Zuckerberg Tanks Both Morale and Profit for Meta by Being a Beta

Frederic Legrand - COMEO / shutterstock.com
Frederic Legrand - COMEO / shutterstock.comMeta CEO Mark Zuckerberg believes that the company is only facing “a challenging period” according to his memo about the future of M ...Read More

Federal Judge Delivers a Major Blow to the Biden Admin

Tada Images / shutterstock.com
Tada Images / shutterstock.comIf you know much about the Joe Biden administration, it’s that they are attempting to take more and more control of the public and o ...Read More

Twitter Files: Factually Correct Stories Suppressed to Sucker Americans into Taking COVID Shots

rafapress / shutterstock.com
rafapress / shutterstock.comAward-winning author and independent journalist Matt Taibbi has released the latest batch of “Twitter Files” in the ongoing reveal o ...Read More

Bill to Ban Mountain Dew, Skittles, Hostess Donuts, Nesquik, and More…

beats1 / shutterstock.com
beats1 / shutterstock.comWe all know that some of our most beloved foods aren’t good for us. But does that mean they should be banned? One California lawmake ...Read More

More Federal Charges Added to Race-Invoking Activists

Ground Picture / shutterstock.com
Ground Picture / shutterstock.comIf you haven’t figured it out by now, Black Lives Matter or BLM seems to have a bit of a leadership problem. And thanks to nine more ...Read More

City of Newark Signs Trade Deal & Holds Sister City Ceremony with Hindu Nation That’s Actually Not Real

Denis Moskvinov / shutterstock.com
Denis Moskvinov / shutterstock.comThe City of Newark, NJ had a wonderful ceremony recently. They signed a bilateral trade agreement and a sister city agreement with d ...Read More


Tinnakorn jorruang / shutterstock.com
Tinnakorn jorruang / shutterstock.comThe New York Times ran a revealing and surprisingly honest piece in February that describes the horrific child labor abuses being co ...Read More

GOP Rep. Wants to Stop Democrat Abuse of Illegal Alien Child Labor

Freedom Studio / shutterstock.com
Freedom Studio / shutterstock.comFor decades now, revivals have been a part of ensuring the good people who walk in Christ’s footsteps stay on that righteous path. I ...Read More

Revivals for Easter Are Sweeping the Nation

Darwin Brandis / shutterstock.com
Darwin Brandis / shutterstock.comNorth Carolina refuses to let transplants Minneapolis their Charlotte. House Bill 40, the groundbreaking legislation that would crea ...Read More

NC Officially Makes Rioting Illegal Without Leftist Governor’s Signature

Anton Watman / shutterstock.com
Anton Watman / shutterstock.comWith the US and South Korea conducting war game testing, North Korea decided the time was right to conduct some of their own drills. ...Read More

North Korea’s Latest Testing Is for a Nuclear War

Audio und werbung / shutterstock.com
Audio und werbung / shutterstock.comDemocratic Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs just vetoed a bill that would have abolished the use of critical race theory or CRT in all p ...Read More

Katie Hobbs is Going to Hate This New AZ Hotline

Orhan Cam / shutterstock.com
Orhan Cam / shutterstock.comIt’s no secret that the political left would love to have full control of the Supreme Court. It’s why they have suggested expanding ...Read More

How Conservative SCOTUS Majority Could Be Taken WITHOUT Court Expansion

Zephyr_p / shutterstock.com
Zephyr_p / shutterstock.comBack in 2019, the Associated Press and NORC took a poll, and 71% of Americans want to follow the lead of a few select areas of the c ...Read More

Buttigieg Is the Only Thing Preventing America From Dropping Daylight Savings Time

patpitchaya / shutterstock.com
patpitchaya / shutterstock.comAfter handing over hundreds of billions of dollars in aid to Ukraine, the Biden administration has Pentagon officials scrambling to ...Read More

Pentagon Plays Shell Games in Preparation for China Conflict After Biden Depleted Stockpiles and Decimated the Budget

Joseph Sohm / shutterstock.com
Joseph Sohm / shutterstock.comAmericans should be careful about which charitable organizations they’re donating money to these days. Some non-profits are actively ...Read More

Red Cross Giving Maps & Other Resources to Illegals in Mexico to Help Them Get Here

Anelo / shutterstock.com
Anelo / shutterstock.comAmerica’s most precious civil liberties have been violated more fully and more rapidly under Joe Biden than the British ever hoped t ...Read More

House GOP Planning to Visit January 6 Political Prisoners in Disgusting DC Jail

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