CIA Caught Bribing Its Own Discovery Team to Change Its Findings About Origins of COVID 

mucahiddinsenturk /
mucahiddinsenturk / shutterstock.comRepublicans have intensified their inquiry into the origins of COVID-19, pressing the Biden administration and other key figures to turn over documents or potentially face subpoenas. This escalation coincides with revelations from a CIA whistleblower who informed Congress that the agency had incentivized its analysts to assert that COVID-19 did not originate in a Wuhan […]


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Overearth /
Overearth / shutterstock.comAs first reported by the Wall Street Journal on September 15th, Chinese defense minister Li Shangfu has disappeared out of nowhere l ...Read More

Beijing Leaders Going Missing at Historic Levels

Al Teich /
Al Teich / shutterstock.comFor the first time since 9/11 happened 22 years ago, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliana walked out of the remembrance ceremony ...Read More

Rudy Giuliani Walks Out of 9/11 Ceremony Because of Kamala’s Disgraceful Behavior

Kim Kuperkova /
Kim Kuperkova / shutterstock.comGovernor Kathy Hochul (D-NY) took things personally in 2022 by signing a metric ton of new gun initiative bills following a mass sho ...Read More

NY Ammunition Background Checks Take Effect As Governor Hochul Makes NY Even Weaker

Wetzkaz Graphics /
Wetzkaz Graphics / shutterstock.comWe’ve all known or at least supposed that COVID-19 originated in Wuhan, China, during a lab leak. But, according to a CIA whistleblo ...Read More

CIA Whistleblower: COVID’s Wuhan Origins Were Suppressed by Paying Off Analysts

Andrea Raffin /
Andrea Raffin / shutterstock.comAs I am sure you are well aware, the US has a lot of national debt. Similarly, most US states owe various parties a high dollar amou ...Read More

Taxpayers to Fund Quentin Tarantino’s Final Film

Rob Crandall /
Rob Crandall / shutterstock.comIt seems Dianne Feinstein is officially on her way out… As you may know, the ailing California senator has been struggling with seve ...Read More

Newsom Announces “Caretaker” for Feinstein’s Position

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Irina Levitskaya /
Irina Levitskaya / shutterstock.comIf you’ve ever played cops and robbers as a kid or even signaled to a co-worker that they were onto something good, you’ve likely ma ...Read More

Warning: Finger Guns Can Lead to Suspension

Daniel Avram /
Daniel Avram / shutterstock.comEver since Canada legalized smoking dope, the country has seen a massive 500% increase in the number of traffic-related injuries FOR ...Read More

Traffic Injuries up 500 Percent in Canada After Legalizing Pot

rudall30 /
rudall30 / shutterstock.comIt’s been rumored, if not proved, that educational institutes, particularly colleges and universities, have become increasingly left ...Read More

Top Schools Get Negative Free Speech Grades

Alessia Pierdomenico /
Alessia Pierdomenico / shutterstock.comIf you haven’t heard, there’s been a bit of a buzz surrounding the news that former Fox News host Tucker Carlson is going to do a ma ...Read More

Obama’s Male Lover Posts Bombshell Video Before Tucker Interview

Faievych Vasyl /
Faievych Vasyl / shutterstock.comThe new Prime Minister of New Zealand has enraged everyone in his country by telling them that if a COVID-19 vaccine injured them, i ...Read More

New Zealand PM Says It’s Your Fault if You Took the Jab & Got Injured

Lightspring /
Lightspring / shutterstock.comIn just a single cluster, a group of 300 illegal immigrants showed up at a rallying point for Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) agents ...Read More

Biden’s “Closed Border” Lets a Group of 300 Illegals Waltz In on Labor Day


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No, Trump’s Not Worried About Going to Jail at All

DannyOliva /
DannyOliva / shutterstock.comFor most of us, the threat of going to jail or spending even a minimal amount of time behind bars is enough to have us change course ...Read More

Coast Guard Called in to Stop Oakland’s New Sea Pirate Problem

Denis---S /
Denis---S / shutterstock.comThe woke San Francisco Bay area has deteriorated so badly that they suddenly have a high seas piracy problem in the Oakland Estuary. ...Read More

The Cost of a Life? $11k According to Seattle Officer

VDB Photos /
VDB Photos / shutterstock.comWe don’t typically assign values to lives. If someone dies, there’s no way to measure how much their life meant – especially to thei ...Read More

It’s a Start – Hunter Indicted on Three Gun Charges
shutterstock.comThe vast majority of the American people play along with the laws and rules of this great nation, even when it pains us. All while p ...Read More

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