The Dems’ New Normal: Deblasio Installs Checkpoints Around NYC to Prevent Travelers From Entering

Mayor Bill De Blasio has been laying waste to New York City for a long time now but his latest plans are bound to destroy this great city once and ...Read More

Chicago Dems Want to Ban History Classes If They Don’t Teach Their Distorted View of History

State Representative La Shawn Ford is looking to ban college classes in the state of

Dems Shocked as Black MAGA March Enters LA

Trump Calls Midler A “Washed Up Psycho”

The Dems are banking on Biden getting the black vote. They can’t imagine a world where blacks would vote for Trump. Now, they’re barely able to bre ...Read More

AOC Gets Spanked by Cuomo in DNC Election

The younger generation of Democrats is finding out that they must work hard to be placed in any position of authority within the Democratic Party. ...Read More

Whoa: NYC Health Commissioner Resigns, Throws De Blasio Under the Bus

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is by far one of the least popular leaders ever to reside in the Big Apple. And as the novel coronavirus pandemi ...Read More

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History’s Bound to Repeat Itself Because of Ignorant Dems Messing with School Curriculum

This just in: several decades from now, there will be a civil war, concentration camps, and more. Why? Students didn’t learn from history. The hist ...Read More

Watch Senator Hawley Expose Sally Yates’ Fisa Lies

Republican Senator Josh Hawley decided to excoriate Sally Yates for her repeated lies, as the

Hypocrisy: Permits for Thee but Not for Me: De Blasio’s NYC BLM Murals Painted Without Permits

De Blasio has been having a rough go of things lately. He’s losing his grip on the city and let’s just say that this grip wasn’t exactly that tight ...Read More

‘Mafia Tactics’: All is Fair as Long as Blacks Get More

Black Lives Matter. Yes, we’ve heard. We agree. However, that’s not enough for the BLM protesters. Although most blacks agree with the basic aspect ...Read More

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