Constitutional Carry: A Great Idea?

Michael Bordon /
Michael Bordon / Shutterstock.comSome states require a permit to carry a gun. Others allow for a “constitutional carry.” The question is whether more people carrying guns leads to more safety or more danger? Weigh in with our poll now: Can’t see the poll? Click HERE.


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PopTika /
PopTika / shutterstock.comIn a rare case of cooperation, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT), Japan’s largest telecom company, and the influential paper Yomi ...Read More

Japanese Experts Envision AI Turning on Us if We Don’t Act Now

Ben Von Klemperer /
Ben Von Klemperer / Shutterstock.comWhen President Joe Biden ran for the 2020 Presidential election, he made student loan forgiveness one of his top priorities. In his ...Read More

After Failing To Forgive Student Loans, Biden Loses Major Ground With Young Voters

Hurst Photo /
Hurst Photo / shutterstock.comMaking things disappear without a trace is something every thief dreams of. Making off with $30 million while leaving the Los Angele ...Read More

LA Robbery Goes Off Without a Hitch; $30 Million Vanishes

NT_Studio /
NT_Studio / shutterstock.comOf all the things NASA wants to spend taxpayer money on, this is one of the most out-of-this-world ideas to date. Thanks to a petiti ...Read More

NASA No Longer Wants Earth To Be the Only Location With Time Zones
shutterstock.comIf you didn’t already know, Florida is among a growing number of states putting some pretty strict restrictions on abortion. Just as ...Read More

So Much for Hochul’s Offer of “Safe Harbor” for Abortion-Seeking Floridians

Motortion Films /
Motortion Films / shutterstock.comLiberals across the nation consistently try to tell us that we need to be more inclusive and that we need to accept that everyone ca ...Read More

In 2024, Women’s Sports Bars Need To Be a Thing?

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Juli Hansen /
Juli Hansen / shutterstock.comIn a recent interview on CNN’s “OutFront” with Erin Burnett, independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. stirred the po ...Read More

RFK Jr. Warns that Biden is the Biggest Menace to Democracy Yet

New Africa /
New Africa / shutterstock.comHe Jiankui, the Chinese scientist infamous for his involvement in creating the world’s first genetically edited babies, has announce ...Read More

Scientist Behind Gene-Edited Babies Returns to Lab Despite Past Controversy
Shutterstock.comDo you REALLY know what’s in your breakfast cereal? A new line of General Mills cereal should have you very concerned. Watch now:

WATCH: Toxins in Your Favorite Breakfast Cereal


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End Times Prophecy Coming True? Here’s What a Bible Expert Says

Andi Berger /
Andi Berger / shutterstock.comWith so much craziness and destruction happening in the world, many have come to believe we are about to face the “End Times” the Bi ...Read More

Trump Finds His Middle Ground on Abortion 

rawf8 /
rawf8 / shutterstock.comThe nation waited impatiently for former President Donald Trump to weigh in on the topic of abortion. When he finally did earlier th ...Read More

Is Hoodie-Wearing John Fetterman The Next Joe Manchin or Kirsten Sinema? 

OogImages /
OogImages / shutterstock.comPennsylvania Senator John Fetterman (D) is not living up to his end of the bargain. When he was installed as Pennsylvania’s latest l ...Read More

What’s REALLY Going on with Kate Middleton?

B. Lenoir /
B. Lenoir / shutterstock.comThe #KateGate conspiracy theories have been spiraling. Weigh in with our quick poll now: Can’t see the poll? Click HERE.

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