Bernie Ally Crushed In UK Election

Bernie Ally Crushed In UK Election

Polling in the British general election ended at 10 pm UK time Thursday, Dec. 13th, and exit polls indicated a landslide victory for the center-right Conservative Party. That’s a huge relief for the majority who voted to leave the EU in 2016 but have seen their democratic decision blocked by liberal MPs since then. However, […]

Warren Desperately Changes Tactics as Poll Numbers Fade

Warren Desperately Changes Tactics As Poll Numbers Fade

Among the still-crowded field of Democrats who want to be president, Elizabeth Warren has always looked like one of the few who had a realistic chance of winning the nomination. That might be changing though as polls show her popularity fading drastically. Warren seems to realize her campaign is in trouble because over the last […]

AOC Blasted Over Fake News

AOC Blasted Over Food Stamp Fake News

Yet again, volatile congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has opened her big mouth and fallen right in. The fiery politician launched a furious Twitter attack on reforms to the food stamp program, claiming that the new rules could have starved her own family if they’d been introduced earlier. Sadly for her, it looks like she didn’t […]

Pelosi Downplays Impeachment at Town Hall

Pelosi Downplays Impeachment at Town Hall

Just hours after rallying the leftist troops with a punchy pro-impeachment rant at a press conference, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) seemed to have lost a lot of her enthusiasm for the process she just pushed on to its next stage. Pressed to talk about the attempt to unseat our elected president, she repeatedly tried […]

Sparks Fly at NATO Summit

Sparks Fly at NATO Summit

This week’s NATO summit in England was always going to be a tense affair after the French president called the defense alliance “brain dead” last month. However, while Macron and his allies could have made an effort to calm things down, they seem determined to keep pouring gas on the flames. President Trump has an […]

Internet Blames Racism for Predominantly White Cast of Candidates

Is the Democratic Party Racist?

On Tuesday, Dec. 3rd, Kamala Harris became the latest candidate to drop out of the Democratic Party’s race for the presidency. Should that be a big surprise to anyone? No — half a dozen other candidates have already quit and Harris’s poll numbers have been fading for a while now. Her campaign was publicly falling […]

Trump Signs Pro-Hong Kong Bills in Rebuke of China

Trump Signs Pro-Hong Kong Bills in Rebuke of China

Just when relations with China seemed to be settling down, the communist regime decided to launch an anti-democracy crackdown on Hong Kong. Now the administration is responding. On Wednesday, President Trump signed two bills that will show Beijing the US is displeased and, maybe, reduce the communists’ ability to use force on pro-democracy crowds. Highlights […]

3 SEAL Inquiries Dropped In Gallagher Case

3 SEAL Inquiries Dropped In Gallagher Case

The fallout from the Eddie Gallagher case continues to spread, as the acting Secretary of the Navy ordered senior officers to shut down review boards looking into three more elite Navy SEAL’s officers. The three men were all in Gallagher’s chain of command and have been accused (but not convicted) of covering up his alleged […]

Impeachment Witness Faces Assault Claims

Impeachment Witness Faces Assault Claims

Ambassador to the EU Gordon Sondland has become the key witness in the ongoing impeachment saga, despite admitting that he has no real knowledge of any alleged wrongdoing by President Trump. Now, in a new twist to the story, he’s also denying knowledge of any alleged wrongdoing by himself — but three women are saying […]

Biden’s Latina Advisor Quits — Here’s Why

Biden's Latina Advisor Quits -- Here's Why

Joe Biden’s outreach efforts took a knock this week when his most senior Latina advisor quit his campaign team following disagreements about immigration policy. Biden is trying to be a mainstream candidate who can appeal to actual voters, so he’s avoided the open border immigration policies most of his competitors are pushing. That might go […]

Trump Averts Shutdown Again

Trump Averts Shutdown Again

For the second year in a row, President Trump has had to prevent a government shutdown in the run-up to the holiday season. The Democrats are still trying to stop funding for the border wall, and they seem happy to wreck the whole government to achieve that. Now, in a ridiculous replay of last year, […]

Gabbard Pays The Price For Opposing Hillary

Dem Debate - Gabbard Pays The Price For Opposing Hillary

The fifth Democratic Party debate took place last week, and the temperature was clearly rising as the presidential hopefuls struggled to make their mark. The fight for the party’s nomination is getting nasty, and it’s looking especially bad for Tulsi Gabbard. The Hawaii representative was bold enough to stand up to Hillary Clinton, and now […]

Could Narrow Republican Victories Signal Trouble in 2020?

