Top 5 “Bad” Foods That Are Healthier Than You Think

Top 5 "Bad" Foods That Are Healthier Than You Think

( – Fads and crazes come and go. You hear horror stories about different foods you shouldn’t eat. You’ve probably been on diets that tell you to avoid carbohydrates and your doctor has probably told you to lay off caffeine. The truth is that there are some foods that get a bad reputation but can […]

8 Symptoms Women of Any Age Shouldn’t Ignore

8 Symptoms Women of Any Age Shouldn't Ignore

( – Many women strive daily to be the best student, mother, employee or grandmother; often placing their health on the back burner. So, when aches, pain or fatigue strike, they get passed off as a result of something they did that day. Women tend to make excuses:  maybe it was something I ate, maybe […]

Anxiety Over the Coronavirus? This Can Help

Anxiety Over the Coronavirus? Here’s How to Tackle It

( – In just a few months’ time, COVID-19 has gone from a new illness to a pandemic that has significantly changed millions of lives and routines. Social distancing to slow the rate of infection has impacted schedules and jobs across the globe. Major changes, by themselves, often cause anxiety — and that’s before you […]

Coronavirus UPDATE: Today’s Recap

Coronavirus UPDATE: Recap 4/1/20

( – In the last week, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a new rapid coronavirus test. Even though the US took the lead in the number of reported infections in the world last Thursday, there’s new hope with a potential vaccine on the horizon. Additional restrictions and precautions were enacted by several states, […]

Why Women Are Shaving Their Faces… Should You?

Why Women Are Shaving Their Faces...Should You?

( – Ever since I had a facial years ago, I’ve been shaving my face about once a week. I had just assumed it was common practice for women until my husband pointed out a story that talked about a woman shaving her face as if this is a new thing. Apparently it’s not as […]

Hand Sanitizer You Can Easily Make at Home

Hand Sanitizer You Can Easily Make at Home

( – As the Coronavirus spreads, it becomes more and more important that we all practice safe hygiene. As far as we know, the most likely way we can catch the virus is through our eyes, nose and mouth. If someone sneezes or coughs and we’re close enough to be in the spray area, the […]

8 Things Happy People Don’t Do

Things Happy People Avoid

( – Our attitude, our resilience, adaptability and ultimately our happiness are all facing unprecedented challenges as we navigate through the Covid-19 crisis. Why is it important to be happy? Because our emotions are directly tied to the strength of our immune system, and right now, we need all the immunity we can muster. Happiness […]

What Your Sleep Position Says About You

( – We’re sure you’ve heard that your body language can reveal a lot about your personality. We all seem to have our own unique set of mannerisms. But did you know the positions we sleep in are just as telling? What Does Your Sleep Position Say About Your Personality? Professor Chris Idzikowski, the director […]

COVID-19: Old Remedy Offers New Hope

COVID-19: Old Remedy Offers New Hope

( – In an effort to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, several medical trials and experiments are taking place. One such trial began on February 14 in Wuhan, China using massive doses of Vitamin C. In an attempt to mirror the positive results that China has experienced, according to the New York Post, “…seriously sick coronavirus patients […]

Coronavirus UPDATE: Today’s Recap

Coronavirus UPDATE: Recap 3/25/20

( – Slowing the spread of COVID-19 has become everyone’s focus. Even though life in the time of social distancing is somewhat uncertain, stories of love, humanity and promise have emerged. Schools are bussing free lunches to students in their districts. Some companies are donating medical supplies while others are stopping the production of their […]

How A Man Shows A Woman She’s Truly Loved

How A Man Shows A Woman She's Truly Loved

( – I’m married to a loving, caring, remarkable man. I was blessed to discover this relationship quite a bit past middle age, and I treasure that we found each other. We’re in awe at times that although we both experienced other marriages before, neither of us had felt truly loved until now. We wondered […]

5 Benefits of More Plants in Your Home

5 Benefits of More Plants in Your Home

( – Houseplants can instantly transform your home into a luxurious, lush retreat that you never want to leave. And, while you’re enjoying all the beauty, texture and color that indoor plants bring, they will be busy improving your health behind the scenes. Here are 5 benefits to having more plants in your home. 1. […]

When Buying Organic Doesn’t Make Sense

When Buying Organic Doesn't Make Sense

( – Let’s start with a good reason to purchase organic produce over non-organic. Foods with a USDA Organic label are grown without chemical pesticides, they’re not genetically modified nor treated with sewage or petroleum-based pesticides. This means, if it’s not grown in an organic manner, the produce you bring home is most likely covered with […]

Why You Must STOP Wearing Shoes in Your House

Why You Must STOP Wearing Shoes in Your House

( – We live in a culture where it’s totally acceptable to go from spending time outside and then walking into our homes with our shoes still on our feet. Consider this… every surface, everything that you stepped on when you were outside is now going onto your hard floors and carpets. The problem isn’t […]

New Unexpected Key to Unlocking Insomnia

Unexpected Key to Unlocking Insomnia

( – Tossing, turning, pillow flipping and fluffing, blankets on, blankets off, staring at the clock — we’ve all done it. And as it turns out, it’s not so easy to get a good night’s sleep. About 68 percent of people say they have trouble sleeping at least once a week. Sure, there are lots […]

