SSI Benefits vs COVID-19

SSI Benefits vs COVID-19

( – Over 67 million Americans collect Social Security. With COVID-19 sweeping the globe, one question on many people’s minds is how the pandemic will affect their Social Security benefits. Your financial health is a priority now more than ever, so it’s important to set your mind at ease. The Social Security Administration shared this […]

Saving for the Future: Acorns?

A New Type of Savings Account Changes Everything

( – Even with the best intentions, the day-to-day expenses of mortgage payments, groceries and healthcare can make saving for emergencies or retirement feel nearly impossible. Acorns is a new type of savings account app that could change everything. The idea behind this app and others like it is that their automatic round-up feature can […]

Facebook’s Finest Feature Yet

Facebook's Finest Feature Yet

( – COVID-19 is forcing millions of Americans to shelter in their homes. People over age 65 and those with underlying health problems are particularly vulnerable to the virus’ effects. That leaves groups who are high-risk without a way to get groceries, walk their pets and do other necessary activities. Facebook is stepping in to […]

Lower Car Insurance With These 4 Tips

( – Automobile insurance is a must-have when it comes to responsible car ownership. In most cases, it covers you in the event of an accident, whether you’re to blame or not. However, there’s a good chance that you’re not paying the lowest premium that you could be. Many people don’t take advantage of discounts […]

Americans Show True Colors

Americans Show True Colors

( – The CDC has warned Americans aged 65 and over are especially vulnerable to the coronavirus. The agency’s guidelines recommend they stay home as much as possible, and many are listening. Helpful Americans are now stepping up to help them get the food they need. Volunteers across the country are mobilizing to deliver food […]

Retirement: How Many Years of Annual Income Should Be Saved?

You Should Save at Least ___ Times Your Highest Annual Income for Retirement

Smart Quiz: Retirement: How Many Years of Annual Income Should Be Saved? 20 5 15 10 Answer: 10 ( – Are you on track to live a comfortable life after you retire? Financial experts recommend having at least 10 years of income, based on your annual earnings, saved for retirement. What would you need to […]

Alert! Stimulus NOT at Risk for SSI and SSDI

Alert! Stimulus NOT at Risk for SSI and SSDI

( – When Congress wrote the CARES Act, they made sure Social Security recipients who don’t file taxes would also get COVID-19 stimulus payments. Earlier this week, the IRS decided to make it harder on those Americans and force them to file tax returns. President Donald Trump’s administration set the agency straight on Wednesday. On […]

3 DIY Tips to a More Valuable Home

( – Making changes to the look or functionality of a home is a popular way to increase the value for resale, but it doesn’t always pay off. In fact, there are many costly improvements that don’t increase value enough to make it worth the expense. These home improvement projects are worth your time. While […]

Stimulus Coming Soon

Stimulus Coming Soon

( – Are you looking forward to getting your COVID-19 stimulus check in the mail? It will come in handy to pay past due bills and replenish your bank account, although you may have some lingering concerns regarding how and who will get it. Chief Economic Advisor, Larry Kudlow says the money should arrive in […]

Why Set Up a Trust Before Retirement

Why Set Up a Trust Before Retirement

( – When is a good time to set up a trust? After retirement might seem like the obvious answer, but there are plenty of reasons to set one up earlier than that. Trusts aren’t just about the distribution of assets at the time of the grantor’s, or owner’s, death. The truth is, a trust […]

DOD Announces 1st Coronavirus Death

DOD Announces 1st COVID-19 Death

( – COVID-19 is spreading through the United States at a rapid pace. The deadly illness is infecting people from all socioeconomic and age groups; the US military isn’t immune, but until this week it hadn’t reported any deaths. That’s no longer the case. On March 28, America lost its first soldier to the coronavirus. […]

When Does Refinancing Your Home Make Sense?

When Does Refinancing Your Home Make Sense

( – When a mortgage is refinanced, the lender issues a new loan with different terms to pay off the existing loan. There are a variety of reasons borrowers refinance, from lowering their interest rate to freeing up extra cash for a home renovation. Refinancing isn’t a choice to be made lightly, since doing so […]

Shopping Online? Get Ready for This

Shopping Online? Get Ready for This

( – With half the planet under quarantine from the COVID-19 pandemic, being home is a given for many of us. Stores and restaurants are closed, and there’s not much to do to pass the time. Why not do a little online shopping? You won’t have a problem everywhere, but this bout of social distancing […]

Caution! Debt Collector Scam Revealed

The Best Way to Check Whether a Debt Collector is a Scam Artist is By…?