Could Narrow Republican Victories Signal Trouble in 2020?

When politicians and political commentators talk about swing states during election seasons, they rarely mention any as being in the South. Historically speaking, much of the South has been a consistent Conservative/Republican stronghold. However, some believe that Georgia has become an influential swing state for 2020 and that it will ultimately turn blue for the […]

Jerusalem Embassy Issues Travel Warning for US Citizens

Jerusalem Embassy Issues Travel Warning for US

American citizens have been warned against traveling to Jerusalem, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, following a change in US policy over Israeli settlements. Up to now, the US has agreed with the rest of the world that the settlements are illegal. On Monday, Mike Pompeo softened that position, and the Palestinians aren’t happy […]

Administration Official Sues Politico, Targets Schiff

Administration Official Sues Politico, Targets Schiff

A senior White House official is suing a political opinion website over its coverage of the impeachment circus. Kash Patel wants over $25 million in damages from Politico for false accusations the site has made against him — but it isn’t just about the money. On the surface, this suit is about libel committed by […]

Fed Chair Warns — Dems Ideas Are Bigger Than Our Wallets

Fed Chair Warns — Dems Ideas Are Bigger Than Our Wallets

The race for the Democrat nomination is getting lively, and candidates are falling over themselves to make big-ticket spending pledges. Whether it’s socialized health care costing trillions, or a revamped “Green New Deal” costing trillions more, no program is too expensive for the left-wing presidential wannabes. There’s only one problem: The Federal Reserve says we […]

Judge Sparks First Amendment Fight Over 3D Printed Guns

Judge Sparks First Amendment Fight Over 3D Printed Guns

Lawmakers often struggle coming to grips with new technology, and that problem is rapidly getting worse. The pace of technological change now means that a new product can affect areas that seem totally unrelated, especially when easy, fast information sharing comes into the picture. One of the most controversial issues right now is 3D printing, […]

Berkeley Instructor’s Unhinged Rant

Berkeley Instructor's Unhinged Rant

We all know that liberal colleges have a low opinion of the average American, but it’s not often they reveal the true depths of their contempt as openly as one instructor did last week. Venting his loathing of his fellow countrymen on Twitter, the Berkeley philosopher left no doubt at all that he thinks he’s […]

Leftist Protesters Show Disrespect at Rally

Leftist Protesters Show Disrespect at Rally

Is nothing sacred to the modern Left? Is there no occasion when respect will overcome their hyper-partisan dislike of President Trump? After a disgraceful display at Monday’s Veterans Day event in New York City, it looks like the answer is a loud, clear “No” — the Left will stop at nothing to harass and insult […]

Whistleblower Attorney “Called For Coup”

Whistleblower Attorney "Called For Coup"

The campaign to impeach President Trump is desperately raking up every scrap of evidence it can find, but right now it mostly hinges on the testimony of a “whistleblower.” This person allegedly has second-hand knowledge of something the president might have said in a phone call the “whistleblower” didn’t actually hear. Their credibility seems pretty […]

Gabbard Breaks Ranks

Gabbard Breaks Ranks

Tulsi Gabbard, the Hawaii congresswoman and outside contender for next year’s Democrat nomination, is already a controversial figure on the American left. Solidly on the moderate, centrist wing of the Democratic Party, she’s been smeared as a “Russian asset” by Hillary Clinton. Now she’s gone all out to alienate the party’s far left-wing by disowning […]

Tucson Rejects “Sanctuary” Law

Tucson Rejects "Sanctuary" Law

President Trump has been working hard to protect Americans from the threat of illegal immigration — but it seems like some people would rather be in danger than compromise their liberal dogma on open borders. Even as the administration asks the Supreme Court to strike down California’s so-called “sanctuary” laws, Arizona Liberals are trying to […]

Ambassador to EU “Revises” Statement to Impeachment Panel

Ambassador to EU "Revises" Statement to Impeachment Panel

The American Ambassador to the European Union has “revised” his testimony to Congress, after he decided he “now recalls” discussing a quid pro quo with a Ukrainian official. Gordon Sondland had previously told an impeachment hearing that he didn’t have any knowledge about this central point of the whole process. Aren’t we lucky his memory […]

