Party of Science? Surprise! Blue State Mayors Rush to Open Restaurants Only Hours After Biden’s Inauguration

Muriel Bowser is the mayor of Washington, D.C. and she has a lot to say at the moment. The same mayors that were all doom and gloom before are now full of sunshine and rainbows. Can you believe that they are now going to be willing to open up local restaurants for indoor dining? It’s […]

Conservatives Uncover the True Meaning Behind Biden’s Inaugural Address

Conservatives nationwide were frustrated by the contents of President Joe Biden’s inaugural speech, which they considered to be a politically correct misdirection of Americans’ attention away from the Biden administration’s true goals. In his speech, Biden spoke of “a rise of political extremism, white supremacy, domestic terrorism that we must confront, and we will defeat.” […]

Liberal Say What? Insane New Made-Up Words the Left is Now Using

Do you speak “Woke?” For those not familiar with “woke speak,” no one blames you. It’s better that you don’t know. The Left’s “One Weird Trick” is that it doesn’t even have to make sense so long as it distracts you. The cultural Marxism of “woke speak” represents an attempt by the Radical Left to […]

Wait Pelosi, If Guns Are Bad, Why Are You Asking for Machine Guns?

Guns are bad. If you ask Nancy Pelosi and any other left-wing politician in Capitol Hill, guns are bad. AR-15s, M16s, and the list goes on. Anything that can fire more than one shot in rapid succession needs to be banned. Yet, that didn’t stop Pelosi from asking for machine guns on Inauguration Day. She […]

Democratic Representative Fears the Military is Anti-Biden

When you don’t trust the military, you have bigger problems. When you suspect that the entire U.S. military is against the new president, perhaps that president isn’t the beloved man that you think that he is. Representative Steven Cohen, a Democrat from Tennessee, is the epitome of what’s wrong with the Democratic Party. While Biden […]

Think It’s Better Elsewhere? Think Again

The Democrats want to make it sound like the United States is the only one struggling. Only we’re the ones that are so far behind when it comes to gender issues, systemic racism, and everything else. Do we have our downfalls as a country? Absolutely. However, we’re not the only ones struggling. In the European […]

Tech is Fleeing the Bay Area, Pelosi Must Be So Proud

U.S. Representatives are voted in by the residents of specific districts. More populated states are able to send more Representatives to Capitol Hill because of there being more districts. Therefore, every Representative must have an allegiance to their district first and foremost. Ahh, how quickly the Democrats forget that little tidbit. They’re supposed to be […]

California’s Left-Wing Governor Is on the Run As Recall Heats Up

Left-wing Governor Gavin Newsom of California is sweating it — and on the run. California’s Democrats are suddenly starting to take Gov. Gavin Newsom’s recall effort seriously. The COVID-19 lockdowns have sparked a mass movement against the governor as small businesses and jobs are getting crushed. People are furious. The trends pointing to California’s crack […]

We’ve Ruined Earth, Let’s Move to Mars

Earth isn’t looking too good. There’s a virus that’s circulating the globe and killing millions. There are wars erupting on every continent. The ozone is depleted and we’re dealing with global warming. And here in the United States, we can’t even agree that there’s no systemic racism. Can we just start over on a new […]

Twitter Cries Foul After Some Internet Providers Block Them in Retaliation

Twitter is getting a taste of its own medicine as at least two regions ban Twitter from reaching their people after political censorship swept the nation. According to a local news report, one Idaho internet provider has decided to block both Facebook and Twitter. KTVB reported that Your T1 WIFI, which provides internet services to […]

Illegal Immigrants? Not During the Biden-Harris Administration

The word “illegal” doesn’t seem to take on the same definition when it comes to the liberals. The United States has strict rules when it comes to immigration. If you fail to follow those rules, you break the law. Therefore, you are doing something illegally. Most people, when they do something illegally, are punished. That’s […]

Biden Gets the Second Dose of COVID Vaccine but Stands in the Way of Others

There’s a reason that things are done the way they are – to prepare for the unexpected. However, president-elect Joe Biden has decided that he wants to be dumb and greedy. He’s gotten his second dose of the COVID vaccine. However, he’s taken away the possibility of many others being able to get their second […]

ACLU Makes Shocking Push for Trump Amid Big Tech Censorship

President Donald Trump has found an unlikely ally in The American Civil Liberties Union who has spoken out against the censorship of the president on various digitally-based platforms. The president was locked out of several social media and interaction platforms, including Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Spotify. Some of the bans are permanent (like […]

Michelle Obama ‘Goes High’ by Goading Big Tech Into Further Discrimination Against Trump

Former first lady Michelle Obama is known to lauds the moral integrity of the party that advocates for abortion, illegal immigration, and the passing of weapons to terrorists. She’s held up as an icon of a movement that spread hatred and racism within the United States borders. All of which she did with perfectly toned […]

Misinformation? Watch Who Really Broke the Capitol’s Windows (Video)

While the mainstream media narratives are quite different today, there are videos that prove what really took place at the Capitol yesterday. The stories about packs of conservatives overwhelming the police are simply not the truth and we have the video to prove it. They stopped one of the many Antifa thugs who happened to […]

