Only 800 of New York’s 110K Illegal Aliens Have Applied for Work Authorizations

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Evgenia Parajanian / shutterstock.comLess than one percent of the illegal aliens that have flooded into New York City this year have applied for work authorizations. That kind of blows up the argument that these foreign invaders are just looking for jobs, doesn’t it? Or that they’ll do the jobs Americans won’t do? These people don’t want to work […]

Hunter Sues IRS for Violating His Rights as a Taxpayer and Claims He’s Owed a Refund 

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Domenico Fornas / shutterstock.comHunter Biden is suing the IRS for what he claims is an “assault” on his rights as a taxpayer following public exposure from the testimony of agency whistleblowers. But wait; there’s more.  He also claims that he overpaid the IRS and is due a refund.  Hunter’s lawsuit states that the IRS failed to adequately protect […]

Another Democrat Mayor Wants to Deport Illegal Aliens from His City

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Bruce Stanfield / shutterstock.comMassachusetts is the only state in America that has a so-called “right to shelter” law. If a homeless family turns up in any town in Massachusetts, local officials have to drop everything and provide them with shelter, food, healthcare and any other needs they might have. Now that gigantic hordes of illegal aliens are flooding […]

IRS Plans to Use Artificial Intelligence to Audit More White People

create jobs 51 /
create jobs 51 / shutterstock.comOn Friday, the IRS announced that it was going to use artificial intelligence (AI) to begin auditing more white people, thus sparing minority groups the indignity of audits which are obviously systemic racism whenever it happens to them. Naturally, the IRS didn’t say directly that it was going to audit more white people. It was […]

Just How Bad is the Homeless Problem if Even Progressive Newsom Wants Them Cleared out of San Francisco? 

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mikeledray / shutterstock.comOn Tuesday, Governor Gavin Newsom of California declared that the state would step in to address an ongoing federal court case imposing restrictions on San Francisco’s ability to clear homeless encampments until more shelter beds become available. In an interview with news outlet Politico, Newsom asserted that the judge’s actions have crossed a line and […]

California Voters Opposed to Reparations by a 2-to-1 Margin

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AndriiKoval / shutterstock.comThe California legislature will take up a bill next year to consider $800 billion in reparations to black residents for the slavery that never impacted them. The legislature is already facing a huge problem, however. Voters hate the idea. California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) and state lawmakers came up with the idea for a Reparations […]

Biden is Called Out by 103 House Dems
shutterstock.comFor most of us, hearing that President Joe Biden has been called out by his own might give us hope. However, that is not the case. Instead, it only proves just how far the Democratic Party has fallen – and how out of touch with real Americans it is. As you know, Democrats everywhere, especially […]

NM Gov Wants Concealed Carry Holders Arrested

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Sorapop Udomsri / shutterstock.comWe all know that Democrats of the modern age aren’t really all that interested in democracy. But leftist New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham just took things to a whole new level. On Friday, she assumed the power to make herself more “absolute” than the US Constitution and take your guns simultaneously. And no, I’m […]

2 Million Guns Sold in August – We Can Do Better, America!

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KatMoys / shutterstock.comThe FBI ran 2.04 million checks through its National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) in August. This marks the 49th consecutive month that more than 1 million firearms have been sold to American citizens. That means that only 0.006% of us bought guns in August. Come on, America! We can do much better than […]

Half the World Views the U.S. as a “Global Threat” 

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Orhan Cam / shutterstock.comThe United States, once a glowing beacon in the world, is now viewed by half the world as a “global threat,” per the 2023 Best Countries survey.  The Best Countries rankings and analysis, conducted by U.S. News, is a collaboration between U.S. News, global marketing communications firm WPP, and the Wharton School of the University […]

Yet Another Shutdown Showdown: What’s at Stake and What Does a Shutdown Mean? 

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Lightspring / shutterstock.comAmericans have seen this movie dozens of times. Another budget crisis, another shutdown looming. Some Republicans are supporting a shutdown, Democrats are claiming it’s the end of whatever world will be left after climate change, and President Joe Biden is dusting off his check-writing pen in anticipation. Doomsday, this time around, is set for September […]

Dem Claims Election Fraud in His Own Party

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Lightspring / shutterstock.comWith so many on the political right claiming election fraud and voter interference, it would be easy to believe the matter is a political one. But what about when the Democrats start complaining of the same thing and against their own? This is precisely what just happened in Hinds County, Mississippi, where Supervisor David Archie […]

Dept. of Defense to Use AI to Censor Conservative Opinion Online

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monticello / shutterstock.comThe federal government became one of the most intrusive institutions in the history of the world when Barack Obama took the Patriot Act and weaponized it against the American people. We like to kid ourselves, but Big Brother is already here. There are very few things we can do in modern life in which the […]

Biden’s White House Only Now Thinks Inflation Is Destroying Americans

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chayanuphol / shutterstock.comDuring the August 31st edition of “Katy Tur Reports on MSNBC White House Council of Economic Advisers Chair Jared Bernstein took the opportunity to talk to the millions of Americans who are stuck living paycheck-to-paycheck. Guest Host Alex Witt softballed in a question about people claiming the White House has it wrong, and they don’t […]

Pete Buttigieg & Vivek Were on TV Together in 2004 Because They’re Totally Not in the CIA

Colin Dewar /
Colin Dewar / shutterstock.comDo you ever get the feeling that a lot of our “presidents” are actually manufactured by some organization or entity, and things are not what they seem in Washington, DC? Here’s a story that will definitely make you scratch your head. Back in the 2004 Democrat presidential primary, both Pete Buttigieg and Vivek Ramaswamy appeared […]