Iran’s New President Won’t Even Talk to Biden

So, how is President Biden going with global relations? Well, the new president of Iran won’t even speak to him, so there’s that.

Ebrahim Raisi has become the president-elect of Iran after a landslide election earlier in the month. He has asked the U.S. to reenter the Iran Nuclear Deal, yet her won’t meet with Biden to negotiate or to discuss the country’s ballistic missile program.

Raisi is taking a hard stance against the U.S. – and it begs the question of whether Biden is capable of taking an equally hard stance.

Raisi has been vocal about what he believes the U.S. is “obligated” to do, including lifting all oppressive sanctions against Iran. When he’s been asked about the ballistic missile program, he has identified it as “non-negotiable.”

Well, this is a problem. Iran seems to want to have its cake and eat it, too. They want to continue forward with their ballistic missile program and they want to have all of the sanctions lifted against their country.

The U.S. isn’t obligated to do anything. However, the U.S. has sworn to protect many of Iran’s neighboring countries. Having a strong ballistic missile program in Iran is a terrifying concept – and one that the U.S. has to remedy quickly in order to keep the peace.

BREAKING: Iran’s president-elect tells reporters at press conference that he would not be willing to meet U.S. President Joe Biden and calls himself a ‘defender of human rights’ when asked about his involvement in 1988 mass executions.

— The Associated Press (@AP) June 21, 2021

The problem is that Biden isn’t exactly the strong president that we need right now. He’s a coward and his global relations skills are severely lacking. This means that we have to wonder whether Iran’s president-elect is going to end up strong-arming Biden.

If Raisi isn’t going to meet with Biden, it may require the U.S. to speak with actions until Raisi is willing to sit down to negotiate. Clearly, Iran cannot function entirely on its own since Tehran continues to depend on the militant groups of Yemen and Lebanon.

It’s also clear that Raisi won the presidential election because no one seemed to care about the outcome. Iran’s election turnout was 35% — the lowest in its history. Many other opponents in the presidential race were disqualified. Iranians felt that the election was rigged to help Raisi win, so they didn’t feel as though their vote mattered.

Biden cannot allow Raisi to call the shots here. The president-elect has said that U.S. sanction relief is “central to our foreign policy.”

Why should the U.S. do anything to help Iran’s foreign policy, especially when he refuses to take a meeting with our president?

We cannot forget what Raisi has done in the past. He has served as the Judicial chief for years. He has referred to himself as a “defender of human rights” though he was also involved in the 1988 mass executions that led to over 5,000 people being killed. When he served on the commission, he defended those executions.

When asked about what happened in 1988, Raisi does not apologize. He doesn’t even look to defend his actions. Instead, he says, “I am proud of being a defender of human rights and of people’s security and comfort as a prosecutor wherever I was.”

We’re not dealing with a sane, rational leader. Iran has already chosen to insult our president by refusing a meeting and making demands.

Biden isn’t good with confrontation. He also isn’t good with public speaking. So, we have to figure out what he is going to do so that Iran knows that we will not bow to their demands.

Hopefully, Biden doesn’t charge Kamala Harris with dealing with Iran. Otherwise, we’ll watch the problem get ignored until it escalates out of control. After all, Biden doesn’t seem to do anything that will help the country and Harris is simply following suit by doing what she sees the president do.