Zuckerberg Tanks Both Morale and Profit for Meta by Being a Beta

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Frederic Legrand - COMEO / shutterstock.comMeta CEO Mark Zuckerberg believes that the company is only facing “a challenging period” according to his memo about the future of Meta in the upcoming months as they cut 10,000 jobs. Pulling out his trust magnifying glass, the still reigning but consistently withering king of social media is zeroing in so he can streamline […]

Federal Judge Delivers a Major Blow to the Biden Admin

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Tada Images / shutterstock.comIf you know much about the Joe Biden administration, it’s that they are attempting to take more and more control of the public and our lives. And they are using their so-called climate change or environmental crisis as their main excuse. Case in point is a recently announced new rule by Biden’s Environmental Protection Agency […]

Twitter Files: Factually Correct Stories Suppressed to Sucker Americans into Taking COVID Shots

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rafapress / shutterstock.comAward-winning author and independent journalist Matt Taibbi has released the latest batch of “Twitter Files” in the ongoing reveal of the largest government censorship operation in human history. The latest files prove that government-linked entities were pushing Twitter – now owned by Elon Musk – to censor truthful and factually correct stories about the experimental […]

Bill to Ban Mountain Dew, Skittles, Hostess Donuts, Nesquik, and More…

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beats1 / shutterstock.comWe all know that some of our most beloved foods aren’t good for us. But does that mean they should be banned? One California lawmaker certainly thinks so and has even proposed a bill to do just that. Introducing San Fernando Valley and California state Assemblymember Jesse Gabriel. Like a growing number of parents and […]

More Federal Charges Added to Race-Invoking Activists

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Ground Picture / shutterstock.comIf you haven’t figured it out by now, Black Lives Matter or BLM seems to have a bit of a leadership problem. And thanks to nine more federal charges, those problems don’t seem to be going away any time soon. You might remember hearing about the Grants, in particular, about a year ago. Monica Cannon-Grant […]

City of Newark Signs Trade Deal & Holds Sister City Ceremony with Hindu Nation That’s Actually Not Real

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Denis Moskvinov / shutterstock.comThe City of Newark, NJ had a wonderful ceremony recently. They signed a bilateral trade agreement and a sister city agreement with dignitaries from a country that literally doesn’t exist. This is so great! Naturally, the mayor and the city council are all Democrats. Elected politicians are supposed to be some of the best and […]

Biden Wants to Ruin Refrigerators and Washing Machines, Too

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Salma Bashir Motiwala / shutterstock.comThe Biden administration enraged Americans a couple of months ago with its threats to ban gas stoves. After public outrage, they finally declared that no one was coming for your gas stove. That was a lie, obviously. After new regulatory proposals came out in January, we learned that the Biden regime really did want to […]

Jen Psaki Forgets Herself and Dishes on Biden

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sdx15 / shutterstock.comWe love when people open their mouths without thinking first…especially when they say something out of character. For the longest time, we had Jen Psaki as the White House press secretary. Her snarkiness and her desire to defend Biden against anything and everything are why we wanted to boot her so quickly from the position. […]

AOC Tried to Block This Comedian… Now, She’s Facing a Lawsuit

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Grossinger / shutterstock.comOur First Amendment rights are extremely important. It’s one thing that both the left and right seem to agree on – at least in general. However, it would seem that when things get a little personal, those like New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez aren’t such a stickler for those rules. As you might imagine, AOC […]

Colbert Admits to Have Been Gaslighting the Public for Years

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LouiesWorld1 / shutterstock.comCBS Host Stephen Colbert is among the many who aren’t exactly pleased with the January 6th videos that Fox News host Tucker Carlson recently released. But in his rant to supposedly prove Carlson in the wrong, he admitted that he himself is no angel. In fact, he even admitted that he’d been knowingly deceiving the […]