There is No Limit to the Level of Lunacy That San Francisco is Willing to Accept

California’s school districts continue to defy all logic and rationale as they refuse to reopen schools and try to rename their schools to remove all traces of lighter-skinned people from their ranks. The events of decades ago are repeating themselves in society today. Except this time around, the lighter-skinned people are being targeted by Democrats […]

Expectant Mother’s Rejoice After Dads Required to Financially Support Pregnancy in Utah

The Democrats love their ability to tell women that it is just fine to murder their unborn child. The liberal teachings on life have poisoned millions into believing that life begins after the baby is born. But science teaches that life begins at conception, and there is nothing that can change that fact. There is […]

Biden’s Vow to Fix the Southern Border Crises Was a Campaign Lie…It’s Out-of-Control And Kids Are Paying the Price

As a presidential candidate, Joe Biden received great pleasure in wagging his arthritic finger in Donald Trump’s face over his handling of our nations’ ever-increasing border crisis. With all of the labored breath he could muster, Biden claimed this to be his top priority if elected. But as more and more unaccompanied migrant children are […]

Graham Allen Reveals Facebook’s Most Aggressive Anti-Free Speech Move Yet

Facebook appears to be doing a complete purge of all things, Trump, after removing the voice and likeness of the former President Donald Trump in what is one of his first public comments earlier in the week, according to The Washington Examiner. Trump was interviewed by his daughter-in-law Lara Trump who asked the former president about […]

Democrats Paying Illegals to Come North Only Fuels the Fire

Joe Biden may think that he can save the country, but that only means destruction in the real world. He has singlehandedly put people out of business, raised taxes, killed energy independence, muffled mouths, favored corruption, emboldened enemies, and invited illegals to stay forever. And that is just in his first 100 days in office. […]

Dems Self Destruct on Gun Control

Increased gun control and legislation that backs it has been in the works for the far left for just about as long as firearms have existed. The matter never really seems to go away, even after more restrictive laws are put in place. And of course, with Democrats holding the majority in both the Senate […]

What? In Plea for More Mask Mandates Biden Says We Can’t Afford “More Desks”

Joe Biden is one of those people that misses the obvious as it stares him in the face. The science behind COVID-19 clearly shows a tapering off of the virus and that there is no need for any further aggressive measures to contain or combat the sickness. But listening to and watching Biden react to […]

Worst Nightmares: Biden Wants Us Tagged and Tracked

The vaccine passport has been somewhat of a threat for a while now. It would allow for a high level of tracking. Many people see it as a way for the government to track us – and that’s why there are so many people saying that they have no desire to get vaccinated. Oh, but […]

Call for Section 230 Reform Comes from Most Unlikely Source

Big tech is a platform that has long been protected by Section 230. The regulation’s sole purpose is to keep them from being held accountable by content posted by users. They could easily be seen as a publishing company that would be accountable for the content. But Section 230 nullifies all of the regulations that […]

Illegal Drugs, Prostitution, and Defecating in Public Are Only a Few of the Fun Things You Can Now Legally Do in Baltimore

If you’re prone to enjoying the illegal side of life you may want to consider relocating to Baltimore. City officials have reversed their “tough on crime” stance in favor of rationalizing with criminals in efforts to permanently change their behavior. They believe that too many minorities are being tossed in the pokey instead of receiving […]

Biden Tells Harris to Deal with the Migrant Crisis…Because He Can’t

The migrant crisis may be the single most important issue going on in our country right now. And, our president cannot be bothered to deal with it. We’re supposed to have faith that Joe Biden can be the president. We’re supposed to have confidence that he is capable of doing the job. Yet, he just […]

AOC Throws Support Behind Candidate Who Would “Rather Eat $h*t Than Vote Biden”

What does it say when you compare voting for Biden to eating a bowl of $h*t? Well, when it means that you’re in the same party and he’s now you’re president, you should get used to eating big bowls of it every day. Nina Turner is a former Ohio state representative who served as co-chair […]

Krispy Kreme Kicks off Discrimination: Only Sweet to the Vaccinated

Discrimination comes in all shapes and sizes. As Americans, we’ve seen it over race, gender, political affiliation, and all sorts of other ways in which someone can be grouped that might give another person the advantage. However, in what so many are calling the “new normal” there’s also a “new” stigma, the one where those […]

Trump Believes Harris Is Only One Psychiatric Exam From Replacing Biden…It Was Always the Plan

Joe Biden clung tightly to the railing as he tripped while walking up the steps to Air Force One. No big deal. Right? Gerald Ford did it all the time. But Ford was a clumsy oaf. Biden isn’t and former President Donald Trump thinks there may be more to this picture than what meets the […]

CNN Viewership Falls without Trump in WH to Report On

Do you remember when it was first announced that Donald Trump would run for president of the United States? It was nothing less than surprising, to say the least. Nearly overnight, the nation went from wondering who would replace Barack Obama in the White House to only worrying about how close or far that position […]

The Democrats’ Unequal Act Sets Women Back 100 Years, Establishes Transgender Supremacy and Enslaves America

