Is This a Joke? Biden Charges NGOs With Deciding Who Is Allowed to Enter the United States Illegally – What Can Go Wrong?

As Joe Biden looks for ways to reopen the United States-Mexico border after the pandemic brought everything to a screeching halt, lots of ideas have been proposed. Of course, we know that the Democrats do not like good ideas. They would rather undo all of the good that Trump has done.

For example, Trump’s use of Title 42 was a very powerful tool that kept coronavirus from being able to enjoy unmitigated spread. Now that Biden is in office, none of this matters. All he wants to do is own Trump and he does not care how many useful policies that he has to undo.

Biden’s methods have drawn a lot of criticism. That hasn’t stopped him from adding a whole new twist to the proceedings. We already know that Biden has dumped the border mess on Harris’ lap. It’s a win/win for him. He doesn’t have to deal with it anymore and Harris gets a badly needed chance to boost her own political portfolio.

Since the Democrats are planning to hand off the presidency to her in 2024, she needs to have more experience under her belt when it comes to foreign policy. She’s the new border czar and everyone is waiting to see what she can come up with. Has Harris even been down to the southern border since Biden handed off the problem to her? No, she has not and she’s got every excuse in the book as to why she can’t go.

The Wall Street Journal has more about the administration’s lackadaisical nature. The task of handling the flood of illegal immigrants just got delegated even further. Non-governmental organizations, also known as NGOs, are being given the power to decide who can and who cannot seek asylum.

These decisions are going to be made according to their level of vulnerability if they are sent home. Organizations like the ACLU are in the process of working alongside the NGOs as well. Decision-making responsibilities should not be divvied up between organizations like these. Biden needs to man up and do something about this.

The Department of Homeland Security needs to get out in front of these issues. The federal government does not believe in handling their responsibilities any longer and the rest of the nation is going to suffer for it. The Wall Street Journal has more about this supposed “streamlining”:

“The non-governmental organizations have been largely left to rely on their own judgment to decide who should get exceptions to enter the U.S. because they are among the most vulnerable. The American government has said priority should be given to families and those who are vulnerable for reasons such as medical needs, LGBTQ status or having been targeted by criminal groups.

“There’s no question that an exemption process that asks NGOs to rank families by how desperate they are is going to ultimately be arbitrary and depend on who they encounter,” said Lee Gelernt, an immigration attorney at the American Civil Liberties Union.

The exceptions are being made under agreements with the ACLU and numerous aid groups that have sued the government over its border policies.

The Department of Homeland Security said the administration is working to streamline a system for identifying and processing particularly vulnerable individuals.”

Thanks to this new plan, hundreds of immigrants are being admitted into our country every day. Thanks to the changing policies, there is still a great deal of confusion among immigrants as to whether it is their turn to come or not. Trump put the Remain In Mexico policy into place but Biden dismantled it. We’ll leave you with a telling quote:

“There’s not a lot of information,” said Isidro Matamoros Baquedano, 64 years old, a Honduran national who arrived in Tijuana with his nephew a few weeks ago. He heard some people were being allowed to cross the border, he said, but he isn’t sure whom to contact to try to join them. Like many migrants here hoping to enter the U.S., he and his nephew are living in a crowded border plaza filled with tents.”

Team Biden, everyone! They wanted to spite Trump and created an unholy mess instead. Who could have seen that coming? Besides anyone with a pulse….