Warren Says “Do As I Say, Not As I Do”

Warren Says "Do As I Say, Not As I Do"

Elizabeth Warren is way out on the left of the Democratic Party, competing for extremist votes with socialist relic Bernie Sanders. She’s doing that by looking for government-run, coercive solutions to every problem she can think of, and now she has education in her sights. Warren wants to take away school choice from parents, and […]

Leftist Decriminalization Leads to Theft Rings — Police Powerless

Leftist Decriminalization Leads to Theft Rings — Police Powerless

Back in 2014, California’s voters had the chance to decide on Proposition 47, the Safe Neighborhood and Schools Act. Billed as sentencing reform, what it really did was give the green light to a tidal wave of theft and criminality. The Democrats who supported the proposition say it’s been a great success, reducing the state […]

Trump Asks Supreme Court to Ditch California “Sanctuary” Laws

Trump Asks Supreme Court to Ditch California "Sanctuary" Laws

It was California liberals who passed the first so-called “Sanctuary” laws in 1985 when San Francisco banned the use of city funds to assist federal immigration enforcement. Since then, the idea has spread to over 560 jurisdictions in the US, and thousands of criminals have been able to evade deportation and commit a string of […]

MSNBC Anchor Called Out on Political Bias

MSNBC Anchor Called Out on Political Bias

Congressman Matt Gaetz struck a blow against liberal media bias Thursday, telling MSNBC host Hallie Jackson “I have to fact check you in real-time.” Jackson was attempting to grill the Florida representative about the ongoing impeachment farce when Gaetz turned the tables on her, demolishing her arguments and pointing out that she wasn’t just speculating […]

GOP Congressmen Blast Latest Schiff U-Turn

GOP Congressmen Blast Latest Schiff U-Turn

The impeachment campaign against President Trump continues to eat news cycles, but it’s becoming more like bad fiction every day. Right now the big question is whether or not the CIA whistleblower, who claims the president tried to make a quid pro quo with Ukraine, will appear in live hearings or not. Chief impeachment nut […]

Best Replies To Gun Control Nuts

Best Replies to Offer Gun Control Nuts

Gun control nuts – we all know at least one. You try to argue with them rationally, make them see the light…but it just doesn’t work! When all else fails, the snark in your voice can start rising to the top, and who can blame you? If you’re lost for a response, try something from […]

Texas Jury Overrules Father, Says Mother Can Transition Son to Female – But Judge Disagrees

Texas Jury Overrules Father, Says Mother Can Transition Son to Female - But Judge Disagrees

A jury in Dallas has argued that the mother of a seven-year-old boy can begin social and medical treatments to “transition” him into a “girl” — a process which will chemically castrate him — despite his father’s objections. The boy’s parents, who are divorced, disagree on whether or not the boy is even transgender at […]

Hillary Claims “Unhinged” Says Stein

Hillary Claims "Unhinged" Says Stein

Infighting on the American left has now spread beyond the Democratic Party, as Green Party veteran Jill Stein blasted Hillary Clinton this week. Stein, a former Democrat herself, was labeled a “Russian asset” last week along with presidential wannabe Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI). To nobody’s surprise, Stein wasn’t amused at this, and she’s publicly hitting back. […]

Trump Rewards Central American Countries

Trump Rewards Central American Countries

President Trump was elected on a range of promises to the American people, with controlling our borders being one of his headline policies. In fact, that’s the one that’s dominated his first term, mainly because of the endless funding battles over the border wall. However, the wall isn’t the only tool in the president’s security […]

Gabbard Blasts CNN, NYT For Questioning Her Loyalty

Gabbard Blasts CNN, NYT For Questioning Her Loyalty

The infighting on the American left took another crazed twist last week when it emerged that staff at the notoriously liberal CNN had criticized a Democrat presidential wannabe. According to an unnamed CNN employee, people at the network called Tulsi Gabbard a “traitor” — because she agrees with the Trump administration’s policy on Syria. It […]

Secret Video Exposes CNN Bias

Secret Video Exposes CNN Bias

CNN is one of America’s largest and most powerful news networks — and also its most controversial. For years, people have complained about CNN’s blatant liberal bias. The network says it’s not biased — it’s just presenting the news, and if the truth is left-wing, well, Conservatives are going to have to live with that. […]