( – When debt collectors call, it’s important to be sure that they really are who they say they are before handing over money. Legitimate collection companies do contact people by telephone, but scammers posing as debt collectors also use the same strategy to collect on accounts that are closed, paid off, or don’t even […]

The Gambler

The Gambler

( – Kenny Rogers was a legend. His beautiful, soulful voice made people swoon for more than six decades. Sadly, on March 20, 2020, the singer passed away surrounded by his family. Fans all over the world are mourning the loss of a man who was known for so much more than his music. Rogers’ […]

Medicaid Can Go Back _ Years to Seize Assets to Pay for Long Term Care

How Far Back Can Medicaid Go to Seize Assets to Pay for Long Term Care?

Smart Quiz: Medicaid Can Go Back _ Years to Seize Assets to Pay for Long Term Care a. 7 years b. 2 years c. 5 years d. 1 year Answer: 5 years ( – Advances in medicine means people are living longer, but it’s also leading to the need for long term care. Even the […]

Amazon Gouges the Gougers

Amazon Gouges the Gougers

( – Price gouging during emergencies is often an issue. Money reports that it’s common for unscrupulous sellers to take advantage of limited supplies and public panic during hurricanes and other natural disasters. It’s also becoming an issue during the COVID-19 outbreak. Amazon is now taking steps to stop it. The retail giant has a […]

4 Changes That Can Save Money

Think Outside the Box to Spend Less ( – Sometimes what everyone else is doing simply isn’t good enough. For those with serious financial goals to accomplish, saving more money might require thinking outside the box. These are financial tips for those who are already switching to LED, clipping coupons, carpooling to work and making […]

CAUTION: Scammers Prey on Virus Fears

ALERT: Scammers Prey on Virus Fears

( – COVID-19 panic is sweeping across the country, and with good reason. As of March 28, there are more than 104,000 confirmed cases in the United States, including over 1,700 deaths. Many Americans are closely adhering to the CDC guidelines to stay safe. Others, according to ABC News, are volunteering to make masks for […]

What You Can Give Away Without Triggering the Gift Tax

Up to $15,000 Per Person Per Calendar Year (2019-2020) Is Safe From the Gift Tax Many people choose to gift assets to members of their family (or even friends and partners) over the course of their lifetime. Usually, this is part of their financial planning efforts. While it can be a great way to distribute […]

Ford and GE Rescue Medical Industry

Ford and GE Rescue Medical Industry

( – Medical professionals across the country are sounding the alarm about dwindling supplies amid the COVID-19 outbreak. It’s so bad, according to Fox Atlanta, volunteers are making masks for hospitals. CNN reports that some of America’s biggest corporations are also stepping in to help. On March 24, Ford announced it was partnering with GE […]

5 Often Overlooked Tax Exemptions

Which Type of Account Saves Pre-Tax Dollars?

When It Comes to Tax Time, Every Little Bit Helps! When it comes to tax time, everyone wants to get the most out of their return by minimizing what they owe. Most people get some type of refund, depending on their financial circumstances. Claiming all possible deductions ensures the taxpayer’s money is actually working for […]

COVID-19 Stimulus Plan Shocks Experts

COVID-19 Stimulus Plan Shocks Experts

( – COVID-19 is hurting US workers as businesses are shutting down and closing early. Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are proposing bills to help deliver emergency aid to the American people, but the clock is ticking. Financial Services Committee Chairwoman, Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA), has introduced radical new legislation that has some […]

Slow Down Aging With This Exercise

Slow Down Aging With This Exercise

( – Growing older is a natural process and all our bodies will change over time. That being said, the lifestyle choices that are made can speed up or slow down this process. With endless products making claims to their anti-aging powers, it’s hard to know what does and doesn’t work. Before turning to expensive […]

COVID-19 at the Pump: Avoid Contamination

COVID-19 at the Pump: Avoid Contamination

( – Americans are trying really hard to protect themselves from COVID-19. Most of us are staying home more and following CDC guidelines. However, we can’t avoid activities like going to the bank and filling our gas tanks. How do we stay safe at the pump and ATM? We recently told you about a National […]

Is My Backyard Safe?

