Gov Northam: It’s Mandatory You Wear Face Masks Indoors!

The Democrats are sucking the freedoms and hope from people all across the country. They desire to lock people in their homes so the people cannot ...Read More

Democratic AG Ellison Encourages Rioting, Antifa Terrorists to Target Police With Violence

As the city of Minneapolis continues to burn and protesters seize control of the streets,

Kansas Military Hero Takes Out Mass Shooter Saving Countless Lives

There are a lot of things that the Democrats hate about the United States. They really do not like conservatives and Republicans that are standing ...Read More

NY Yankees Step Up to Make Kids Dreams Come True Since Summer Camps Were Thwarted by Pandemic

The coronavirus has ruined a lot of plans. MLB was canceled, leaving people unable to go out to the ballparks. There will be no Cracker Jacks. Ther ...Read More

Finish Building the Wall…Border Agents Stop Large of Amount of Methamphetamine From Getting Through

Poll: Should Taxpayers Pay for the Wall?

For the sake of our brain-numbed Kool-Aid swallowing Democrats who make every attempt at diminishing the same rights and freedoms enjoyed by those ...Read More

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Biden Begs Amy ‘My Hair Doesn’t Move’ Klobuchar to Get Vetted

In a recent development in the ongoing search for Biden’s running mate, it appears one calendar model contestant has taken a decisive step toward t ...Read More

Texas Supreme Court Finds COVID-19 Not a Disability Amid Dems Push for Mail-In Voter Fraud

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is finally enjoying a well-deserved victory. In a surprising decision,

Omar’s Daughter Supports ‘Comrades’ Rioting in Minneapolis

If you have been paying any attention to recent news stories throughout the country, you will likely have heard about the wrongful death of George ...Read More

Washington State Inflates COVID-19 Numbers

Washington State has undoubtedly been one of the hardest hit by Coronavirus and the pandemic that has so wholly engulfed not only our nation but th ...Read More

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