Businesslike and Professional? Taliban Replaces Ministry for Women With Ministry for the Propagation of Virtue and Prevention of Vice

As the new rulers of Afghanistan, the Taliban is causing quite the stir. Serious changes are being made that affect the more vulnerable members of their population. Women are being told to stay in the house, for fear of reprisal. These women are only able to head outside if they have been escorted by a […]

Kamala Harris Continues To Play in Her Crystal Palace as a Southern Invasion Gets Ready To Happen

Joe Biden continues to make staunch enemies of American allies. He has turned his back on European supports and embraced Islamic terrorism, communism, and socialism. He stands in support of the Cuban dictator and has secretly helped Russia finish its major pipeline project. All while shutting down American industry and natural resource mining operations. The […]

This Is Getting More Bizarre by the Day! Legal Immigrants Must Show Proof of Vaccinations, Illegal Migrants Do Not

Biden’s latest vaccination mandate has many moving parts. One of the most crucial aspects of this equation is his willingness to ask immigrants who are applying for a permanent residency to be vaccinated. This all sounds well and good enough but there’s a major catch. The rules do not apply to illegal migrants crossing the […]

Biden’s Connections to Racism Have Deeper Ties Than We Thought

As you well know, Democrats have purported themselves as the party of minorities for some time now, claiming that they alone hold the interests of those formerly and still oppressed close to their hearts. And Joe Biden, as one of the nation’s most well-known Democrats, has undoubtedly tried to assert this as truth. However, it […]

Secret Facebook Program Exempts the Famous from Moderation and Is a ‘Breach of Trust’

Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founder, and CEO of Facebook has a history of insisting that the ground is level at his social media platform. He has stated that his company treats its three billion users equally. But a new Wall Street Journal report indicates something very different. There is a Facebook program known as “X-Check” or […]

Intel Agencies Warn AL-Qaeda Will Be Back in Full Force in a Year

The headline is a bit of an exaggeration but not to the extent that you think. The Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency said that Al-Qaeda could be back up and running within a year or two, tops. At first, two years was the estimate but now they believe that things could unfold in half that […]

Terrorist Teacher Union Still Making Demands Over COVID-19

Teacher Unions think they hold all the cards when it relates to COVID-19. Some of them have made some outlandish demands, while others, such as the Los Angeles teachers union, have crossed the line and have become communists. The pathetic union may be the second largest in the country, but they have a lot to […]

Recall Voter Says She and Other GOP Voters Were Turned Away at Polls…

I don’t think anyone is really all that surprised that voting issues are occurring in California right now during one of the most controversial recall elections the state has seen in years. Neither am I shocked that the problems seem to only be occurring among Republican or right-leaning voters. What I am a bit stunned […]

How Many Americans Did Biden Sentence to Their Deaths by Leaving Them in Afghanistan? Thousands!

Mike Glover is a special operations expert and he works alongside various NGOs (non-governmental organizations). Their objective? They are looking to rescue Americans (and our allies) who are currently trapped in Afghanistan. According to Glover, the NGOs are doing more to rescue the stranded Americans than their own government. The Taliban and the Haqqani network […]

Andrew Yang Forming a New Political Party Focused on Centrists

Andrew Yang, the successful businessman who ran for president in the 2020 Democratic Primary, reportedly no longer identifies as a Democrat. He dropped out of the presidential race and endorsed former Vice President Joe Biden for president. But now, he will be starting a new political party. Yang, who is 46-years-old, plans to announce the […]

Treasury Secretary Exposes the Truth About US Debt and the Devastation We Face

I’m afraid I have some bad news… I know. It’s the last thing anyone wants to hear. Lord knows we’ve had far too much of it as of late. I mean, first, we get hit one of the largest pandemics the world has ever known. Then we are faced with all sorts of civil unrest, […]

Democratic Party in Tennessee Found Ripping Off Citizens

The Democrats are the reason why so many people believe that all politicians are corrupt or crooked. They lie, cheat and steal their way through life and have become masters with how to cover it up. So, when the Democratic Party in Tennessee was found to be stealing money from the hard-working taxpayers, it did […]

A Call for Supreme Court Term Limits, But Would It Help Anything?

Every now and then, a Democrat gets the idea to change the way in which the Supreme Court was founded. Alexander Hamilton felt that the best way for Supreme Court justices to serve was to do so for life rather than identifying a limit. However, more and more justices will serve for 30 or more […]

California County Jail Found Guilty of Widespread Inmate Abuse…It Took the Feds 3-Years to Investigate the Allegations

What happens in prison stays in prison. Inside the barbed wired fences lies a world unto itself where inmates are at the mercy of prison officials to take care of their needs. Some prisons are better at accomodating those needs than others, but whether they do or don’t is seldom known by the general public. […]

Biden’s Egregious Treatment of Gold Star Family Members Continues

As you well know, this week brought 13 flagged-draped boxes back to the United States, back to the family who will miss them dearly, and back to the land they fought so hard to serve and protect. The occasion should have offered some closure to those receiving the remains. It should have been a moment […]

USPS Gets Busted…They’ve Been Intentionally Shorting Paychecks For Decades

As long as federal employees do what’s expected of them they have little worry about their livelihoods not being there the next day. Unlike the private sector, they have the additional comfort of knowing how it would take nothing short of an act of Congress to fire them. In their complacency, they also assume that […]

Has the Pandemic Led to a Dooms Day Approach to Dating?