Is My Backyard Safe?

( – COVID-19 has many Americans wondering what they can do to keep themselves healthy. We’ve been advised to avoid leaving our homes, but does that mean we have to completely isolate ourselves? Can we sit outside on our patios and enjoy the sunshine? Are walks still safe? Social distancing is necessary to keep the […]

Beware This Major Telephone Scam

The Only Time It’s OK To Give Out Personal Financial Information Over The Phone Is When…

( –  Calls from sophisticated scam artists often appear to come from a legitimate bank on Caller ID. The caller might even seem to have access to private financial data, such as banking account numbers, home addresses, employment status, maiden names, or the individual’s date of birth. But that doesn’t mean you should trust them. […]

Will COVID-19 Suffocate Amazon?

Will COVID-19 Suffocate Amazon?

( – Amazon had to close one of its facilities this week after an employee tested positive for COVID-19. The closure comes at a time when the company is more in demand than ever. It’s currently looking for 100,000 workers to fill orders. Is the business going to be able to keep up, or will […]

5 Simple Money Saving Tips

You Can Save Money When...

( – Imagine if you had extra cash left over at the end of the month and all the bills were paid. Even a few extra dollars can seem like a lot if you’ve been struggling to make ends meet. No matter what your financial situation you can decide to start saving money, right now. […]

Italian 3D Printer Heroes Save the Day

Italian 3D Printer Heroes Save the Day

( – COVID-19 is sweeping across Italy. As of March 22, there are more than 53,000 confirmed cases in the country, including over 4,800 deaths. In the midst of disaster, average people are stepping in to save lives. A medical supply shortage in Italy is forcing doctors to choose who lives and dies. Physicians are […]

Raising Your Credit Score After Retirement

Best Way to Raise Your Credit Score After Retirement

( – Life continues changing after retirement. You may need to replace an older vehicle or purchase a new home. Big purchases like these require a healthy credit score. The goods news is that you can continue to boost your score even after retirement. Staying under the limits on credits cards, avoid taking on additional […]

Elon Musk to the Rescue… Again

Elon Musk to the Rescue… Again

( – The US medical supply arsenal needs ventilators to fight the war against COVID-19. President Donald Trump invoked the Defense Production Act on March 18 to speed up production of vital medical supplies, so we don’t face a shortage. Now, billionaire entrepreneur, Elon Musk, is stepping in to help too. The coronavirus is a […]

The Unexpected Benefits of Filing Taxes Early

Filing Your Tax Return as Early as Possible Will Help Protect You From…

( – A lot of people put off filing their taxes until the last minute. Some owe money and need the time to get it together. Others just don’t want to pay the government any earlier than they need to. There is one good reason for filing early that trumps any reason you can think […]

When Will You Get Your Trump Check?

When Will You Get Your Trump Check?

( – The coronavirus is spreading quickly across the US and causing the economy to tank. Businesses are closing, and people are isolating themselves in their homes to help control the virus. As a response, federal lawmakers are finding ways to help the American people. Senator Tom Cotton (R-AK) proposed an interesting idea, and President […]

4 Medical Expenses You Can’t Deduct

( – It’s that time of year again, time to think about filing our taxes. Those who receive a lot of medical care throughout the year will definitely want to consider all the deductions available to reduce how much they owe. There are several expenses that can be claimed on a 1040 schedule A, but […]

ALERT! New COVID-19 Secrets Revealed

ALERT! New COVID-19 Secrets Revealed

( – The deadly novel coronavirus is leaving many people in fear as it rapidly spreads across the United States. A new study revealed COVID-19 is even more contagious than doctors originally thought. The good news is there are simple precautions Americans can take to protect themselves, and we aren’t talking about just washing your […]

What is the Leading Cause of Bankruptcy in the US?

What is the Leading Cause of Bankruptcy in the US?

