Clueless Kamala Harris Dances and Claps to a Spanish Song That’s Protesting Her

Michael F. Hiatt /
Michael F. Hiatt /

Foreign policy expert Kamala Harris got trolled directly to her face in Puerto Rico on Friday and didn’t even realize it. After a visit to a cultural center in San Juan, Kamala and her entourage walked outside where they were greeted by a group of street singers. Clueless Kamala started clapping and dancing along to the tune until an aide leaned in and whispered to her. That’s when you can see Kamala’s face fall flat as she realizes the singers were protesting Kamala Harris.

This is just the latest slip-up in a presidential election cycle that has Hispanics abandoning the Democrat Party in record numbers. Or, as Jill Biden might say, they’re fleeing like breakfast tacos!

Kamala probably thought she was dancing and clapping along to quaint little peasants singing about their little peasant concerns. Virtually every liberal white woman would have had the same patronizing reaction to them. What she didn’t realize was they were singing, “We want to know, Kamala, what did you come to do? We want to know, Kamala, what is going to happen?”

The protest singers then expressed solidarity with the Palestinian women and children being slaughtered by Israel in Gaza and sang about how the Biden regime has allowed Haiti to descend into hell-on-earth status once again.

“Long live free Palestine and Haiti too,” they sang as Kamala danced and clapped.

The political situation between Puerto Rico and the US has always been complicated. The populace is split between Puerto Ricans who want welfare from the American taxpayers, and Puerto Ricans who want independence from the US. It takes delicate diplomacy to deal with the situation on the ground there, which is why it’s so baffling that the White House sent Kamala Harris in an election year. She was greeted by protesters everywhere she went.

For those who don’t know the history of US-Puerto Rican relations very well, here’s a story to share with your liberal bedwetting friends who are upset about January 6th. The only real insurrection that has ever taken place at the US Capitol was perpetrated by Puerto Rican separatists. They planned topple the US government by assassinating members of Congress and President Harry Truman in 1954 so that Puerto Rico could then declare its independence.

Four Puerto Rican separatists entered the US Capitol and seated themselves on the balcony above the House floor. There were no metal detectors or armed guards in those days. They said the Lord’s prayer, unfurled a big Puerto Rican flag, and shouted, “¡Viva Puerto Rico libre!” (“Long live a free Puerto Rico!”)

Then, they stood up and started shooting members of Congress. This actually happened.

Rep. Alvin Bentley (R-MI) was shot in the chest. Rep. Clifford Davis (D-TN) took a bullet in the leg. Reps. Ben Jensen (R-IA), George Fallon (D-MD), and Kenneth Roberts (D-AL) were all shot in the back. All five of the wounded members of Congress survived.

The shooters received life sentences until President Jimmy Carter commuted their sentences in 1979.

Now that is what a real insurrection looks like.

Anyway, our point stands that US-Puerto Rico relations are complex, to say the least. Kamala Harris is perhaps not the best diplomat that the Biden regime could have sent for an election-year appearance there. (Then again, maybe she was the best that they had.)

Watch her facial expression as her aide/translator lets her know that the singers are actually protesting Kamala Harris and the policies of the Biden regime: