Florida Man Arrested After Phone Tips Off Cops That He’s In Business Ceiling

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Zastolskiy Victor / shutterstock.comA Florida man, sought by authorities, was apprehended on Saturday after inadvertently revealing his hiding spot in a business ceiling through the sound of his ringing phone, according to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office. Joshua Garrett, 38, faces charges of resisting arrest and felony criminal mischief following the incident. Deputies were initially called to a […]

VA Finally Adds Three More Cancers to Presumptive List, Offering Hope to Veterans

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Militarist / shutterstock.comThe Department of Veterans Affairs has announced the inclusion of male breast cancer, urethral cancer, and cancer of the paraurethral glands in its list of conditions presumed to be linked to military service for conflicts post-1990. This inclusion is aimed at expediting the disability benefits process for affected veterans. This update is part of the […]

Social Media: Love It or Hate It?

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13_Phunkod / shutterstock.comDo you think social media is a necessity in today’s world or is it damaging to society? Take a quick poll now: Can’t see the poll? Click HERE.

Ugg Goes Full Pride and Faces Boycott as a Result

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EQRoy / shutterstock.comUGG Footwear, a popular bootmaker, is currently facing backlash and calls for a boycott due to its recent collaboration with transgender activist Alok Vaid-Menon for a Pride collection and campaign. The collaboration, which was reported by Newsweek, features Vaid-Menon, who prefers the pronouns “They/Them,” in the launch of UGG’s URSeen line of merchandise this June. […]

Fake Job Listings Are Wasting Your Time: It’s the New Epidemic

shutterstock.comDo you plan on applying for a job this century? Beware of a new, disturbingly absurd trend sweeping the American job market: nearly half of all online job postings are completely bogus. This delightful tactic, charmingly dubbed “ghost posting,” involves companies advertising positions they have zero intention of filling. Recent research reveals this shameless practice […]

Weed Industry Collapsing in Colorado as Sales Plummet $700M

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Creativan / shutterstock.comNot even the weed industry can survive in Joe Biden’s Build Back Better economy. Colorado reports that the recreational pot industry is in freefall, with sales revenues plummeting by $700 million per year. The industry raked in $2.2 billion the last year that Donald Trump was in office. In 2023, revenue was down to $1.5 […]

Kennedy Campaign Asserts Eligibility for Over 270 Electoral College Votes

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Maxim Elramsisy / shutterstock.comGuess who’s playing the ‘electoral vote’ game? None other than Robert F. Kennedy Jr.! His campaign bragged on Friday about meeting the minimum requirements to be a contender for those coveted 270 electoral votes in November. Running as an Independent, Kennedy’s been busy gathering autographs in 19 states, already securing a spot on nine ballots. […]

Black Lives or Black Wallets Matter? Disgraced Leader’s Family Cashes In

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AlessandroBiascioli / shutterstock.comBlack Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors might have resigned in 2021. However, the damage she did to the charity is still evident today. It’s like a bad hangover that won’t go away. Under her leadership, the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation splurged on luxury mansions and handed out fat contracts to her friends and […]

Big Changes Coming: YouTube’s Stricter Rules on Gun Content Explained

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photosince / shutterstock.comYouTube is finally updating its firearm video policy to prevent potentially dangerous content from reaching underage users. The platform, owned by Google, announced that it will ban videos demonstrating how to remove firearm safety devices. Moreover, videos showcasing the creation of homemade firearms, demonstrations involving automatic weapons, and presentations featuring certain accessories like silencers, will […]

Crack and Guns: Hunter Biden’s Exes Reveal the Truth

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Only_NewPhoto / shutterstock.comHunter Biden’s federal gun trial took a dramatic turn on June 5, with prosecutors dragging his ex-wife and ex-girlfriend into the courtroom to testify about his crack cocaine addiction. That’s right, folks, the President’s son is in hot water, and the details are jaw-dropping. Prosecutors are pulling no punches, diving into Mr. Biden’s hefty cash […]