Mexico’s Communist President Demands a Bribe from the American Taxpayers

Octavio Hoyos /
Octavio Hoyos /

The communist president of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, has made an outrageous demand for a bribe to the Biden regime in exchange for doing more to secure the border. Obrador’s demands are so outlandish that they make a Lady Gaga concert rider look like a reasonable and frugal list of requests. This amounts to nothing more than diplomatic blackmail of the American taxpayers, but sadly, there’s a real chance that the Biden regime will try to meet Obrador’s demands.

Appearing on 60 Minutes last weekend, Obrador stated that unless his demands are met, “The flow of migrants will continue.”

In other words, that’s a nice country you got there, America. Be a shame if something were to happen to it. Obrador would be really sad if there were a catastrophic fire after we refused to pay him “protection money.”

For starters, Obrador demanded $20 billion in foreign aid for every Latin American country. Per year. In perpetuity. The American taxpayers already give a ridiculous $4 billion per year to the corrupt socialist and communist countries in Latin America, most of which goes into corrupt leaders’ pockets, but Obrador wants the amount to be five times higher.

Next, Obrador wants the US to lift all sanctions against the socialist dump of the Western hemisphere, Venezuela. For those who don’t remember, the sanctions against Venezuela are primarily terrorism-related. Venezuela’s government has been providing weapons and cash to Hezbollah for years. Venezuela is also under sanctions because it allows cartel drug kingpins to live there without fear of arrest or extradition to the US, in exchange for a cut of their meth and fentanyl sales.

Third, Obrador is demanding that America finally lift the embargo against communist Cuba. One of the great lies of the 20th century was always that Cuba was impoverished because of the American embargo. That embargo only applied to American companies, however. The Castro regime could have traded with any other nation on earth if it wanted to. They didn’t want to, because it’s more useful in a communist regime to blame any problems on the evils of the capitalists in America.

For those who want to know how the whole circle-of-life thing really works in Latin America, here it is.

Venezuela sends weapons and cash to Hezbollah. Hezbollah then turns around and gives the cash to the communists in Cuba. In exchange, the Castro regime allows Hezbollah to set up terrorist training camps in Cuba. This allows Hezbollah’s jihadi fighters to train without having to worry that Israel is about to drop a MOAB on their heads. We have Islamic terrorists training 90 miles off the coast of Florida because all the corrupt governments in Latin America are in cahoots with the terrorists and the drug cartels. (And probably China.)

Finally, Obrador wants Joe Biden to grant amnesty to every Mexican who is in America illegally. If we meet those demands, then maybe he’ll think about helping to stem the flow of illegal invaders into America.

This is quite a turnaround for Obrador compared to when America’s champion, Donald J. Trump, was in the White House. Back when Trump was in charge, Obrador was downright subservient to him. He understood that Trump wasn’t playing games and that he would impose sanctions, tariffs, and other punishments against Mexico if Obrador didn’t play along.

With Joe Biden in office, Obrador knows things have changed. Now he’s trying to treat America like his prison b*tch. He understands that the Biden regime is weak and even though his list of demands is crazy, he just might get them to do his bidding.