Partnering up during the pandemic is hard. You don’t know who has been infected and who hasn’t. If the world goes into lockdown again, you don’t want to be alone. It’s led to an interesting new approach to dating. According to Axios, research shows that 37 percent of people on the Hinge dating app would […]

Coroner Confirms Vaccine to Blame for News Presenter’s Death

We’ve all heard it probably about a million times already: the vaccine is safe. We hear it from politicians, we hear it from doctors, we hear it in both TV and radio commercials. And now that it’s been officially approved by the FDA, at least in the case of the popular Pfizer double-jab, people are […]

Biden Made False Statements on the Severity of White House Dog Biting Incidents

President Joe Biden seems to be downplaying a number of things that are important, and he is now even downplaying the severity of injuries due to his three-year-old German Shepherd. There are newly uncovered emails that seem to indicate that Biden has made false statements concerning exactly what Major, the first dog, did to some […]

Confuser in Chief Strikes Again: Biden Once Again Serving Word Salad to Concerned Americans

The Commander-in-Chief is often confused. That doesn’t seem to be up for debate because let’s be honest, it can’t be debated. He gets lost in the middle of sentences and forgets where he is, that he’s supposed to be wearing a mask, or even what side of the stage he’s supposed to be leaving off […]

Cuomo’s Absurd Excuse for His Harassment Seals his Political Coffin

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is still putting up a fight, despite having announced his own resignation, saying that the report which found he sexually harassed multiple women was, according to the outgoing governor, part of a political move, according to a report in the Independent Journal Review. Cuomo’s farewell address on Monday took an odd […]

Kamala Harris LITERALLY Laughs in the Face of the Afghan Debacle

We really have to question whether Kamala Harris even likes the United States at this point. We’re faced with one of the biggest catastrophes in history with the way that we handled Afghanistan. Yet, when the VP finally decides to weigh in on all of it, she laughs. She actually cackled when a reporter asked […]

Metropolitan Hubs Defying Government Officials on COVID Regulations: Is Your Area One of Them?

Two of Texas’ largest school districts are defying Gov. Gregg Abbott’s orders about mask mandates and requiring the face coverings, despite what the state has set out as clarification of individuals’ rights. According to a report in NBC News Superintendents in Dallas and Austin have made separate announcements as of several days ago, saying that […]

New Census Phenomenon Named After Elizabeth Warren; She Won’t Like It…

By now, you’ve all likely heard or seen some evidence of race hoaxing in recent years, where someone pretends or claims, sometimes for years and years, to be part of a race or culture that they really aren’t. one of the famous and vastly embarrassing cases of this comes from the near socialist Massachusetts Senator […]

Big Win for Texas as Supreme Court Shuts Down Liberal Power Grab

Mask mandates continue to be on the agenda for every liberal seeking to grab control and power wherever they can. The Democrats have found a way to use mandates to divide people and force compliance upon those that would otherwise disobey. But the fight has only started as Republican Governors such as Greg Abbott takes […]

Democrats in Congress Condemn Biden for Ignoring Their Plea’s…His Presidency Could Be Short-Lived

After four years of torment, the Democrats got their wish. They finally have a level-headed nice guy in the Oval Office. A guy with decades of political experience who, unlike his greenhorn predecessor, knows the ropes. Biden is a kinder and gentler president. Someone their children can look up to. It’s unfortunate how it took […]

City Councilman and 5 More Charged with Rigging Election in Race Decided by 1 Vote

We’ve heard a lot about election or voter fraud in the past year or so, more so probably than you have ever heard before. Undoubtedly, most of that has been by former President Donald J. Trump, as he and many others believe he was cheated out of his second term. The issue, in fact, has […]

Surprising State Vows to Never Close Churches Again

As we all know, some states are more likely to allow the trampling of certain constitutional rights than others. Due to their liberal leadership, states such as California, Oregon, Minnesota, and most of those in what is considered New England all seemed to get extremely caught up in the COVID-19 pandemic and fears of widespread […]

Big GOP Name to Flip New Hampshire in 2022?

As 2022 and its much-anticipated midterm elections draw ever closer, one state getting a lot of attention is New Hampshire. As you may know, the state is largely considered by most to be a toss-up state given its last two decades of voting habits. While the state holds a Republican majority in both state legislative […]

Steve Forbes Warns American Express of Very Real Consequences Regarding Recent Woke Diversity Training

Steve Forbes, the editor-in-chief of Forbes magazine, has some definite thoughts about corporations participating in what he believes is divisive diversity training. Recently the man who twice made a bid for the White House warned about the implications of businesses like American Express participating in this training. It was recently reported by Chrissy Clark with […]

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