Smart Quiz: What is the Leading Cause of Bankruptcy in the US? a. Medical Debt b. Fraud and Scams c. Home Foreclosure d. Outliving savings Answer: Medical Debt ( – Bankruptcy filings are usually thought to be caused by irresponsible spending habits and poor life choices. In many cases they are, but in reality, the […]

Heeere’s Johnny! Up Close and Personal

Heeere's Johnny! Up Close and Personal

( – For 30 years, Johnny Carson made millions of Americans laugh before they went to bed. Every weeknight, they’d flip on their television, hear, “Heeeere’s Johnny!” and watch him walk onto “The Tonight Show” stage. He’s as iconic as his nightly monologues and phantom golf swing. Carson went from a 14-year-old magician to a […]

Miami Retirees Could Face Whole New Threat Level

Miami Retirees Could Face Whole New Threat Level

( – Thousands of people disembarked the MSC Meraviglia cruise ship in Miami after a former passenger tested positive for COVID-19. The Miami Herald reports none of them went through medical screening beforehand. The protocol was wildly different from that of a similar case in California. 🚨 “In the case of the Miami ship, MSC […]

Relax, Learn, Escape With 1 Easy Action

This Relaxing Hobby Improves Brain Health

( – When it comes to relaxing, there are many ways to do it. One is to find a hobby that’s enjoyable and helps you reduce stress. Reading fits that description perfectly. It allows an escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life and can be done almost anywhere. In addition, it can stimulate […]

7 Ways You Make Coronavirus Look WEAK

7 Ways You Make Coronavirus Look WEAK

( – Coronavirus fears are at the forefront of people’s minds across the country. It’s important that everyone take the virus seriously and protect themselves. However alarming it may be, consider what you’ve already lived through. You survived secondhand smoke while careening down the road with the windows up and no seatbelts on. Remember when […]

China Taunts US

China Taunts US

( – With the sudden surge of COVID-19 cases in the United States now reaching a pandemic level, the need to stockpile has caused its own set of issues. People are rushing to stockpile necessities like toilet paper, food, and water — often to the point of creating Black Friday style chaos at stores. Now, […]

Hidden Depression Factors to Watch For

Causes of Depression in Seniors

( – Depression is more than just feeling down in the dumps from time to time. It’s a mood disorder that can completely disrupt daily living, creating feelings of despair and uncertainty. Isolation, financial woes and sometimes medication side effects can trigger depression. Many face these feelings daily and may find it difficult to reach […]

Debt Paused: Italy Makes Unprecedented COVID-19 Move

Debt Paused: Italy Makes Unprecedented COVID-19 Move

( – In a last-ditch effort to control the widespread coronavirus, Italy has made an unprecedented move. Not only is the country in full lockdown mode, but its leaders have also paused all mortgage payments. In Italy #CoVid19 threatens many institutions, their banking system seems (to me) to be their most vulnerable.In 2007 US Banks […]

Terrifying! Worst New COVID-19 Secret Exposed

Terrifying! Worst New COVID-19 Secret Exposed

( – The WHO finally announced COVID-19’s official status as a global pandemic on March 10th. But countries all over the world have been feeling the effects of the disease first-hand for weeks — including the US. Citizens in China have been quarantined for over a month in areas like Wuhan and Chongqing. Italy was […]

Hidden Cost at the Gas Pump

Hidden Cost at the Gas Pump

( – On Monday, the stock market fell dramatically, causing the New York Stock Exchange to suspend trading for 15 minutes. One of the reasons to blame for the decline is the price of oil. Last week, The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) did not make a deal with its allies, including Russia. […]

3 Best Ways to Prevent Travel Theft

( – Theft is prevalent in every corner of the world. This is even more true in popular travel destinations, where local criminals are more than happy to take advantage of someone enjoying time away. That’s a topic far too few people consider before heading out on vacation. Yet, the last thing anyone wants to […]

Alert! COVID-19 Shuts Stock Market Down Again

Alert! COVID-19 Shuts Stock Market Down Again

( – By now, the entire world is used to waking up to some new horrific news brought on by COVID-19. Today was no different. The stock market made history again on March 12 by shutting down for the second time in less than a week… and the ninth time in its existence. Axios reports […]

Uber Tips For When You Need a Lyft

Tips for Using Uber and Lyft ( – Ride-sharing is all the rage with many people choosing services such as Uber and Lyft over traditional taxi cabs to save money. These services can be cost-saving and convenient, but with some alarming reports of drunk drivers and even people posing as drivers, riders should practice safety […]

Unsung Heroes May Gain Benefits

Forgotten Vietnam Veterans Act Looks to Expand Benefits

( – A bipartisan group of lawmakers is trying to pass a law to help roughly 3,000 Americans who helped during the Vietnam War but are ineligible for military assistance. During the Vietnam War, thousands of US military advisers helped train and give aid to South Vietnam’s army. These Americans, who were known as the […]

