Top Imams Reverse Pakistani Parliament’s Decision To Allow Chemical Castration for Rapists

By basaltunselami/
By basaltunselami/shutterstock.comJust when Pakistan finally gets something right, their Islamic law ‘keepers of the flame’ Imams have to go and ruin it in just two days according to the Voice Of America (VOA). With the Parliament deciding to allow chemical castration for rapists, they started to pave the way for other countries to make the same […]

Pastor and Church Members Win Long-Fought Case for the Pro-Life Movement

By Jeffrey Bruno/
By Jeffrey Bruno/shutterstock.comThere was a big win for pro-life members of a Christian Church in Brooklyn recently. These church members are celebrating their win after a long-fought battle with the state of New York that lasted for years. The state had accused these believers of using violence and threats outside of an abortion clinic in the borough […]

Biden Has Trouble on the Home Front As Democrats Begin To Turn on Him

By RedhoodStudios/
By RedhoodStudios/shutterstock.comThe illegitimate president finds out that even his constituents are beginning to see just how crooked the man has become. The president has moved from a near-center position of politics to an extreme left position that has adopted the progressive ideology of the socialist Democrats. His policies and mandates indicate a dictator-style rule similar to […]

Shocking Exit from Network by Fox News Personalities

By Leonard Zhukovsky/
By Leonard Zhukovsky/shutterstock.comThere used to be a time when the news consisted of someone reading news stories in the evening so that people could remain informed about what was happening in their nation’s capital and around the world. Those days are long past, and in an effort to fill the unrelenting 24-hour news cycle, cable networks have […]

Even Dems Say Lincoln Project Should Be Dead

By Al Teich/
By Al Teich/shutterstock.comWhether the Democratic Party wants to realize it or not, the infamous Lincoln Project played a massive role in ensuring that former President Donald Trump didn’t get a consecutive second term. After all, that was their whole reason for existence. And now, with that goal accomplished, it seems their relevance, even among the liberal left, […]

Illegals Will Do Anything To Reach the Shores of Freedom

By Budimir Jevtic/
By Budimir Jevtic/shutterstock.comThe United States of America still is the greatest nation on the planet. The Democrats are entirely ignorant and blind to the fact that so many people want to come to the nation because of the opportunity to live free that exists within its borders. The liberals think they need to change things and make […]

McConaughey Sets the Record Straight: No Run for Governor

By Denis Makarenko/
By Denis Makarenko/shutterstock.comMatthew McConaughey has been hinting for months that he’s going to run for Texas governor. However, he could never seem to commit as to whether he was going to do so on the Republican or Democratic ticket. He wanted to stay neutral on so many of the issues plaguing the state and the nation. Now, […]

Biden Solidifies Illegals in America by Keeping Them From Being Deported

By Matt Smith Photographer/
By Matt Smith Photographer/shutterstock.comThe president’s attacks on American law enforcement have reached new levels now that he is openly helping illegals find ways of remaining in the United States. When the old man first took office, he rolled back all the security measures that Donald Trump had worked hard to put in place to protect the country from […]

Biden Pushes Electric Car Chargers Failing to Understand Where That Electricity Comes From

By Smile Fight/
By Smile Fight/shutterstock.comJoe Biden is a mirror image of Gavin Newsom. Both of these liberal mean men desire to slowly and forcefully turn their spheres of influence into stew pots of social messes. Newsom has systematically turned California into a failed social state by pushing climate reform and energy policies that are not feasible for the current […]

Biden Administration Beginning to Roll Back Trump’s Advances Concerning Religious Liberties

By OlegRi/
By OlegRi/shutterstock.comChurches and other ministries around the country should keep their eyes open for what the Biden administration plans to do with religious liberties. There is a reported memo from the Director of the Office for Civil Rights within the Biden Administration’s Health and Human Services Department that is of concern. Apparently, this memo hints at […]

Reuters Screws Up ‘Fact Checking’ Claim that ‘Biden Isn’t Really the President’