The Democrat’s Purge Is Starting! Progressives Campaign to Force Breyer to Retire

This is the sort of story that brings a certain phrase. Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it! Biden has managed to gain a narrow Senate majority, so the progressives are already dreaming about all of the spoils that they can enjoy. They are also scarred by late Justice Ruth […]

Over 26,000 Buffalo Bills Fans Sign Petition to Keep Cuomo From Attending the Teams Playoff Game

You know America is in trouble when politics enters into the sport of football, but thanks to the NFL’s left-leaning activism, it has. But fans of New York’s team, the Buffalo Bills, have had enough of the nonsense. In a recent petition signed by over 26,000 fans, they have asked the team to ban New […]

AOC Doesn’t Want to Say Goodbye to Trump, She Wants to Impeach Him

Donald Trump will stop being the President of the United States in less than 30 days. The Democrats won. Joe Biden will be the new president and Kamala Harris will be the new vice president. Within the next few weeks, there’s a lot of work to be done in Congress. Issues need to be discussed, […]

China and WHO Threaten That the Worst is Yet to Come

The world is being lied to by communist China and the World Health Organization. Both of these corrupt groups laughed and cheered as the China virus spread around the world. Both of these groups lied about the virus to the extent that it was blatantly obvious. But now that the COVID-19 virus is set to […]

CA Restaurant Owner Goes Off on Health Inspector After Being Fined

With a second wave of COVID running rampant through the country, several states have gone even deeper under their liberal leaders’ control. At the top of the list is, of course, California. Here Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom has had the state in some form of lockdown or another since March, forcing businesses of all sorts […]

Biden Once Again Confirms Kamala Will Be Running the Show – Maybe Sooner Than Anyone Guessed

In a not unexpected (and potentially Freudian) slip, former Vice President Joe Biden referred to his running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris as the “president-elect,” a title that has been bequeathed to Biden himself, pending election confirmation. According to Breitbart News, Biden made the verbal flub on Tuesday during planned remarks on the coronavirus pandemic in […]

CNN, Among Others, Just Admitted They’ll Go Soft on Biden…”He’s Not the Cash Cow Trump Is.”

American journalists are sad to see the Trump era coming to a close. It’s been kind of fun for them to turn grains of sand into mountains by cleverly twisting and turning actual facts into conspiracy-laden fantasies. Joe Biden is going to be way too boring. Unlike the Obama administration, Trump has rolled with the […]

ATF Backpedals on Issuing “Guidance” on Special AR-15s

As you well know, the left-leaning in our government has been trying to implement more gun control and less American freedoms since before we can remember. One of the more prominent ways of doing this is the continued push to outlaw what they have labeled as ‘assault weapons.’ However, as these firearms are essentially just […]

Jon Ossoff is Depending on Limousine Liberals to Win

Why is it that someone running for a Senate seat in Georgia is receiving countless donations from people in New York and California? They don’t get to vote in Georgia, so why do they care so much? Jon Ossoff is setting records for raising more funds than any other candidate in U.S. Senate election history. […]

How Many Guns Did America Buy This Year?

As usual in a presidential election year, gun sales throughout the US were up this year. However, never have we seen numbers like this before. According to an anti-gun sales watchdog group known as The Trace, Americans bought an estimated and rather whopping 21 million guns this year. Compared to last year, this is a […]

China Gunning for Weak Biden Presidency

Biden is weak – and China knows it. The Chinese communists in Beijing are anxious for President Trump to leave office on January 20th so that they can get back to the business of plundering America and fleecing the world while career flunkies in Washington, DC, turn a blind eye and count their Renminbi-denominated Chinese investments. […]

What Could Possibly Go Wrong? NYC Private School Issues Anti-Racism Manifesto

The Dalton School, a pricey private academy on the very posh upper East Side of Manhattan, has decided to make a very costly decision. There is no shortage of rich and famous alumni at this institution, either. They count Christian Slater and Anderson Cooper among their past students. Those who are able to place their […]

Demon Loving Democrats in Hot Water With Support Base for Being Hypocrites

The hypocrisy of the self-proclaimed liberal gods hangs around their necks like a millstone. Californians are suffering worse because of the insanity of Gavin Newsom. His defiant attitude and failure to listen to the Golden State citizens are leading him down a path of destruction. COVID-19 has allowed the Democratic, progressive, a way of hurting […]

Naval Forces from Taiwan and the U.S. Team Up to Show China They Aren’t Playing

Nobody is playing games when it comes to China and Taiwan. China has been eyeballing the island nation as a piece of land that should fall under its auspices and they’ve had little to no problem letting it be known. Tensions in the South China Sea relaxed a tad when the U.S. Navy and Taiwan’s […]

Former Cuban Political Prisoner Warns America About Socialist Takeover…It Starts Quietly

Socialism is slowly creeping into America. Those who have never lived under a socialist rule or have never taken the time to investigate its horrid history are all in favor of getting everything for free. But here’s a guy they need to listen to who’s trying to set the confused liberals straight. Luis Zuniga did […]

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