Using an HSA for a Retirement Fund

( – As a savings account that allows for pre-tax contributions, an HSA is a smart way to set money aside for medical expenses. These accounts also allow for growth of contributions without taxing, and when the money is used for qualifying expenses, withdrawals are tax-free. An HSA can be used for more than medical […]

Protect Your Nest Egg Amid Stock Sell Off

Protecting Your Nest Egg Amid Stock Sell Off

( – The stock market had one of its worst openings Monday, since 2008. The volatility of the market has left many people wondering if their retirement funds are safe: The New York Stock Exchange halted stock trading for 15 minutes after the S&P 500 fell 7% on Monday morning. Stocks plummeted as worries about […]

Which Question Can Slash the Grocery Bill?

Which Question Can Single-handedly Slash the Grocery Bill?

Smart Quiz: Which Question Can Slash the Grocery Bill? What is good to eat? What do I want to eat? What do we have to eat What is convenient to eat? Correct Answer: What do we have to eat? ( – Meal planning has proven itself to be one of the best ways for families […]

Stock Market Triggers a “Circuit Breaker”

Stock Market Triggers a “Circuit Breaker”

( – The novel coronavirus and an oil price war are ravaging global financial markets. The effects have been so severe, they triggered a mandatory “circuit breaker” after the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) opened on Monday. The S&P 500 fell 7% to 2,764.21 when the market opened. The sharp decline forced the NYSE to […]

Avoid These Fake Tax Myths

3 Common Tax Myths

( – Tax season is here and the last day to file is less than two months away. Before you file your taxes, you should be aware of some of the most common myths: Filing a tax return is optional No, it’s not. Filing taxes is mandatory if you have taxable income, also known as […]

COVID-19 Update: Emergency Funding for Testing

Coronavirus Update: Emergency Funding for Testing

( – The novel coronavirus is ravaging the world. Congress is now working to get billions of dollars in funding passed to help fight the pandemic. As of March 7, 2020, more than 102,000 people tested positive for the illness and over 3,400 are dead worldwide. In the US, 17 people are dead and new […]

Your 401(k) May Not Be as Big as You Think

Your 401(k) Savings May Not Be as Big as You Think

( – You’ve been diligently adding money to your 401(k) account for years. Recently, you checked your balance and noticed you had $100,000 in retirement savings. Not too shabby for a hardworking employee like you. Unfortunately, that $100,000 may not be as much money as you thought when you translate it into monthly income. Co-chairperson […]

Student Loan Debt Hurting Baby Boomers

Student Loan Debt Hurting Baby Boomers

( – It’s no secret that student loan debt is impacting millions of Americans. However, the fastest growing group with massive amounts of this debt isn’t current college students, it’s people aged 60 and older. Baby Boomers who took loans out to send their kids or themselves to school are trying to figure out how […]

Beware! Avoid These Social Security Traps

Social Security Traps to Avoid

( – Every year, millions of U.S. residents will apply for Social Security benefits. While the process may seem easy, there are some traps that anyone who’s filling out their application should watch out for. Here are issues you should keep in mind if you plan to file: Consider how taxes are going to impact […]

Retiring in a College Town

Best Thing About Retiring in a College Town

( – Thinking about where to live after retirement? If a beachfront condo or cottage in the woods isn’t your cup of tea, maybe it’s time to step out of the box a bit. For those who choose a college town, there are plenty of ways to keep busy while enjoying an active lifestyle. Some […]

COVID-19 Stirs Stock Market Panic

Stock Market Selloff

( – The last week of February was brutal for global markets. As news broke about the spread of the coronavirus, stocks tanked. Unfortunately, panic over the virus doesn’t seem to be letting up. After shareholders frantically sold off stocks, Standard and Poor’s (S&P) 500 had its worst day since August 18, 2011. Nasdaq and […]

Pentagon Gives Disabled Vets Money Away

Pentagon Gives Disabled Vets Money Away

( – Our government has a responsibility to take care of our military veterans when they come home. These men and women have risked their lives for our country, and it’s vital that their transition back to civilian life be as seamless as possible. That’s why it’s infuriating to learn they may have been cheated […]

Protecting Yourself From Coronavirus

Protecting Yourself From Coronavirus

( – The coronavirus is still spreading across the world, and U.S. officials are warning that it’s only a matter of time until it becomes an issue here. Sadly, more than 2,800 people have died as a result of the virus. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is warning that it could […]