Why Drink Warm Lemon Water? — 12 Surprising Benefits

Why Drink Warm Lemon Water?---12 Surprising Benefits

( – With Covid-19 continuing to spread, these are difficult times for our world. It’s pretty clear that it’s more and more important that we rely on ourselves to make good decisions about our health. Water is a pretty basic topic, but it’s essential for us to maintain good hydration while we’re trying to keep […]

Signs You’re Low in These 3 Vitamins

( – Feeling a little off, achy or low in energy? It might be more than stress from worrying about the coronavirus. You could be suffering from a vitamin deficiency and not even know it. You may even be on the road toward one of numerous devastating, yet equally preventable, diseases. Check out the warning […]

Toilet Paper Alternatives

Toilet Paper Alternatives

( – Well here we are in this very scary, very unpredictable health crisis. Covid-19 has invaded our world, our country and our neighborhoods. What happens when we need to stay in our homes for possibly a long period of time? What do we need? One thing for sure is we’re going to need to […]

7 Surprising Benefits of Chocolate

7 Surprising Benefits of Chocolate

( – Chocolate is one of the simple pleasures in life that just about everyone enjoys and the best news is that there are many healthful benefits to chocolate as well. Chocolate comes from cacao beans, and higher percentages of cacao make it more healthy, and more bitter tasting.  Dark chocolate actually has several health […]

Your Stress And Your Dog’s Health

( – Animals are more intuitive than people realize. Just as dogs can pick up on pregnancy in a human, man’s best friend can also detect our stress levels. If you think your dog is more stressed out than normal, it might be time to take a look at how the stress you project could […]

How to Reach 112 Years Still Smiling

How to Reach 112 Still Smiling

( – Life expectancy around the globe is 72.6 years, but that’s just the average. Life expectancy varies greatly among countries and regions. Japan, for example, has the highest life expectancy at 84.6 years. The Central African Republic has the lowest, coming in at 53.3 years. Numerous factors influence life expectancy, including medical advancements, genetics, […]

Coronavirus – How To Lower Your Risk

Coronavirus - How To Lower Your Risk

( – There are 5 things you need to pay attention to if you want to minimize your risk of getting the Coronavirus. The Coronavirus is not some nightmare that mysteriously sneaks up on you. What it is, is a virus that you have a really good chance of avoiding if you follow these tips. […]

Laughter Does THIS To You

Laughter Does THIS To You

( – Have you ever heard that laughter is the best medicine? If you’ve ever questioned how healthy laughter really is for you, there’s good news — scientific evidence is backing up the fact that laughing provides many health benefits. Fifteen to 20 minutes of laughter a day can help you in a variety of […]

Caution: Coronavirus Crisis Can Lead to Food Poisoning

Alert: Coronavirus Crisis Can Lead to Food Poisoning

( – With worry about the Coronavirus everywhere we turn, the last thing we need is to get food poisoning on top of it. Whether or not you’re self quarantined or there’s a national quarantine where we must stay in our homes, we need to be conscious of the fact that food can go bad. […]

6 Misconceptions About Depression

6 Misconceptions About Depression

( – If you’re down more than you’re up, or if you ache all the time, want to give up and feel like having a good cry, you could have depression. These are the classic symptoms of depression, but it’s much more complex. Not all people exhibit classic symptoms, and some function and even succeed, […]

Coronavirus Protection Alert: 4 Popular Foods That Can Tear Down Your Immune System

( – “Healthy” is one of today’s biggest buzzwords. It’s healthy this and healthy that wherever we look, and nowhere is the word “healthy” used more often than when it comes to food. But does that really mean it’s good for you, or is it just an advertising gimmick? You might be surprised. Here are […]

3 Deadly Medical Conditions That Are Often Misdiagnosed

( – When you’re sick, you go to the doctor, trusting that they will know what’s wrong with you and how to make you well again. And, for the most part, that’s what many of us experience. Unfortunately, an estimated 20% of patients aren’t so lucky. Many receive a late or incorrect diagnosis, which can […]

Danger! OTC Medicines You Should Never Take Together

( – Over the counter (OTC) medications are a blessing when you’re too busy to go to the doctor and just want to treat a symptom, but because they’re so easy to get, you may not be thinking about drug interactions. The pharmacist warns us about these when we fill prescriptions, but most of us […]

Toxic Positivity: When Optimism Makes Things Worse

Toxic Positivity: When Optimism Makes Things Worse

( – Look on the bright side! Turn that frown upside down! Keep Your chin up! This seems to be the standard advice whenever you’re facing something painful in your life. But is it good advice? While staying positive has certain advantages in some situations, brushing off your negative experiences can make the fallout worse. […]

5 Of the Strangest Medical Conditions You’ve Never Heard Of

( – In the medical world, the line between real life and science fiction is often blurred. Skin transforms into tree bark. People automatically begin talking in a foreign accent or language that they’re unfamiliar with. Bodies turn to stone, and tumors grow to astronomical proportions. Sounds more like science fiction movie than real life, […]

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