Finish Building the Wall…Border Agents Stop Large of Amount of Methamphetamine From Getting Through

Poll: Should Taxpayers Pay for the Wall?

For the sake of our brain-numbed Kool-Aid swallowing Democrats who make every attempt at diminishing the same rights and freedoms enjoyed by those on the right side of everything, the extreme importance for better border security, and the express need for getting that wall finished, will be explained in the simplest of terms in the […]

Biden Begs Amy ‘My Hair Doesn’t Move’ Klobuchar to Get Vetted

In a recent development in the ongoing search for Biden’s running mate, it appears one calendar model contestant has taken a decisive step toward the front of the pack. The presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee, Joe Biden, who once likened his own experience as a contender for the VP bid to a calendar model competition, seems […]

Washington State Inflates COVID-19 Numbers

Washington State has undoubtedly been one of the hardest hit by Coronavirus and the pandemic that has so wholly engulfed not only our nation but the world. From the get-go, it seemed to report both case and death numbers higher than most. And, in fact, it still does. According to the News Tribune of Tacoma, […]

Enough: Let Them Pray! Trump Demands Churches Open or Else!

The President of the United States is supposed to be the voice of the American people. The reason the Dems hate Donald Trump is that he voices what the American people want, not what they want. All across the country, people have been demanding that they are allowed to attend church services. Americans are still […]

OMG! Cannibalistic Rats Top 2020’s List of Horrific Threats

2020 has been anything but a positive, loving year. The threats that continue to come seem to get more horrific. We went into the year thinking that the worst thing could be Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren coming into power. Both of them stepped down only for the world to be confronted by the COVID-19 […]

Oops! The Lying Media Adds Homicide Victims to List of Coronavirus Deaths

The media has been looking for ways to scare people into submission. After all, we’re not allowed to go on with our lives because of the coronavirus, right? What started out as a seemingly thoughtful way to honor those who died as a result of the coronavirus quickly turned out to be the media doing […]

Justice Doesn’t Exist In Michigan

A judge has thrown out a case where citizens of Michigan are going up against the Governor to stop her from being a tyrant. The judge ruled in the Governor’s favor over the people. What are people to do if justice fails in preserving peoples’ rights? Nothing makes any sense when it comes to Democrats. […]

Trump Promises to End Nightmare Obamacare Law

President Trump has done marvelous wonders during time as President. Nothing has stood in his way to getting things done as he has worked tirelessly through everything Democrats have put in his way. One of the greatest things he could do for America is to erase the Obama legacy from America by putting a complete […]

GOP Pushes In Favor Of No Lawsuits Against Businesses for COVID-19

In today’s society, people love to sue one another and sue businesses. They make it their way of life, and no one is really safe from getting sued especially businesses. With the outbreak of COVID-19, America and the world have faced enough problems without the worry of getting sued while trying to get the economy […]

Tlaib Demands Palestine Get Help Instead of Americans

With the coronavirus pandemic going on, the United States and the world as been brought to its knees. Everywhere people are getting sick, enduring lockdown procedures, and experiencing financial turmoil. We only have to look out our front door to see that the world has been forced to change. To help fight these changes and […]

Reasearcher About To Find a Breakthrough In COVID-19 Shot Dead

The outbreak of COVID-19 has brought nothing but sickness, death, controversy, skepticism, and even conspiracy. Since we learned of the outbreak in China, we seemed to have come full circle from the events which took place from the Chinese citizens standing up to the communist Chinese government. We are now seeing these same scenarios worldwide, […]

Nazism Taking Hold in Kansas City

The liberals and Democrats will take any edge they can get to control and manipulate what people can do freely in the United States. The nasty coronavirus has provided them with an ample supply of those chances to change and control people as they see fit. Quinton Lucas is a Democratic Mayor in Kansas City […]

Is This the Beginning of the End for the Ilhan Omar Saga?

She has been intimately linked with and is often seen as a mouthpiece for the infamously dubbed Squad. And she has also been like that unwanted fly at your picnic in the park for those on the right and the left side of the aisle. Now, and not soon enough for some, it looks like […]

The Science Behind UV Light and ‘Disinfectant’ Touted by Trump

Most people who have been following the coronavirus pandemic know the story by now. At one of the president’s coronavirus briefings, a scientist described how UV light and disinfectant is used to sterilize surfaces, especially in hospitals, to kill the virus and thus stop it from infecting more people. President Trump, thinking out loud, wondered […]

NASA Concerned: People Defying Orders and On the Way There!

