more violent and contagious than the recent outbreak of COVID-19. Scientists from Los Alamos National Laboratory have picked up on the latest study where the new virus showed […]

Dem Rep Says Opening Up the Country is Racist

If ever there was a time when the races of the world and this nation should come together and work as one against a common cause, it is now against the coronavirus pandemic that has America in a vice grip. And some are doing just that, giving help where help is needed and hope where […]

Pence’s Staff Threatens Reporter for Trying to Make Him Look Foolish

Vice President Mike Pence’s office is going after a reporter who released information that Pence’s office informed journalists that they would be wearing masks for Pence’s presence at the Mayo Clinic. A photo was captured, showing Pence was the only one not wearing a mask. This screams volumes of a setup! The Minnesota Mayo Clinic […]

Mayor Means Business, Fires City Manager For Insubordination

The race to reopen is getting mixed reviews as each state takes its steps to reopen. The Democratic governor of New Mexico has yet to lift some restrictions in the state. But one Mayor is challenging her decision by ordering his town to start the reopening process. Mayor Martin Hicks is the chosen leader in […]

Dangerous Illegals: Our Second Pandemic Worry

The coronavirus has proven to be deadly, and it has effectively brought the country to a halt. What the pandemic hasn’t stopped, however, are the dangerous illegals who continually try to enter the country. Fortunately, our front line defenders are still essential employees, because we need them. No, not the brave men and women on […]

NYC Mayor in Hot Water After Delivering Anti-Semitic Message

In true Hizzoner fashion, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio just proved once again that he is all about control and yet can’t follow his own rules. And the city is furious about it. As you well know, New York has been hit particularly hard by the quickly spreading coronavirus pandemic due to its […]

VIDEO: ABC News Reporter Caught on Live TV with No Pants

ABC contributor and son of the late great well-known actor Christopher Reeve, Will Reeve, was caught in a little predicament on “Good Morning America.” Being a reporter for one of the most-watched morning shows, the world caught a glimpse of how comfortable even reporters such as Reeve works from home. Everything is business from the […]

Two More Sources Confirm Biden Sexual Assault Allegations

Despite the efforts of the mainstream media to shovel the sexual assault allegations Tara Reade has made against Joe Biden, the story is stubbornly refusing to go away. The latest iteration involves a story in Business Insider in which a former neighbor of Ms. Reade remembers being told the sordid story back in the mid-1990s. […]

Graduation is Postponed, But Only for White, Straight Americans

For both high school and college students alike, graduation or commencement is something to look forward to, usually for years on end. It is the turning of a page, the end of one season in life, and the beginning of a new one. But for the graduates of 2020, that page may have to turn […]

John Kerry Slams Trump: ‘Using the Virus to Kill More Americans’

The Democrats are pulling no stops as the find ways of attacking President Trump. Some of the laughable liberals have started complaining about the workers at the border. While others are crying about not being able to sneak a peek at his tax returns. There is an endless list of issues that plague the Democratic […]

Trump’s Immigration Rejection Squeezes Hard On Biden and the Democrats

The Democrats have tried everything in their power to stop President Trump.  The show is turning into a comedy because they cannot stop him from doing what is good for the American people. No matter what they do, he is several steps ahead of their evil plots.  Democrats have used illegal immigration to gain their […]

Fact Check: Did LA County Have More than 200,000 Cases Before Testing Began?

The liberals want everyone to believe that the coronavirus is fresh in the United States and that there is a long way to go before it is gone. They instill fear in people through their fake news stories so they can control people. A new study that has finally come out is spelling out a […]

AOC’s Reaction to Oil Market Collapse and Job Loss is Sickening

During this pandemic, nearly everyone is suffering in some way. One of the hardest-hit industries is that of crude oil and fossil fuels. As many nations and states throughout the world have stay at home or no travel orders in place, fuel is simply not be used. People aren’t driving to work, planes have been […]

Dumbest Criminal: Murder Suspect Ignorantly Plays on Closed Beach and Gets Arrested

Criminals are living the high life right now as law enforcement does not want to arrest people or confront them if they do not have too. The risk of contracting the virus is just too great. So those that are wanted for violent crimes feel like they can reenter normal life without getting caught. But […]

China Bans Africans in McDonald’s

The People’s Republic of China, as one of the most densely populated nations on the planet, experiences a vast amount of imports and exports. And Guangzhou, as its third-largest city and one that lies both on a major river and near Hong Kong, has been a crucial trading port for centuries. It is where most […]

Governor is Helping the Illegals Ahead of His Own People

The governor of California is taking aid a step further and giving it to the illegals living in his botched-up utopia. These are people that do not meet the guidelines for receiving aid in the United States of America. Newsom knows where these people are living, and he refuses to see them deported back to […]

SCAM: Business in Arizona Promotes Another Fake Cure, Don’t Fall for It

There never seems to be an end to the attempt by scammers to get people to buy their fake cures. These insane people make bold claims about having cures to the coronavirus. Many of these charlatans have been ordered to stop their promotions or face prison time. Many have stopped but they are constantly on […]

FBI Knew Russian Disinformation Was in Steele Dossier and Said Nothing

As with any government investigation, the likelihood of the public knowing all the facts is ridiculously slim, if not wholly impossible. The FBI’s investigation and the subsequent probes by special counsel Robert Mueller and Inspector General Michael Horowitz into President Donald Trump are no different. Both reports by Mueller and Horowitz were chocked full of […]

No Topless Women Allowed…

In today’s American society, it is nothing for the modern woman and even young girls to wear a bikini to the beach. But a mere century ago, such public attire for a woman would have been considered something not only to condemn but also punish. The trend, it seems, is that as time goes on, […]

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