Republicans Win Big at Dem Debate

Republicans Win Big at Dem Debate

The Democrats are continuing the endless process of cutting down their huge field of presidential candidates, with Tuesday’s debate being the latest attempt to identify someone capable of running against President Trump. The contenders are certainly putting a lot of effort into making themselves look electable — but the big winners from Tuesday night weren’t […]

Trump Hits Back Against Deep State

Trump Hits Back Against Deep State

President Trump was elected on the back of his promise to “drain the swamp,” and last week he took another step towards getting that done. New executive orders will curb the power of federal bureaucrats to interpret the law in their own favor and increase the rights of citizens to challenge government overreach. Highlights Ever […]

Two ISIS Murderers in US Military Custody

Two ISIS Murderers In US Military Custody

Two notorious Islamic State killers, suspected of helping to murder US journalist James Foley, are now in the custody of American soldiers after the Kurdish militia who had been holding them retreated from Turkish forces. The two former UK citizens were part of a terrorist gang known as “the Beatles” because of their British accents. […]

Almost a Million Border Arrests in FY 2019

Almost a Million Border Arrests in FY 2019

Democrats continue trying to frustrate the president’s plans on border security. Presidential candidate Julian Castro personally lead a group of migrants across the border last week and everyone else in the party lined up to explain how they’d make it easier to get into the US and stay here. They insist there’s no migration crisis […]

Warren Stands Firm on Fake Firing Claim

Warren Stands Firm on Fake Firing Claim

Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), who’s currently neck and neck with Joe Biden for the Democrat presidential nomination, is making a big deal out of the fact she got sacked for being pregnant back in 1971. It’s a powerful story about sex discrimination in the workplace — or at least it would be if it was true. […]

[UPDATE]Virginia Cop Suspended for Detaining Illegal Reinstated

Virginia Cop Suspended for Detaining Illegal

[UPDATE 10/8] The police officer involved has been reinstated to full active duty after a positive recommendation from the department’s internal affairs division. We have one of the best police forces in the U.S. and I have confidence that our officer will represent us well throughout his career. Our internal administrative investigation continues as prescribed […]

Tlaib Hits Cops With Bizarre Racist Hiring Request

Tlaib Hits Cops With Bizarre Racist Hiring Request

Socialist congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) visited the Detroit police department recently — but what should have been a chance to learn about how cops do their job turned into a surreal experience as the rookie radical issued a series of absurd demands that left the chief of police baffled and frustrated. Tlaib demanded a racist […]

UK Chaos Shows Dangers Of Politicized Courts

UK Chaos Shows Dangers Of Politicized Courts

The United Kingdom, America’s closest ally and one of the oldest and most stable democracies in the world, has been thrown into chaos because left-wing politicians and activist judges refuse to accept the verdict of the voters. In scenes chillingly similar to the obsession with impeaching President Trump, the courts have left Prime Minister Boris […]

Dem Donors Spooked By Warren

Dem Donors Spooked By Warren

Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), the Massachusetts senator best known for claiming Native American ancestry she doesn’t actually have, has now caught up with former front runner Joe Biden in the race for the Democrat presidential nomination. That’s being welcomed by her “progressive” supporters on the far left — but Democrat donors don’t seem so happy about […]

California Adds Iowa To Travel Ban

California Adds Iowa To Travel Ban

Democrats got very upset about President Trump’s travel ban, which in fact only applied to a handful of countries where terrorism is rampant. It seems like it’s not the actual idea of travel bans they hate, though — they just don’t like using them against potential extremists. When it comes to using them against US […]

Dem Congressman Warns Against Impeachment

Dem Congressman Warns Against Impeachment

The big news right now is the latest attempt to unseat President Trump through legal, instead of democratic, processes. With many Democrats hell-bent on impeachment — even if there’s no reason to impeach — the tension within the American Left is ratcheting up fast. Speaker Nancy Pelosi resisted impeachment proceedings for a while before caving […]

Dems Push On With Latest Impeachment Farce

Dems Push On With Latest Impeachment Farce

Whatever you think of the Democrats’ determination to unseat President Trump by impeachment, instead of just winning an election or something like normal people, you have to give them credit for perseverance. The latest attempt to kick out our elected president is stumbling through the House right now, even though some of its loudest advocates […]

Trump Ukraine Transcript Released

Trump Ukraine Transcript Released

As President Trump promised, the transcript of his telephone call with Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky has now been released — and impeachment-crazed Democrats were eager to scan every word for evidence. Unfortunately for them, it doesn’t exactly support their narrative that Trump tried to bribe or pressure Zelensky into digging up dirt. Highlights Democrats were […]

Child Molester Caught By Border Patrol

Child Molester Caught By Border Patrol

An illegal immigrant with a history of sex offenses against children has been arrested by US Border Patrol officers in a bid to sneak back into this country. While left-wing extremists keep demanding we open our borders to anyone who wants to come in, federal officers are facing a tidal wave of illegals — many […]

Beto Wants Credit Card Block on Gun Sales

Beto Wants Credit Card Block On Gun Sales

Fresh from announcing that he wants to force Americans to turn in all their “assault weapons” to the government, Democrat presidential wannabe Beto O’Rourke has come up with a new way to violate the Second Amendment. Now he wants to force credit card companies to block transactions involving “assault weapons.” Highlights Speaking before the Democrat […]

Bolton Out as National Security Advisor

Bolton Out as National Security Advisor

National Security Advisor John Bolton has been fired by President Trump after the two “disagreed strongly” about many foreign policy issues. Bolton was the third person to hold the office under Trump and he faced some major challenges in the job. Now the search is on for someone to get foreign policy in top shape […]

AOC Does a 180 on Public Votes

AOC Does a 180 on Public Votes

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is pushing hard for the impeachment of President Trump, even though she admits it’s not going to happen. Why is she so keen to waste government time when this country has so many problems that need to be fixed? Well, it’s because she wants to get Republicans “on the record” about […]

Trump Blasts California Dems Over Homeless Camps, Promises Action

Trump Blasts California Dems Over Homeless Camps, Promises Action

Democrats want to let more people into the US — but they’re doing a pretty bad job of finding homes for the ones who are already here. California, Dem-controlled and famously pro-illegal immigration, is dotted with homeless camps and shantytowns. There are roads in Los Angeles where shelters made of garbage stretch for miles. State […]

AOC Funds Antifa Thugs

Outspoken New York congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has a reputation for supporting people most Americans wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole — but now it looks like she’s outdone herself by helping raise funds for a violent far-left group that’s carried out a string of attacks across the country over the last few years. If […]

Beto O’Rourke Admits He’s Planning a Gun Grab

One of the cardinal rules of gun control in the US is “don’t admit you plan to take away everyone’s guns.” It seems like somebody forgot to tell Democrat presidential hopeful Beto O’Rourke this, though, because he’s just admitted that this is exactly what he plans to do. Obviously, O’Rourke figures this is a vote […]

America’s Dunkirk – the 9/11 Boatlift

September 11, 2001, will go down in history as a day of infamy on the level of Pearl Harbor — a sneak attack against America by a ruthless, brutal enemy. That day has left a bitter legacy of destruction, grief and vengeance that’s still tearing lives apart 18 years later. What it also did, though, […]

Wall Funding Finally Being Released

Since taking office, President Trump has been fighting to carry out one of his flagship campaign pledges — to secure our border from illegal immigrants by building a wall. Unfortunately, Democrats in Congress have spent the last two years fighting what amounts to a guerrilla war to stop him from doing it. Trump’s political opponents […]

US Border Agents Join Bahamas Rescue Effort

Tropical weather patterns regularly cause havoc in the US, as Hurricane Dorian has shown us all — but their impact is even worse in the Caribbean. Dorian was a Category 5 storm when it swept over the Bahamas on Monday, and it wreaked massive devastation on the island nation. Luckily, the US has been able […]

Ilhan Omar “Spent Campaign Funds On Lover”

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has built a combative reputation for herself as part of the so-called “squad” centered on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY). Loud, radical and ostentatiously Muslim, Omar portrays herself as an honest friend of ordinary workers. Now, however, a complaint to the Federal Election Commission (FEC) claims she pilfered her campaign funds to pay […]

“Wads Of Cash” Seized at Union Chief’s Home in FBI Raid

The leadership of the United Automobile Workers union seems to have forgotten their duty to the proletariat, as an FBI raid discovered large quantities of cash in the home of the union’s president. A series of raids hit a number of senior union officials — and there’s speculation they were part of an investigation into […]

MD Sanctuary County Slammed by Immigration Experts

The chief executive of a Maryland county at the center of a growing immigrant rape scandal has defended his position — and provoked a devastating volley of criticism from immigration experts. The beleaguered county leader says his staff is following the law when they release illegal migrants to keep them out of the hands of […]

AOC Thinks Frozen Diseases Will Kill Us All

The last time AOC ventured into environmental politics she came up with the Green New Deal, a crypto-socialist “development” plan so extreme even most of her own party backed away from it. Now she’s had another idea on how she can leverage the climate to push socialist policies on us. This time she’s raising the […]

Trump Considering Executive Order to End Anchor Baby Status

The US recognizes a lot of rights that other countries have taken from their citizens, and that’s one of the things — maybe the main thing — that makes this country great. However, there are some rights that can be exploited and used against us. Right now the US is facing a crisis at our […]

Bernie Clashes With Union Over Healthcare Bargaining

Veteran socialist crackpot Bernie Sanders has some radical ideas about how to “improve” health care in the US, and he’s been frightening most Americans with them for years. Now he’s developed those ideas to the point where he’s even frightening his traditional allies on the Left — which might not be the best move if […]

Federal Prisons Chief Removed In Epstein Reaction

The acting director of the Bureau of Prisons has been removed from his post by the Attorney General just days after controversial financier Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his cell. There are serious questions about how Epstein was handled while in custody and a lot of pressure to find and punish whoever made the […]

MD “Sanctuary” County Releases ANOTHER Rapist Illegal

A Maryland county that blocks federal officials from detaining illegal immigrants charged two fugitives with raping a minor last week — but they’re refusing to learn any lessons from that. Days after the El Salvadorans were indicted for repeatedly violating an 11-year-old girl, ICE asked county authorities to detain another one of their countrymen who’d […]

Muslim Journalist Silenced on Twitter Over Omar Row

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), claims to be the authentic voice of America’s Muslims. In reality, she only wants to talk to Muslims who agree with her. When an Iraqi-born journalist asked for an interview, Omar clammed up — Twitter stepped in to help her ignore the challenge in the worst way possible. Highlights Dalia Al-Aquidi […]

AOC Has Only 10 Donors From Her Own District

Loudmouth freshman congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is the darling of the Left-Wing media. What she doesn’t seem to be is the darling of her own constituents. The Federal Electoral Commission (FEC) has just released details of who’s donated to her re-election campaign. So, who’s involved? Well, not the people she’s supposed to be representing. Highlights […]

Two Illegals Charged With Raping Child

Democrats continue to resist any policy that would secure our borders properly. Many of us are asking exactly how the Left will protect us against foreign criminals, to no avail. The Left remains silent. Meanwhile, Maryland prosecutors are charging two men with the repeated rape of a minor. Unsurprisingly, the accused men had no right […]

Dissent at NYT Over “Left-Wing Resistance”

It’s fair to say the political right has a problem with the mainstream media right now. Establishment journalists have been undergoing a collective mental meltdown since the 2016 election results came in. They’ve spent the last three years spewing anti-Trump fake news all over the newspapers and airwaves. Of course, conservatives are sick of it. […]

Splits Appear in AOC Team

Just when it needs to be united to stand any chance of beating President Trump in next year’s election, the Democratic Party has decided to tear itself apart. With most of its presidential candidates tracking hard to the left, and outspoken new congresswomen attacking the remaining moderates, there’s a civil war underway inside the American […]

Jim Jordan: “Hold Collusion Investigators Accountable”

The inquiry into alleged collusion with Russia has dragged on pretty much since President Trump was elected, and it’s cost the American taxpayers millions of dollars. Now, thanks to the Mueller hearings, it’s obvious the whole mess was a waste of time and money — a left-wing fairy tale based on dubious sources and unreliable […]

Controversial Movie Cancelled After Public Outrage

Liberals like to blame conservatives, with our old-fashioned attachment to the US Constitution, for the mass shootings that plague our society. While we certainly do need to find out why some people go on lethal rampages against their fellow Americans, the Left probably won’t like the results. You see, some of them are far too […]

Victim of False Accusations Found Dead In Suspected Suicide

A man falsely accused of killing a 7-year-old black girl has been found dead in a Montgomery County jail, the victim of an apparent suicide. Robert Cantrell, 49, was targeted late last year by so-called anti-racism activist Shaun King, who’s known as Talcum X for his radical black activism and remarkably pale skin. King’s claims […]

Breaking News: Epstein Dead in Apparent Suicide

[BREAKING NEWS] Shots Fired in D.C.