Coronavirus Sickens the Stock Market

Coronavirus Sickens the Stock Market

( – The new coronavirus is still making tens of thousands of people sick around the world. Now, it’s causing the stock market to drop as well. Currently, 80,419 people have contracted the deadly virus worldwide. Of those, 2,711 have died, and there’s still no cure. The World Health Organization (WHO) is warning leaders to […]

AMZN Shares Hit $1 Trillion; Bezos Dumps $1.88 Billion in Stocks

AMZN Shares Hit $1 Trillion; Bezos Dumps $1.88 Billion in Stocks

( – The richest man in the world is now even wealthier. Jeff Bezos sold more than a billion dollars in Amazon shares in 2020. The retail giant started selling his shares in the company at the end of January. When all was said and done on February 6, he’d sold 2 million shares worth […]

Coronavirus Exposes Terrifying Medical Supply Monopoly

Coronavirus Exposes Terrifying Medical Supply Monopoly

( – The coronavirus is rapidly spreading throughout China and other parts of the world while leaders try to stop it from becoming a pandemic. The United States may not have a lot of cases, but the virus has exposed a huge problem: a medical supply shortage. The United States relies on China for many […]

Average Salary Rose; Women Still Lag Behind

Average Salary Rose in 2020; Women Still Lag Behind

( – In January, the average hourly wage rose 7 cents to $28.44. Unfortunately, not everyone is pleased with their pay. There are now more women in the U.S. workforce than there are men. Women filled 95% of the jobs created in December 2019. This milestone, which has only happened twice in history, is likely […]

Want to Travel by RV? Renting vs. Buying

( – If you’re planning your next trip and you’ve decided that an RV is the way to go, you might be caught between renting versus buying. Both have their pros and cons, but it’s really up to you. Are you ready to take on the expense and maintenance of RV ownership, or would you […]

Empty Nesters Gaining Unexpected Roommates

Why the Upper Middle Class Still Can't Afford a Home

( – In 2010, 7.1 million American families earning $75,000 or more were renters; by 2018, that number had jumped to 10.2 million. The people we’d typically expect to be first-time homebuyers are paying for homes that will never be theirs. Or worse yet, they are packing up the family and moving back home. Business […]

Assisted Living and the Role Pets Play

Why Are Pets Important in Assisted Living?

( – Moving into an assisted living facility can be a challenging transition for a parent or grandparent that you care about. While there are a lot of perks and plenty of activities to keep busy with, loneliness can also set in. Companionship can be beneficial to someone who is recently widowed or finding themselves […]

These Companies Have the Best Retirement Plans

These Companies Have the Best Retirement Plans

( – Retirement savings plans can be an attractive employment benefit. Companies that offer 401(k) plans to their workers often match up to a certain amount each year. Wall Street Survivor explains exactly what a 401(k) is: Here are some of the best retirement plans currently up for grabs: Amgen employees don’t have to contribute […]

You Won’t Believe What Investors Are Buying Now

Big Investors Are Buying Up Trailer Parks

( – Trailer or mobile home parks are the largest sources of unsubsidized affordable housing in the United States. Unfortunately, they’re becoming more expensive as big investors snatch them up. Why big investors are buying up American trailer parks — Finance News (@ftfinancenews) February 7, 2020 Back in the day, the word “trailer park” […]

Possible Recession? 7 Stocks That May Succeed

7 Stocks to Consider if America Hits a Recession

( – The Great Recession was the worst financial downturn in 75 years. In 2008, the stock market lost nearly 40% of its value, and institutions like Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy. CrashCourse has a great video explaining just how much damage the recession caused: The devastation didn’t affect every company. Here are seven stocks […]

4 Big Threats to Your Financial Security

Four Threats to Your Financial Security

( – Having financial security is a goal for many people. We all want the ability to spend as we want when we want, with no repercussions of having little money left for necessities. For those who already have that security in place, it is best to avoid the threats that could get in the […]

How Americans Benefit From Trump’s Booming Economy

Trump’s Economy Causes Big Bang for Baby Boomers

( – President Donald Trump’s economic gains have been great for many of the American people. A lot of Americans aren’t nearly as concerned with the economy, or even their current financial circumstances, as they were with the past presidential election. Instead, many Americans are doing extremely well as a result of the president’s policies. […]

Have You Overlooked This Big Tax Break?

