Inspector General of State Department Launching Investigations Into Biden’s Botched Withdrawal from Afghanistan

By archna nautiyal
The inspector general of the State Department is planning to rattle some cages in the Biden Administration. Diana Shaw, the State Department’s acting inspector general, has reportedly begun “a series of investigations” into the White House administration’s handling of the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan. Secretary of State Antony Blinken delivered a memo last week that […]

Buttigieg Admits That the Supply Chain Crisis Is a Successful Victory for the Way Biden Is Handling the Economy

By Carsten Reisinger
Pete Buttigieg is the estranged Transportation Secretary who believes that Joe Biden is doing an excellent job rocking in the White House. The nation faces several disasters on multiple fronts, and the president seems content to sit back and watch everything all to ruins. But Buttigieg wants to try and make it seem that all […]

Hamilton is Diverse…Just Not Diverse Enough

“It must be nice…it must be nice…” Hamilton’s Broadway show has had epic success on stage, and much of it is because of the diversity. After all, it’s not every day that you get to see the founding fathers rapping on stage. Oh, and there’s the fact that Thomas Jefferson and many others are portrayed […]

Ohio Hospitals to Force Vaccination Before Life Saving Transplants

Need a new liver? Got one you’re willing to give a chunk of? Well unless you have the COVID vaccine, neither the Cleveland Clinic nor University Hospitals want to see you. Their new mandates for the vaccine are absolutely ridiculous. The Cleveland Clinic put out the following in a statement. “Vaccination is particularly important in […]

Russia to Create Massive Arctic Naval Fleet

If you hadn’t already heard, last Russian President Vladimir Putin celebrated his 69th birthday. And while he was thrown a massive party that lasted for days like Obama was this year, his nation didn’t exactly disappoint when it came to gifting their seemingly forever president. So what did they give him? Well, it seems an […]

Street Drugs Laced with Fentanyl are On the Rise…and Borders are Wide Open. Coincidence?

By harald pizzinini
The Biden administration can read about what’s happening across the country. Yet, they can’t seem to connect the dots regarding cause and effect. We’ll help them out… Across the country, we’re seeing fentanyl being added to street drugs. It’s happening at alarming rates, and it’s causing people to die from opioid overdoses. It’s particularly evident […]

Governor to Force Gender Neutral Down Parents Throats

By QualityHD
Friday Democratic California Governor Gavin Newsom pushed even more of the far-left agenda down the eager throats of Californians by signing a host of new bills into law. This included AB 1084. This bill was introduced by Assemblymember Evan Low (D-Campbell) as a way to force stores to comply with their bidding to remove gender […]

Pelosi is Heckled During a Catholic Mass While in Rome (and It Gets Better)

By Kim Wilson
We can all agree that Nancy Pelosi is not a good Catholic. After all, she continuously pushes to allow abortions to happen – even well after the heartbeat is heard. Anyone who even knows about the Catholic religion knows that abortion is a sin. And with good reason. We can’t simply end life because it’s […]

Squad Member Admits to Only Masking When GOP Cameras Are Around

By Grossinger
For about a year now, we’ve been forced to wear face masks just about anywhere and everywhere we go. According to health officials and leftist politicians, it’s to keep us all safe – as if a few bits of thread in front of our mouths and noses are going to keep us from being infected […]

Seattle Pays $48 Million for Luxury Apartments to House the Homeless…

By elxeneize
As you well know, homelessness in our larger cities, and even some smaller ones, has become a real problem in recent years. In places like San Francisco, New York City, Seattle, and many others, entire encampments exist, filled to the brim with makeshift shacks, tents, and cardboard structures to provide at least some sort of […]

9/11 Terrorist Abu Zubaydah Was Waterboarded 80 Times and Spent 11 Days in a Coffin…SCOTUS To Hear the Case

Thought to be a top al-Qaida leader, Abu Zubaydah was captured in 2002 in Pakistan. He was transferred to Poland where he and his team of lawyers say he was tortured in a secret CIA facility by two former CIA civilian contractors. They want to know why and they’re demanding to see the information leading […]

Zuckerberg’s Multi-Billion Dollar Losses During Facebook Shutdown Shows How Much the Social Media Superpower Has to Lose if Conservatives Leave for Good

Monday afternoon caused mass online confusion. People made phone calls who have only ever sent texts and messages for years. It was just shy of criminal mayhem online when Facebook and its family of apps went down. But it was a sneaky down. You could still log onto the app and it would appear that […]

Abbott Continues to Do What Biden Won’t Along the Border… Catching Thousands of Illegals

By now, we’ve all the images coming from our southern border with Mexico. Swarms of people filing across the desert, wading through the Rio Grande, and making their way illegally onto US soil. And for thousands, it’s done without a single attempt to do it the right way, you know, legally. Naturally, this is causing […]

In Last-Ditch Effort Prince Andrew Files New Docs In Epstein’s Former Sex-Slave Case

Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein might be pushing up daisies, but his legacy is alive and running scared. While his right-hand lady, Ghislaine Maxwell, remains tucked securely in her Brooklyn prison cell, the focus as of late has been on Epstein’s long-time royal pal Prince Andrew who’s unsuccessfully tried every move in the playbook to squeeze out […]

Cops Convicted of Heinous Crimes Still Receive Full Pensions…Even Behind Bars…Where’s the Justice?