By you well know, “fact-checking” has become a major thing in recent years. It undoubtedly began with liberal media claiming that former President Donald Trump did nothing but lie his way through nearly every situation. However, it has since become a known fact that those same liberal media heads often twist stories and images to […]

Liberal School District Taught Major Lesson About Freedom of Speech

By Christopher Penler/
By Christopher Penler/shutterstock.comByron Tanner Cross is the teacher on leave because he took a stand for what he believed was correct concerning a liberal rule being passed at the school he worked. Cross stood against the Loudon County School Board’s Policy 8040, which was set to force all staff and teachers to weed out any language that […]

17-Year-Old Fired for Making OK Gesture in Pic…

By Dean Drobot/
By Dean Drobot/shutterstock.comYou might not know it, but white supremacy is everywhere. Or at least, that’s what the political left wants you to believe. According to them, it’s why recent elections in Virginia, New Jersey, Texas, and now South Carolina have recently been won by the racist and hateful GOP. It’s also why a 17-year-old girl was […]

A National Guard Debate: Defy the Mandate or Not

By zimmytws/
By zimmytws/shutterstock.comAmericans want to be able to choose whether they get the COVID vaccine or not. And, considering that many have already gotten COVID and recovered, they have natural immunity. So, why bother getting the jab if it’s not really going to offer protection? For some, the jab has led to more problems…and it’s not a […]

Liberals Go Violent at Shapiro Speech Proving How Wretched They Have Become

By photo-denver/
By photo-denver/shutterstock.comBen Shapiro is a champion for the conservative movement that seeks to keep things regular in society. The liberal pandemic has a way of pushing things out of normality and into a state of chaos. And it takes those like Shapiro to challenge the lies and present the truth at venues around the country. And […]

Congressional Budget Office (CBO) Acknowledges That Biden’s Spending Plan Will in Fact Cost Money

By ADragan/
By ADragan/shutterstock.comThe Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has finally had to admit that the government failed at the one modest task they are expected to succeed at for a Biden budget: math. The New York Times has taken special interests in this topic, and Ben Harris the assistant secretary for economic policy spoke to them about this. […]

Wyoming to Oust Liz Cheney

By Jerome460/
By Jerome460/shutterstock.comIn the world of politics, there is a fine that is far too often crossed. It is the one between being bipartisan and completely ignoring the voices of those you were meant to represent. As you well know, bipartisanship should be and usually is encouraged for the most part. While we expect at least some […]

Biden Has Opinion of Truthful Chant Making Its Way Around World

By BiksuTong/
By BiksuTong/shutterstock.comJoe Biden does not have a clue as to how people think of him. The old man has gone out of his way to betray voters and ditch the country to embrace terrorist opinions. Instead, he would hold hands with illegals invading the country than side with Americans paying their taxes and working hard to […]

Are There Racial Inequities in the GI Bill?

By Straight 8 Photography
By Straight 8 Photography shutterstock.comThe GI Bill has been around since 1944. Millions of veterans have had the chance to participate in the benefits offered by this bill, which was originally designed to help veterans of World War II. However, there is now liberal legislation being pushed to say that there have been racial inequities. It’s been over 70 […]

So Go the States, So Goes the Nation…Dems Are Rapidly Losing Ground…It Took Joe Biden To Make It Happen

Sergey Tinyakov /
Sergey Tinyakov / Shutterstock.comWhile Democrats have been focusing almost entirely on Biden’s enormous social spending bill, Republicans have had their eyes on other areas of equal, if not of greater, importance. This is not to suggest that roads and bridges are not in need of repair, but to prioritize them over an out-of-control southern border problem, economic recovery, […]

Even Australian Media Knows the Cheese Has Fallen off Biden’s Cracker; When Will the Left Admit It?

mark reinstein /
mark reinstein / Shutterstock.comWhen Australian media is making fun of you, you know you’re in trouble, and that’s exactly the situation we find ourselves in now. Sky News Australia’s Rita Panahi hosts The Friday Showdown, and she took some time in this program to point out how badly the cheese has fallen off Biden’s cracker, and she hit the […]