Tax Breaks Americans Overlook

( – Every year, millions of U.S. residents look forward to their tax refunds. Unfortunately, many of them aren’t receiving all of the money they deserve because they fail to claim their earned income tax credit (EITC). The EITC is a credit available to people who make low to moderate incomes. The IRS explains: The […]

Probate Nightmares Simplified

Probate Nightmares Simplified

( – Nobody wants to think about what’ll happen to their family after they die. It’s vital that they plan for it, though, and spare their loved ones the headaches that result from a messy probate. Here are some steps you can take now to make it easier for your family later: Write a current […]

Is RV Flipping America’s Next Big Moneymaker?

Moneymaker: Flip This!

( – If you want to get into flipping but aren’t ready to invest $100,000 or more into a house, RV flipping might be for you. Recently, a stay-at-home mother of five made news for doing just that. Michigan resident Sarah Lemp says she’s made $22,000 by flipping 10 RVs. Sarah’s not the only one […]

Ways to Make Cash Tutoring People Online

How to Make Quick Cash Tutoring People Online

( – Tutoring people online is a great way to earn cash. Good news is, you don’t need a teaching degree in order to be an online tutor. However, some online tutoring companies do require you to have a bachelor’s degree in the field you wish to work in. Learn more about the different ways […]

FBI Warns Online Shoppers About This New Threat

FBI Warns Online Shoppers About This New Threat

( – The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is warning consumers of a new threat that’s impacting millions: e-skimming. This latest scheme to steal people’s financial and personal information happens during online shopping. Cybercriminals are obtaining the information by breaking into website servers. They either infect a server that services many companies with a virus […]

American Hearts Abused by Scam PACs

Scam PACs Abuse American Hearts for Cold, Hard Cash

( – Every day across the country, companies are taking advantage of people by tricking them into donating money. These scam PACs are pseudo-political action committees that trick donors into thinking their money is going to charitable causes. But these companies donate very little, if any, of the money to where they promise it. For […]

2020’s Most Affordable Cities for Retirees

Relocating in 2020? These 5 Cities Will Save You Money

( – The cost of living is on the rise this year in many places across the country. For instance, it’s 8% more expensive to live in Sarasota, FL, than the rest of the state, and housing is 2% higher than the US average. Statistics like these make it much more difficult for people on […]

Why Downsize for Retirement?

Why Downsize for Retirement?

Enjoy the Retirement of Your Dreams by Thinking Small ( – Attitudes about home size evolve with age according to a 2017 Trulia survey on house size. While many millennials are wishing for more square footage, 36% of Baby Boomers are thinking about downsizing. The idea of a smaller home isn’t just about feeling cozier. […]

This Common Digital Scam Targets Seniors

The Most Common Digital Scam Affecting Seniors Today

Malware Trickery Aims to Take Advantage ( – Scamming seniors into downloading malware is much easier than scamming other age groups. According to researchers, individuals over 65 are 34 percent more likely to be scammed and lose money than people in their 40s. Seniors are often targeted because they are more financially stable, but also […]

More Frustrating News About Social Security

More Frustrating News About Social Security...

( – The 2019 Social Security Trustees Report warns that the program’s trust funds will be depleted in 2035 if we stay on the current path. This could leave many people wondering if the program is going to go broke. Well, there’s good news and bad news. The trusts are becoming insolvent. That’s worrisome because […]

How Often Should You Update End-of-Life Documents?

When Should End of Life Documents Be Updated?

Keep on Top of Changes With Once Yearly Document Reviews ( – Someone wise once said the only thing constant in life is change. This is especially true when it comes to end-of-life documents. Having a living will, durable power of attorney and healthcare proxy in place can feel like a huge relief, but that […]

Customs Seizes Nearly $1 Million in Cash

Nearly $1 Million Bust: You Won’t Believe What They Found

( – US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials say they’ve seized $900,000 in counterfeit $1 bills. The announcement is good news to thousands of people and businesses that could have been harmed if the cargo had made its way into circulation. CBP found the money at the International Falls Port of Entry in Minnesota […]

Which of These is NOT a Credit Bureau?

Which of These is Not a Credit Bureau?

