It’s Good to Be in Power! Newsom Changes Recall Election Date to Make Sure He Can’t Loose

California Governor Gavin Newsom is loving his current position of power, isn’t he? Can you believe that this power-mad governor is now changing the date of his own recall election, in hopes of being able to fix it in his own favor? These are rhetorical questions, to be clear. That does not make them any less concerning to those of us who care about the rule of law.

We have already seen the recall organizers taking the time to gather well over the needed 1.5 million signatures to remove Newsom from office. The California Democrats are not going to give up their lofty perch without a serious fight, though. They voted along party lines to move the recall election up, which significantly benefits Newsom.

It did not take long for the embattled governor to offer up his signature. Republicans are understandably furious about this decision, claiming that he is circumventing the process. That’s exactly what the Democrats do. After they got a taste of stealing an election, they are still power-hungry. Nothing short of getting this recall tossed aside is going to make them happy. The Sacramento Bee has more:

“California lawmakers on Monday passed a bill that will change portions of the state elections code in an effort to benefit Gov. Gavin Newsom in the all-but-certain recall election to be held later this year.

Newsom quickly signed the measure, SB 152, which lets state officials bypass one of the steps of certifying the recall election.

It’s official. Gavin Newsom has changed the timing of his own Recall in an attempt to suppress votes against him. All decent Californians must unite to remove the most corrupt governor in our history.

— Kevin Kiley (@KevinKileyCA) June 29, 2021

Under the previous law, the Department of Finance was to issue a cost estimate, after which the Joint Legislative Budget Committee had 30 days to review and comment on the costs. Both the review by finance and the review by lawmakers were steps put into place less than four years ago by Democratic lawmakers.

The changes could speed up the timeline for a Newsom recall. Once the Secretary of State’s office certifies the recall, Lt. Gov. Eleni Kounalakis is required to schedule the election in no less than 60 days and no more than 80 days. Some Democrats have suggested an earlier recall date will benefit the governor, who is currently riding a wave of approval as California reopens and the state coffers are overflowing with an $80 billion surplus.”

California Republican state lawmaker Kevin Kiley is one of the many members of his party that has had enough of the shenanigans. “It’s official. Gavin Newsom has changed the timing of his own Recall in an attempt to suppress votes against him. All decent Californians must unite to remove the most corrupt governor in our history,” Kiley tweeted.

Out of 55 attempts, this is only the second time that the state has been able to successfully trigger a recall election. California Governor Gray Davis was recalled back in 2003 for the role that he played in the state’s energy crisis, rolling blackouts and massive car registration fees. Newsom was headed for a similar fate until his pals on the left side of the aisle decided to intervene.

It’s sad to see the will of the people being totally disregarded like this. Over a million people want this recall to happen but their opinions do not matter because the Democrats say so. This is the party that prides themselves on being the great uniting force in this country but all of that is a lie. They are the party of delusion and this is the role that they are proud to play.

Newsom should be forced to answer any and all question that the media has to throw at him about this little bit of trickery. We already know that the mainstream media is not going to press the issue in any way, shape or form. Democrat states are turning into dictatorships right before our very eyes but this is what they told us would happen under Trump! The hypocrisy here is off the charts and California residents are not as blind to it as Newsom would like.