When a military service member is dishonorably discharged due to crimes or insulant behavior, they forfeit all future benefits and/or pay they may have earned. The same treatment applies to government employees who get busted for their crooked ways. But for reasons unknown to anyone, the same punishment does not apply to cops.  Though a […]

Lone-Wolf Threats on White House Escalate As New Capitol Police Chief Anticipates More Rough Waters Ahead

In the aftermath of the Jan 6 patriot uprising at the Capitol Building, for the most part, things seemed to have mellowed to a simmer. But as we are all aware, appearances can sometimes be deceiving. Feelings are still running deep, but they’re running silently. Away from the TV crews and media publicity, voices continue […]

NYC Judges Enforce Vaccine Mandate Against Lawsuit From Teachers

A panel of judges in New York City just gave the legal go-ahead for the city to impose a vaccine mandate for all teachers. The judges were from the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan, and they delivered a brief to both teachers and staff in the nation’s largest public school system. This […]

Newsom Makes Bold Move To Ensure His Dictatorship Will Last Forever

Gavin Newsom escaped losing his job by the hair of his wrinkled chin. The recall election was not just an attempt to rid the state of evil. Still, it was also supposed to serve as a wake-up call for everyone else that socialism and liberal lies will not be tolerated any longer. But Newsom failed […]

Texas Tackles Biden Before the End Zone Smashing His Hopes of Men and Women Sharing Bathrooms Together

Joe Biden and the rest of the circus clowns think it is funny to tell men to use the women’s restroom. All they have to do is tell everyone that their gender is wrong, and they have found their true purpose in life: to change bathrooms. The liturgical nonsense opens the door for all sorts […]

One-Fourth of Americans Don’t Have Enough To Eat…Gov’t Bureaucracy Is Keeping It That Way…Where’s Joe?

While we hear about other countries facing starvation, such as Ethiopia, we seldom stop to look in our own backyard. The U.S. has more than its fair share of citizens going hungry, and many of them, though they’ve tried, can’t get the help they need from the government. Another travesty is that what these hungry […]

Biden Plans To Dramatically Increase Refugee Admissions Even in the Midst of Historic Border Crisis

Even though there is a growing crisis at the border, President Joe Biden is apparently planning to double the number of refugees admitted into the United States. It is hard to imagine the impact this may have on the national security and humanitarian crisis that has become an issue on the southern border during the […]

Businesslike and Professional? Taliban Replaces Ministry for Women With Ministry for the Propagation of Virtue and Prevention of Vice

As the new rulers of Afghanistan, the Taliban is causing quite the stir. Serious changes are being made that affect the more vulnerable members of their population. Women are being told to stay in the house, for fear of reprisal. These women are only able to head outside if they have been escorted by a […]

Kamala Harris Continues To Play in Her Crystal Palace as a Southern Invasion Gets Ready To Happen

Joe Biden continues to make staunch enemies of American allies. He has turned his back on European supports and embraced Islamic terrorism, communism, and socialism. He stands in support of the Cuban dictator and has secretly helped Russia finish its major pipeline project. All while shutting down American industry and natural resource mining operations. The […]

This Is Getting More Bizarre by the Day! Legal Immigrants Must Show Proof of Vaccinations, Illegal Migrants Do Not

Biden’s latest vaccination mandate has many moving parts. One of the most crucial aspects of this equation is his willingness to ask immigrants who are applying for a permanent residency to be vaccinated. This all sounds well and good enough but there’s a major catch. The rules do not apply to illegal migrants crossing the […]

Biden’s Connections to Racism Have Deeper Ties Than We Thought

As you well know, Democrats have purported themselves as the party of minorities for some time now, claiming that they alone hold the interests of those formerly and still oppressed close to their hearts. And Joe Biden, as one of the nation’s most well-known Democrats, has undoubtedly tried to assert this as truth. However, it […]

Secret Facebook Program Exempts the Famous from Moderation and Is a ‘Breach of Trust’

Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founder, and CEO of Facebook has a history of insisting that the ground is level at his social media platform. He has stated that his company treats its three billion users equally. But a new Wall Street Journal report indicates something very different. There is a Facebook program known as “X-Check” or […]

Intel Agencies Warn AL-Qaeda Will Be Back in Full Force in a Year

The headline is a bit of an exaggeration but not to the extent that you think. The Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency said that Al-Qaeda could be back up and running within a year or two, tops. At first, two years was the estimate but now they believe that things could unfold in half that […]

Terrorist Teacher Union Still Making Demands Over COVID-19

Teacher Unions think they hold all the cards when it relates to COVID-19. Some of them have made some outlandish demands, while others, such as the Los Angeles teachers union, have crossed the line and have become communists. The pathetic union may be the second largest in the country, but they have a lot to […]

Recall Voter Says She and Other GOP Voters Were Turned Away at Polls…

I don’t think anyone is really all that surprised that voting issues are occurring in California right now during one of the most controversial recall elections the state has seen in years. Neither am I shocked that the problems seem to only be occurring among Republican or right-leaning voters. What I am a bit stunned […]

How Many Americans Did Biden Sentence to Their Deaths by Leaving Them in Afghanistan? Thousands!

Mike Glover is a special operations expert and he works alongside various NGOs (non-governmental organizations). Their objective? They are looking to rescue Americans (and our allies) who are currently trapped in Afghanistan. According to Glover, the NGOs are doing more to rescue the stranded Americans than their own government. The Taliban and the Haqqani network […]

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