Whitmer Found in Florida Visiting Family in Full Violation of Her Orders

Gretchen Whitmer has gotten herself into a bit of hot water after it was discovered that she lives by the liberal code of “Rules for thee, not for me” mentality. Many within the anti-American party believe they are able to live above the law. They think that they do not have to follow the rules that every other citizen is forced to live under.

Whitmer is the demonic Democrat that overstepped her authority multiple times in the past year. Her COVID-19 nonsense lockdown rules have put a lot of people out of work and on the path to poverty because she is drunk with power as she seeks to live above the law.

The naughty Democrats do not want to live according to the guidelines because they do not like the conditions that they have imposed on everyone else. She is one of many in a long list of Democrats who have done as they pleased related to the pandemic rules.

She made people give up vacation plans and forced them to stay home. She acted like staying home was better than antibiotics prescribed to treat an illness. And now, her state continues to struggle with COVID-19 as more outbreaks are taking place. The only thing she can think of doing to beat the virus is to force lockdowns even further and blame Ron DeSantis for her failures.

Breaking: @gretchenwhitmer traveled to Florida during the spring outbreak in Michigan, despite telling Michiganders to stay put.

Lockdown for thee, open Florida waters for Whitmer. pic.twitter.com/nsuik7WzmN

— Chris Gustafson (@chris_gustafson) April 19, 2021

It has never occurred to her to try a different approach. She would rather react than act. If she put her head to work for her situation, she might just realize she is living in the past, enforcing things that never worked to contain the virus.

But her royal head cannot admit her mistakes. And the entire time she is forcing people to stay home, she had allowed her staff to take vacations. And one of those little liberals went all the way to Florida. The very state that Whitmer is crying about.

The two aides that took time off should have stayed home by law. They should have never been allowed to leave the state. Whitmer should have demanded of her staff for them to set an example along with herself. But even that was beyond her thinking.

And what really makes the matter even worse for Whitmer is that she took a trip to Florida without ever being vaccinated so she could visit family. She decided to board her royal chariot and travel thousands of miles, believing Florida is the worst place on the planet.

If she really believes that the state is responsible for the outbreak of infections in Michigan, it stands to reason that she would have moved her family out of the Sunshine state. But the truth is she needed a scapegoat to blame her failures on, so she took on Ron DeSantis.

The witchy cries for people to avoid traveling to states that were open failed to reach her own heart. Her pointed finger could be seen waving in people’s faces telling them not to go anywhere. She tried to play the guilt trip by saying that “we care more for your family than you.” She meant that if a person travels, they are telling their families that they no longer love them.

By her traveling to see her dad by her own admission, she is telling him that she hates him. She could have infected him with the coronavirus just like she was making a big stink about before she boarded that plane.

Whitmer’s family is not off of the hook. Her husband took some time off and tried to get his boat dropped in the water early so he could take it out for a spin. But when his efforts hit the news, the entire family came under fire for their hypocritical actions.

The wicked witch of the north has locked down people and forced them to stay home. She has denied thousands of people the ability to earn a living while she continues to draw a healthy salary. She will be known in history as the governor that destroyed a prosperous state because of her selfish desires.