It’s radical religious bigotry, plain and simple. The Equality Act, known as the bill H.R. 5, is in fact one of the most UNEQUAL pieces of legislation ever to slither out of the Washington D.C. swamp. The Equality Act is, in fact, so hateful, regressive, and anti-American it is a wonder how any of the […]

Chicago to Purge City of 41 “Problematic” Statues

If you travel and stay for very long in any of America’s more prominent and typically Democratic-held cities, I’m willing to bet you’ll notice a rather frightening trend. Crime is everywhere and rising. And thanks to the liberal movement of ‘defund the police,’ which, while losing some of its popularity, is still very much work, […]

Trump Suggests Herschel Walker Take Warnock’s Senate Seat

As you well know, the 2020 presidential election was the most controversial this country has seen for quite a while, with many still contesting the results. But its controversy was nearly outdone by Georgia’s runoff election for the Senate in January. Georgia is typically a Republican-held state, and in 2016, it showed with former President […]

Gingrich Explains Why It’s Harris and Not Biden Running the White House

The Democrats keep denying that there’s anything wrong with Joe Biden. However, he’s not exactly instilling a high level of confidence in Americans right now. He’s quiet. Even after a primetime speech, there are still too many questions. The address that Biden gave the nation was the best that the White House could do to […]

Texas Representative Encourages Texans to Defy Abbott’s Orders

Many Texans were relieved to hear that Gov. Gregg Abbott was aware enough to finally lift the mask mandate that has infringed on Americans’ rights for almost a year. An announcement was made about the mandate being lifted on Texas Independence day, almost one year to the day after the first lockdown went into place. […]

Biden Tries to Tell America What We “Can and Cannot” Do in First National Address

If you are anything like me, you’ve noticed that our new president, Joe Biden, has been relatively absent for his first nearly two months in office. I understand that he has an entire department of staff to do all his talking for him and give the media their time. However, it is rather strange that […]

Crooked? Terrorist Black Lives Matter is Guilty of Racketeering, Extortion

Black Lives Matter (BLM) has grown from a racist, domestic terrorism organization into a corrupt, racist violent criminal enterprise with terrorist paramilitaries engaged in America’s biggest racketeering scam. We must immediately enforce U.S. government Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) laws established in 1970 to combat mob crime to hold Black Lives Matter accountable […]

LA Teachers Union FB Group Reminds Members Not to Take Pics on Vacation

It’s that time of year. The days are getting longer, the sun a little warmer, and the grass is starting to green up again. Spring is just around the corner, and for many families, it means a long-awaited trip to somewhere even warmer for spring break. At least that’s the way it used to be. […]

Biden Voter: Bombs for Syria Are Kind of Expensive for a Guy Who Owes Me $2000

Like most presidential candidates Joe Biden made lots and lots of promises. However, since he took the White House nearly 50 days ago, he’s done little to keep those. And it is causing some significant problems within his party. Take the word of Ben Calvert, a 27-year-old Democrat from Minnesota, for example. Calvert interviewed with CNN last […]

Republican Forces Senate Democrats to Do a Part of Their Job They Hate and CNN Is Irate

In an unprecedented move by Republicans in the Senate, senators were forced to read a bill before voting to pass it. That’s right Americans, half of you should be irate that your elected representatives have been voting on content they haven’t read, and the other half can be incensed that Republicans are forcing your precious Democrats to […]

Arizona Sheriff Says Biden’s Allowed High-Speed Human Smuggling Roads in America

For those at America’s southern border with Mexico, things have always been a little bit problematic. Migrants, legal or otherwise, have been crossing the border for just about as long as anyone can remember, searching for a better life for themselves and their families. But over the years, as America has become an international leader […]

Judge Intervention Forces Psaki to Reveal Truth Behind Biden and Iran

The Democrats believe that they are in a position to do whatever they want without having to answer for their devious ways. But groups such as the ACLJ and the Judicial Watch are one step ahead of the liberals. They deliberately keep track of what Biden and his communist partner Harris are pushing around by […]

Californians Neglected as Nursing Homes Caught Cycling Patients for COVID Cash

Gavin Newsom is California’s version of Andrew Cuomo. The only difference between the two is that Newsom has not been caught plotting the murders of elderly people. But the way Newsom runs the state of California leaves a lot to be desired. And some of the policies regarding COVID-19 certainly have not helped the integrity […]

45 Law Enforcement Officers Shot in 2 Months…

2020 was a pretty rough year, pretty much for everyone and everything. And we all chalked it up to just that… a lousy year. We couldn’t wait for it to be over and to get on with our lives, forgetting about the pain and misery left in the wake of the new decade. But so […]

Newsom Snubs COVID Rules and Eats at Restricted Restaurant Once Again

Californians are joyful as their favorite hated governor continues to give them reasons to call for his removal from office. Newsom’s 1.8 million fan base has all signed the petition to have him recalled on the grounds that he is the worst governor the state has ever seen in its long history of statehood. Newsom […]

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