Accused sex-trafficker, Jeffery Epstein has died as a result of an apparent suicide by hanging. He was found unresponsive around 6:30 am on Saturday, August 10th hanging in his Manhattan jail cell. He was taken to a nearby hospital where he died from his injuries. It’s believed he attempted suicide in July as well and […]

ALERT: Biden Accidentally Exposes His Racist Beliefs

Remember when Kamala Harris called out Joe Biden during the DNC debates about his support of bussing policies? Harris went easy on him afterward by stating “I don’t think you’re racist” in an attempt to keep the discussion civil. A good move at the time, but she may have been too generous. Biden’s latest slip […]

Somali “Refugees” Arrested For Supporting ISIS

Two fake refugees have been arrested in Arizona on suspicion of terrorism offenses, the Department of Justice announced on July 29th. The two Somali nationals came to the US claiming their lives were in danger if they stayed in their own country, and were given sanctuary in the finest American tradition — but their real […]

Second Dem Debate Signals Swerve to the Left

The most recent Democratic Party debate was a dramatic public escalation of the party’s split between traditional centrists and the new, radical wing that’s gaining power fast — and, maybe, making the Dems unelectable. In what’s being billed as “the moderate’s last stand,” several candidates took aim at the far-left policies being pushed by big […]

Trump Condemns White Supremacists, Left Keeps Ranting

President Trump delivered a crushing condemnation of white supremacists Monday, continuing his long-standing opposition to racism and prejudice. In a powerful rallying cry, he asked all Americans to stand together in condemnation of racists, like the El Paso shooter who apparently targeted Mexicans during his murderous rampage. Of course, this wasn’t good enough for the […]

AOC Incites Riots

Renegade congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D, NY) gave the green light to anyone who wants to create mayhem when she told a New York radio station that many people in the US and worldwide have “no choice” except to riot. The inflammatory comments grew from a discussion of that favorite left-wing grievance, Palestine, but the fiery […]

Boris Johnson Becomes UK Leader

After three years of chaos and weak leadership, the British government was abruptly transformed last week by the appointment of Boris Johnson as the new Conservative Party leader and prime minister. After the drab technocracy of Theresa May, Johnson is a much livelier and more colorful figure — but how is this going to affect […]

Senator Joni Ernst: “Border Crisis Is Very Real”

There’s been plenty of bad publicity falling out of the recent “fact-finding” visit to our southern border by a group of Democrat politicians. Any facts they might have found were lost in a sea of staged photos and ridiculous comparisons to Nazi Germany, mostly by perpetual motormouth Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY). Luckily a group of grown-up […]

Police Shooting Racism Myth Busted

It’s a standard left-wing trope that American police officers are a mob of trigger-happy racists, always looking for a chance to gun down any non-white people they find. How often have you heard someone say “black men have reasons to be scared of our police?” Well, next time you hear a comment like that you […]

Lindsey Graham Defends Trump in Blast at AOC

There’s been a political storm recently after President Trump criticized New York congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and the small hard-left group that surrounds her. AOC herself has been one of the loudest critics — no surprise; she’s usually the loudest. Now a Republican senator has stood up beside the president and defended his comments about […]

New Crackdown on Abuse of Asylum Claims

The right to claim asylum is a vital one. It’s what lets political dissidents escape from totalitarian regimes, religious minorities find a safe haven free from persecution and victims of organized crime in lawless countries flee to somewhere they’ll be protected by the law. The US was built by people fleeing persecution; we know all […]

Mueller Walks Back Trump Bombshell

The Mueller saga descended even deeper into farce on Wednesday, July 24th, when the former special counsel dealt another blow to Democrat impeachment hopes. In the first session of his testimony, Mueller slipped up under questioning and apparently handed a live grenade to the president’s enemies. However, when he returned for the second session he […]

NYPD Union Tells Cops “Rally Around ICE”

The “sanctuary city” issue is a huge insult to any American who believes in the rule of law, but it’s one of the hills the Left has chosen to fight for, and that fight is getting ugly. Democrat mayors and elected police officials have tried to force city cops to stop enforcing the law. Now, […]

