Should Ukraine Continue to Fight Russia?

Bumble Dee /
Bumble Dee / shutterstock.comWhen Russia first invaded Ukraine, many thought the war would be over within months. It’s been over a year. Should Ukraine continue to fight? Share your opinion with this poll: Can’t see the poll? Click HERE.


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Sundry Photography /
Sundry Photography / shutterstock.comThe California Dream for All Shared Appreciation Loans program, launched last March by the California Housing Finance Agency (CalHFA ...Read More

Illegal Immigrants Live the Dream of Home Ownership With Help From CA Government

Nejron Photo /
Nejron Photo / shutterstock.comAs a member of the liberal left, the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg was no fan of Donald Trump and probably would ha ...Read More

Ginsberg May Have Given Trump Answer to His $355 Million Judgement

Bryant Jayme /
Bryant Jayme / shutterstock.comJudge Johnny Hardwick, Montgomery County’s Fifteenth Judicial Circuit Judge, was shot down by his son Khalfani Hardwick in his Montg ...Read More

Alabama Judge Rushed to Hospital After Known Thug, His Son, Shoots Him

tomas del amo /
tomas del amo / shutterstock.comWhile many states embrace their role as tourist destinations, thanks to the revenue that visitors bring in every year, the legislatu ...Read More

Hawaii Prepares to Slap Every Tourist with a Global Warming Tax

Andy.LIU /
Andy.LIU / shutterstock.comAs November 2024 gets closer by the second, Democrats everywhere are realizing that Joe Biden might not be their best bet. Then agai ...Read More

Poll Proves Replacing Biden Will Only Make Things Worse for Dems

David Herring /
David Herring / shutterstock.comWith the 2024 election approaching quickly, everyone is dotting their i’s and crossing their t’s. Everyone, it seems, but Arizona Se ...Read More

Kyrsten Sinema Isn’t Running Again? She Hasn’t Filed Yet

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shutterstock.comRussian President Vladimir Putin sat down with Russian broadcaster Rossiya 1 TV on February 15th. During the conversation, he discus ...Read More

Putin Would Rather Have Biden Being His Puppet Than Face Trump

Aritra Deb /
Aritra Deb / shutterstock.comLeaders from North Korea aren’t known for their tact in their press releases, their humility, or even their honesty with the situati ...Read More

Kim Jong-un’s Sister Will Get Him to the Table if Japan’s PM Promises To Play Nice

nikolay100 /
nikolay100 / shutterstock.comThe sad news broke on Monday that Sen. Mitch McConnell’s sister-in-law had died in a car accident in Texas the day before. All the r ...Read More

Mystery: How Did Mitch McConnell’s Communist Sister-in-Law Actually Die This Week?


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Arizona Bill Allowing Property Owners to Protect Themselves From Trespassing Illegals Has the Left Outraged 

ZoranOrcik /
ZoranOrcik / shutterstock.comAccording to media reports, Arizona’s controversial bill allowing property owners to protect themselves from illegal immigrants is a ...Read More

Budget? What Budget? Democrats Plan to Hand Out Over 50k in Free Cash to Millennials and Gen Z ONLY

Just dance /
Just dance / shutterstock.comIn a move that seems to challenge traditional notions of fiscal conservatism and budgetary restraint, Michigan Democratic Representa ...Read More

Toyota Forced to Knock $40K off the Price of Its New Fuel Cell EV

Sergey Kohl /
Sergey Kohl / shutterstock.comToyota has gone “all in” on the globalist agenda to eliminate gas-powered cars by 2030. Unlike many of its competitors, however, Toy ...Read More

The Bidens’ Abused Family Dogs Have Now Bitten 24 Secret Service Agents

Krasula /
Krasula / shutterstock.comIt looks like public office is not the only thing that Joe and Jill Biden have been abusing for years now. The Bidens were finally f ...Read More

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