Joy Reid Laments a Lack of Trump and Hitler Comparisons, But Biden’s Antics Are Closer to the Mark 

Featureflash Photo Agency /
Featureflash Photo Agency / shutterstock.comThere are many reasons to avoid watching The View, whether it’s the thinly disguised racism of Sunny Hostin or the obvious racism of Whoopi Goldberg, the constant bashing of the right and former President Donald Trump, or the incoherent, meaningless rants of Joy Reid, the harpy leading the show into obscurity and irrelevancy.  Reid is […]


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futuristman /
futuristman / shutterstock.comIn a recent international incident that sounds like a plot straight out of a Hollywood thriller, a 21-year-old American man, Tyler T ...Read More

First Time Abroad Turns into Desperate Plea for Survival for US Man

Terry K /
Terry K / shutterstock.comIt was supposed to be just another ordinary flight from Heathrow to Singapore. But for passengers on Singapore Airlines Flight SQ321 ...Read More

Horrific Mid-Air Turbulence Leaves 1 Dead, 71 Injured on Singapore Airlines

John M. Chase /
John M. Chase / shutterstock.comIn a move that’s raising eyebrows, Quantico Marine Corps base leaders delayed informing their Marines about a severe security breach ...Read More

Quantico Shockwave: How a Security Breach Was Hidden from Our Own Marines

Golden Dayz /
Golden Dayz / shutterstock.comIn a seemingly desperate bid to bolster his political standing, President Biden’s administration has once again resorted to a famili ...Read More

Biden at It Again: Leveraging Oil Reserves as a Campaign Credit Card

Chris Manning /
Chris Manning / shutterstock.comVivek Ramaswamy and Donald Trump have always been fans of each other. While it’s unlikely Trump will choose Ramaswamy as his VP, do ...Read More

Will Vivek Ramaswamy Get a Spot in Trump’s Cabinet?

Drozd Irina /
Drozd Irina / shutterstock.comRep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has already made millions of dollars in suspected insider trading schemes in 2024. She’s far from the only ...Read More

Dem Congressman Just Put Nancy Pelosi’s Insider Trading to Shame

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hardvicore /
hardvicore / shutterstock.comOn the surface, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law looks good to most Americans. Designed to help get American companies to build mor ...Read More

Biden’s “Buy America” Deal Is Leaving Senior Veterans Without Housing

OB production /
OB production / shutterstock.comAn unprompted statement from the United States Capitol Police (USCP) indicated that Hunter Biden may have been lurking around the Ca ...Read More

Officials Find Hunter Biden Tracks in the Capitol
Shutterstock.comAfter COVID, many of us found that we were heavier than we had ever been. Now that COVID is pretty much over, are you happy with you ...Read More

Are You Happy with Your Weight?


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Had Enough of Trump’s Trials? Media Spends 573 Minutes on Hush-Money Trial Coverage 

stockphoto mania /
stockphoto mania / shutterstock.comIf you only follow liberal news organizations like CNN or MSNBC, you are forgiven for not knowing that there are headlines other tha ...Read More

Snapchat Under Fire When Sextortion Scheme Leads to Young Boy’s Death 

Sergei Elagin /
Sergei Elagin / shutterstock.comWhen Betsy Hauptman found her 13-year-old son, Timothy Barnett, dead from an apparent suicide, she couldn’t have known the nightmare ...Read More

American Couple Transporting Cartel Cocaine Gunned Down by Texas Police

Fuss Sergey /
Fuss Sergey / shutterstock.comAn American couple was killed in a shootout with police last week as they were transporting more than $3 million worth of cocaine in ...Read More

Court Throws Out 80 Charges Against Gym Owner Who Defied Draconian COVID Lockdowns

4 PM production /
4 PM production / shutterstock.comThere were a lot of villains and tyrants who emerged during the draconian and unconstitutional COVID-19 lockdowns in America, but th ...Read More

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