Obama Aide Warns Dems On Abortion

The Democratic Party’s slide into extremism seems to be speeding up, and even many senior Dems are now openly worried about the direction things are going. Presidential candidates seem to be chasing the votes of hardline activists and forgetting that it’s the American people who actually decide elections. Now, a former aide to ex-president Obama […]

Flag Burner Arrested Outside White House

A serial flag burner was arrested outside the White House on the Fourth of July after destroying two US flags. The hardcore communist committed the act of vandalism while yelling about “a world without America,” which suggests some ignorance of basic geography. Anyway, it’s hard to decide if the culprit burns flags as a political […]

Antifa Fails to Spark New DC Violence

Far-left crime gang Antifa made another appearance in Washington, DC, on Saturday, July 6 — but thanks to active policing, they weren’t able to carry out their trademark rioting and mass destruction of property. Instead, the mob, who had planned to disrupt a free speech rally, were reduced to radical poetry and political artwork. Funnily […]

“Mini AOC” Forced Offline by Leftist Death Threats

An eight-year-old girl who became an online sensation with her hilarious spoofs of a leftist congresswoman has been forced to disappear from the internet — after the “woke,” caring Left furiously turned on her family. The girl’s stepfather sent a tweet to say she won’t be making any more videos because the family is worried […]

Melania Steals the Show at Fourth of July Parade

Most of the nation’s leading political figures — and plenty other assorted celebrities — were on display at this year’s Fourth of July spectacular. The Salute to America parade was a true spectacle that could redefine how we celebrate our independence, although there’s been a lot of discussion about which elements are too spectacular or […]

AOC “Threatened Border Officers”

The media has been full of outrage stories over the last few days, following a visit to a border detention center by a group of leftist politicians — including notorious noise generator Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), who can always be relied on to start a controversy where none existed before. Since her trip to the border, […]

Liberals Blame Victim of Antifa Violence

A gay Asian journalist was attacked by a violent mob last weekend, so you’d expect the liberal media to be in an uproar about the climate of hate created by President Trump. Well, you’d be wrong. In fact, the Democratic Party is holding an uncomfortable silence about the atrocity, while many liberals have taken to […]

El Salvador President — “We’re To Blame For Drowned Migrants”

Recently, a photo of a father and daughter who drowned in the Rio Grande caused outrage among the American left. A series of hysterical tweets and media comments blamed President Trump for the deaths, as liberals tried to generate momentum for an open borders policy. Twitter loudmouths, shrieking activists and Democrat presidential candidates have all […]

Buttigieg Staffer Wants Urine Thrown at GOP Congressman

A left-wing activist who’s allegedly going to work for Democrat presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg has called for urine to be thrown over a Republican congressman. The message, which was posted on Facebook, is the latest example of left-wing political bullying that started with terror groups like Antifa but is quickly becoming mainstream. Highlights In early […]

Dems Still Blocking Border Security

Democrats keep complaining about the situation on our southern border — but they won’t let the administration take the steps needed to solve the problem. Like it or not, if thousands of people are crossing our borders illegally we need to detain them, but the Left is endlessly complaining that detention centers exist. For example, […]

Trump: Appointing Sessions Was “Biggest Mistake”

Who says President Trump never admits a mistake? In an interview recently, Trump said the biggest mistake of his presidency so far was appointing Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. Sessions’ lackluster performance as AG contributed to the Russia collusion farce and slowed progress on securing US borders. The president said that, if he could go […]

Holocaust Survivors Blast AOC

Bigmouth New York congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) can always be relied on for provocative, anti-American statements, but she outdid herself last week when she compared detention facilities for illegal immigrants to Nazi concentration camps. Her outrageous comments sparked the predictable backlash from Republicans. Now two survivors of real concentration camps have joined the discussion — […]

Weekend News Summary — July 1st, 2019

Trump Meets North Korean Dictator President Trump became the first sitting US president to enter North Korea on Sunday when he crossed into the heavily fortified “Demilitarized Zone” to meet the rogue state’s communist strongman Kim Jong-Un. Trump, who had been in Japan for the G20 summit, invited the reclusive dictator to meet. The main […]

Iran Threatens To Shoot Down More Drones

Tensions continue to rise in the Persian Gulf as a senior Iranian military officer threatened to shoot down more US surveillance drones over the volatile region. The US and Iran are already close to war over the destruction of a drone near the Strait of Hormuz, although President Trump is trying to avoid more military […]

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