Smart Quiz: Which of These is NOT a Credit Bureau? A) Credit Karma B) Equifax C) Experian D) TransUnion Answer: Credit Karma ( – A lot of people use Credit Karma to track their credit activity, but it is not a credit bureau. Credit Karma is a private site that does offer valuable information and […]

Macy’s Makes Eye-Opening Announcement

Macy's Makes Eye-Opening Announcement

( – Retail giant Macy’s announced massive changes to its company Tuesday as part of a 3-year plan to help with growth and profitability. Chairman and CEO Jeff Gennette released a statement explaining there’s a lot of work to do to “improve the bottom-line.” Here are some of the details: 125 stores will close. 2,000 […]

The Fastest-Growing Source of Personal Debt

Fastest-Growing Source of Personal Debt

( – Personal loans became the fastest growing debt in the United States last year. It grew to $305 billion in the first half of the year, and it outpaced the growth of credit card debt by double. YouTube’s “MoneyCoach” channel explains the intricacies of personal loans: If you’re considering a personal loan, you should […]

5 Ways to Beat High Health Insurance Deductibles

5 Ways to Beat High Health Insurance Deductibles

( – Dealing with resetting health insurance deductibles each year is a concern for many U.S. residents, especially those with high-deductible health plans (HDHPs). A deductible is an amount a person must pay for medical expenses before their insurance takes over. If a plan has a $2,000 deductible, that much must come out of pocket […]

What Is the Average Cost of a Wedding in the US?

What Is the Average Cost of a Wedding in the US?

The Day Can Be Perfect for Less Than the $25k Average ( – One of the biggest things couples focus on after getting engaged is the total cost of the wedding. USA Today reports the average wedding costs well over $25,000. There are several factors that play into the budget and using these innovative ways […]

Helpful Tax Deductions for Seniors

Which Type of Account Saves Pre-Tax Dollars?

The Standard Deduction Is Most Common, But What Else Should You Be Taking Advantage Of? Sometimes seniors miss out on viable tax deductions that might help save them money or increase the value of their annual return. The most common applied deduction is the standard deduction, which nearly doubled for 2019. This year, singles can […]

Trump Administration Economist Blasts Greta Thunberg

Greta Gets Under Economists’ Skin...Again

( – Last month, 16-year-old climate activist, Greta Thunberg, spoke to the World Economic Forum in Davos, and her comments led to some mockery from a Trump administration official. He isn’t the first to mock her, in part because Thunberg enjoys just as many amenities as the rest of the world… amenities that exist because […]

States Move to Keep Healthcare Accessible to Residents

( – Hospitals across the US are struggling for a plethora of reasons, including questionable fees, changes in reimbursement models and decreased populations. Now some states want to save healthcare access for Americans across the country. The North Carolina Rural Health Research Program found that from 2010 to mid-2019, more than 100 hospitals closed. Rural […]

Giving Yourself a Financial Checkup?

( – Every year, millions of Americans set health goals in hopes of living longer, but many fail to make sure their financial health is on the right track as well. Before you get started, it’s important to learn exactly what you need to do to give yourself a financial wellness check-up. The first thing […]

Recession Potential Rising: Protect Yourself

( – The National Association for Business Economics found 74% of economists think we’ll be in a recession by the end of 2021. While it may be just a prediction, you should prepare for it now. The Great Recession obliterated millions of Americans’ life savings and retirement accounts. The US’ IRAs and 401(k)s lost nearly […]

Congress Eyes Slippery Social Security Slope

( – Social Security’s rapid depletion is something lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have failed to address — until now. The Social Security Board of Trustees has said its reserves will be insolvent in 2035 if nothing is done. Now, both Republicans and Democrats would like to pass laws in 2020 to deal […]

Build a Retirement Investment Account With Little Cash

( – Saving for retirement isn’t always easy. There’s good news, though. Today’s newest technology has come to the rescue and made it a lot easier. Unlike the old days when you’d have to go to a bank or a financial adviser, now you can save right from your phone — even if you have […]

Only One Type of Insurance Covers Your Car’s True Value…

Only One Type of Insurance Covers Your Car's True Value…

Smart Quiz: Only One Type of Insurance Covers Your Car’s True Value… A) GAP Insurance B) Liability C) Comprehensive D) Collision Answer: A) GAP Insurance Did you know a new car depreciates in value as soon as you drive it off the lot? The average car immediately loses about 10 percent of its purchase price, […]

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