Biden a Princess Di Fan? His Actions Around Prince Charles’ Mistress Would Indicate He Doesn’t Care for the Queen’s Second-Hand Daughter-in-Law

Paris Malone /
Paris Malone / Shutterstock.comIs President Joe Biden a fan of the late Princess Diana of Wales? If he’s not, it’s believed that he still did what many of the former dutchess die-hard followers have wanted to do for quite some time upon meeting Charles’ former-mistress turned wife Camela Parker Bowles. Biden was rubbing elbows with some of the […]

After Action Report: Minnesotan Voters Crush Progressive Dreams in Tuesday Election

Alexander Oganezov /
Alexander Oganezov / Shutterstock.com2021’s off-year voting had some high stakes for a year that is deeply embedded in a presidential term’s first year. Meaning, usually a lot of ballot measures, a few recalls, a few replacements, and one or two governorships are usually all the American people see on an odd-numbered year. But not 2021. In clear 2020 […]

Declining Exports and Supply Chain Issues Set Record Trade Deficit

fotohunter /
fotohunter / Shutterstock.comThere is a new record in America since the month of September, and it is not one to celebrate. The United States’ trade deficit increased in September to 80.9 million according to Commerce Department data. This new record was set as American exports declined and supply chain problems continued within U.S. ports. Imports in America […]

World Leader Declares Group a “Global Terrorist Organization”

By TheVisualsYouNeed/
By TheVisualsYouNeed/shutterstock.comWe have seen civil disruption and chaos in the last year, unlike practically any other time in our nation’s history. And while the unrest has seemed to die down in some parts of the country, it has now spread worldwide, to cities like Rome and Nantes, France. But unlike here in the US, the culprits, […]

Biden Spending Bill Leaves $470 Billion Unaccounted For…

By W. Scott McGill/
By W. Scott McGill/shutterstock.comAs you well know, the Biden administration, along with the most liberal of Congress, are pushing forward a massive social spending bill that is not only frivolous and excessive but completely unneeded. Among other things, the bill would supposedly pay for initiatives like universal or free childcare and preschool, increased public housing, and “climate change” […]

Trump Drops Major Hint About 2024

By Christopher Halloran/
By Christopher Halloran/shutterstock.comIt has long been suggested that former President Donald Trump will try another run at the White House in 2024. After all, he’s only served one term so far and many, including himself, still claim that he was cheated out of his second consecutive one. However, as you well know, the famed businessman has yet […]

Gold Star Families Infuriated by Biden’s Idea of Giving Illegal Immigrants $450,000- $1,000,000 Just for Coming Here and Breaking the Law Doing So

By photo-denver/
By photo-denver/shutterstock.comAs you likely read, Biden wants ‘reparations’ for illegal immigrants who were separated under the Trump administration in the amount of $450,000 PER PERSON or roughly $1,000,000 per family. His allegations that this is the right move are sickening, and people across the nation have been disgusted by the promise to give away taxpayer money. […]

Bipartisan Legislation Demands Answers on Fauci’s Involvement With Dog Abuse

By Przemek Iciak/
By Przemek Iciak/shutterstock.comWhite Coat Waste Project came forward with serious allegations against Dr. Anthony Fauci and the National Institute of Health involving the mistreatment of beagles in Tunisia, North Africa. Speaking to Changing America, WCWP said “Our investigators show that Fauci’s NIH division shipped part of a $375,800 grant to a lab in Tunisia to drug beagles […]

TikTok, Snapchat, and YouTube Come Under Fire from Senate Subcommittee…They’re Harming America’s Youth

By social media platforms safe for children? Sen. Edward Markey from Massachusetts doesn’t think they are. He told a Senate Commerce Committee on consumer protection, “The problem is clear: Big Tech preys on children and teens to make more money.” After hearing damning testimony against Facebook by a former higher echelon employee, the top popped […]

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