When NASA announced that the first launch of American astronauts from American soil since the last flight of the space shuttle would occur on May 27, NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine had a message for people who would like to watch the liftoff, according to The Verge. “At the end of May, NASA astronauts are slated […]

Ironic: Mexico is Now Deporting Illegals to Slow Infection Rate

The issue of immigration has not been forgotten. It has been overshadowed by the coronavirus. President Trump closed the borders to keep the virus from moving between countries. He has also pushed for immigration to deport all the illegals back to their homelands, so they do not bring the virus into America. Those decisions were […]

Video: Doctor Goes to Jail for Fraudulently Treating COVID-19 Patients

There just seems to be no end to devilish people that seek to fraud others or scam them into paying money for a fake cure to the coronavirus. At the start of the virus, there were people like pathetic Jimmy Bakker who tried to push that he had the cure to the virus. And now […]

Trump Allies Highlight New Claim in Biden’s Sexual Assault Allegations

It is a funny thing how the mainstream media only reports what benefits Democrats and leaves out the entire truth when it comes to something to help people make a decision on their own. If it hurts the President or Republicans, they are on top of the story with their own spin to it. Former […]

Pelosi Uses the Bible to Justify Prisoner Release

As our nation continues to determine the best way to handle the many problems the coronavirus pandemic has brought, Congress is working on another stimulus or virus relief package. But just what will be included in it is unsure at this point. One of the many topics being discussed is the possible early or temporary […]

Look Who Voted Against New Coronavirus Bailout Bill; She’s a Total Idiot

The House has somewhat belatedly passed the latest coronavirus bailout bill. According to Newsweek the $464 billion bill will refill the paycheck protection fund, left empty thanks to the obstruction of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The bill will also provide some money for hospitals to provide for protective gear, testing materials, and other expenses. The […]

Coronavirus Prisoner Release Went Very Wrong…One Dead

Without a doubt, the coronavirus outbreak has forced many Americans to make decisions we never thought we would have to. Moms and Dads have to decide whether going to work to make money or taking vacation days will be better for their young ones. Small and large business owners are choosing whether to send their […]

Islamic Group that Supports Terrorism Just Endorsed Biden

As former Vice President Joe Biden is now the Democrats’ only chance at ousting Trump in November, celebrities, super PACS, and organization from just about everywhere seem to be announcing their endorsement of the man. But one those more recent endorsements might not be such a good thing for the Biden campaign. On the outside, […]

Have You Heard About China’s Bat Woman? We Have an Update!

The liberal run media seems to forget a lot of truthful details about important stories. They like to forget the things that do not support their dangerous push of socialism in America. If there are no facts to back up the story they are trying to invent, they simply try and pass off pictures of […]

CA Nurses are Refusing to Treat Those Sick with COVID-19

Medical professionals are highly concerned about becoming infected with the virus so much that some nurses in California are refusing to treat patients until they have the right gear to stay healthy. The one piece of equipment that they are lacking is the N95 masks. These masks do more than make someone look cool, they […]

Look Who’s Next Up to Audition for Biden’s Vice-Presidential Running Mate

Fox News is reporting that Sen Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn was the latest possible vice-presidential running mate to appear on Joe Biden’s podcast “Here’s the Deal.” Klobuchar was, at once time, a candidate for president but is now firmly in Biden’s corner. “Klobuchar – a former Democratic presidential nomination rival who dropped out of the race and endorsed […]

A Proposal Has Been Floated to Close Grocery Stores

Depending on which state you reside in, going to the grocery store may be the highlight of your week. Buying food is one of the few outside activities we’re permitted as we shelter in place, trying to “bend the curve” of new infections. Some day we may be let out to do more things, especially […]

Cuomo Can’t Stand the Fact That Trump Was Right Again

There was a time when Andrew Cuomo banned the use of antimalarial drugs and other medications from his state. He was in full disagreement with what the president was suggesting at the time could be a potential aid in fighting the coronavirus. Cuomo stands against President Trump on just about everything that the president does. […]

AOC: Let’s Talk About Biden’s #MeToo Problem

One of the most delightful qualities of Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-New York) is that she can irritate her nominal own side almost as much as she does the rest of America. A case in point concerns the accusations levied against former Vice President Joe Biden by a former staffer named Tara Reade. Reade claimed that […]

India Listens to Trump, Falls in Line to Let Malaria Drugs into Country

So many different people have banned the anti-malarial drugs from their borders in ignorance. President Trump repeatedly said that there appears to be hope with the use of hydroxychloroquine. Many studies are coming out and proving his statements to be true. President Trump has had to go after those leaders and people that refuse the […]

Bernie Backs Biden but AOC Gets Ignored – How Dare They!

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez may be redefining the word “narcissist” with every breath she takes! In an awkward but eventually expected non-event, Bernie Sanders finally made an official endorsement of the now presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee, Joe Biden. Well, it was a non-event for most of us, but it appears AOC has taken personal offense to the […]

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